Johnny Ryan's Nick Magazine gags

Ryannick Turns out that Johnny Ryan -- creator of the amazingly absurd and fantastically offensive Angry Youth Comix that tosses political correctness right into a filthy toilet -- is also a contributor to Nickelodeon's Nick Magazine for kids. Nick is now uploading every one of Ryan's gag cartoons that appeared in the magazine. Belly laffs for the whole family!
Link (via Fantagraphics Flog!)

UPDATE: Brian Heater says, "Over at my indie comics blog, The Daily Cross Hatch, we put up the first part of an interview with Chris Duffy, the comics editor of Nickelodeon Magazine. The first part is mostly a bit of a tirade against DC, but in subsequent pieces, we discuss why someone in their right mind would pick people like Ryan, Kaz, and Ivan Brunetti to populate a kids’ magazine." Link