Villain in 1940s Fletcher Hanks comic book a dead ringer for Cheney

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Allan Janus says: "In regard to the 1950's comic that predicts the administration's Iran policy, I discovered a villain - the evil Yew Bee - in one of the Fletcher Hanks Stardust thrillers (contained in "I shall destroy all civilized Planets) who bears an uncanny resemblance to our dear vice president. And guess what - he's plotting to take over the country!"

Cheney - sorry, I mean Yew Bee - wreaks terrible destruction on the country - normal weaponry and constitutional restraints are useless! Cheney - sorry, Yew Bee - is poised to triumph and plunge the U.S. into a hideous dictatorship... and then Super Wizard Stardust appears and turns Chen... I mean Yew Bee, sorry - into a giant rat! By the way, Super Wizard Stardust is the only superhero I know of who's so secure in his masculinity that he can wear polka dots. And they look good on him!

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Howard says:

Mime-Attachment (Click on thumbnail for enlargement) And, of course, we hope that the title "most prophetic comic" is not awarded to T-Man # 20 (which, alas, little Dickie Cheney probably devoured at some point in the course of his undisclosed childhood).