Early Epcot brochure

This 1981 brochure promoting the soon-to-be-opened Epcot Center has been scanned and keyed in by the 2719 Hyperion blog. It's a treasure trove of forgotten goofy futuristic exhibits from the heyday of Epcot, before it got run down, its relentlessly optimistic exhibit on the future of transportation replaced with a thrill ride, its happy plug for the oil industry replaced with a comedy episode of Jeopardy!, and its giant golf-ball centerpiece topped with a pointy hat.

New Horizons: An underwater colony is one of the future habitats highlighting your journey through New Horizons, presented by General Electric, In the Omnimax Theatre, you'll spiral through eight-story-high projections of the macro and micro worlds that form the building blocks of our future. And you'll take a whimsical look backwards at the tomorrows imagined by visionaries of the past.
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