Jay Kinney reviews Zeitgeist, the Movie

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For the last couple of months, Boing Boing readers have been emailing me about a two-hour documentary available on Google Video called Zeitgeist, the Movie. I finally got around to viewing it.

In three parts, Zeitgeist (which has no credits) attempts to show that 1) Christianity is rehashed pagan sun-worship and is used by the rich and powerful to control people, 2) the 9/11 tragedies were part of an elite conspiracy, and 3) ever since World War I, the ultra-rich have been secretly manufacturing wars and financial collapses to control the populace and to get richer and more powerful.

I don't know enough about politics, history, or religion to have a valid opinion of Zeitgeist, but I was interested in getting a well-informed person's assessment of the documentary. I could think of no one better suited than Jay Kinney. He was the publisher of the late, great Gnosis Magazine, the author of several books on Western esoteric and occult traditions, and the author of The Masonic Enigma, "a journey of discovery into the real facts (and mysteries) of Masonry's history and symbols." He's also an amazingly talented cartoonist, and contributed to The Whole Earth Review which is how I first learned about him. (His 1987 article, "If Software Companies Ran the Country," where he compares Al Capp's Shmoos to infinitely-copyable software, remains as fresh and powerful today as it did 20 years ago).

At my request, Jay watched the movie, and kindly wrote the following review for Boing Boing:

Zeiting the Geist

The latest bit of guerrilla media to take the online universe by storm is "Zeitgeist, the Movie." Clocking in at close to two hours' length, and with over a million views on Google Video since its June 26th "official" release, Zeitgeist is a grabby, cranky, can't-stop-watching-it documentary that purports to tell the real truth about Christianity, 9/11, and the International Bankers.

Exactly who is behind the video is unclear, although someone with the moniker of "Peter J." has posted an online letter claiming credit and explaining Zeitgeist's message to those who may have somehow failed to grasp the worldview that the video hammers home.

And what is that worldview, pray tell? Religions in general, and Christianity in particular, are primarily systems of social control. 9/11 was an inside job and the destruction of the WTC twin towers and building 7 were aided by controlled demolition. And finally, International Bankers, through the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), control our money and our future, leading to, ta da, the coming One World Government and the microchipping of everyone.

Exactly how all this fits together is left to the viewer's imagination or, presumably, the film-maker's hash pipe. Are those who manipulate Christianity for control purposes in cahoots with the Bankers, and were the Bankers in on the 9/11 caper? Zeitgeist sidesteps such logical questions through the use of the all-purpose term, "the elite," a shadowy group of rich and powerful men who want nothing more than to enslave humanity and reap block-buster profits through the promotion of wars and financial crises.

For conspiracy buffs, this is all pretty standard fare, and, indeed, aficionados of the genre will find little new in "Zeitgeist." The notions that most religions were originally a kind of solar worship, and that the Jesus Christ story recapitulated the mythos of numerous other "dying gods," were floating around in the late 1700s. Fittingly, the video features a quote from Thomas Paine reducing Christianity to warmed-over sun worship, which was a daring bit of religion-baiting 200 years ago, albeit not so earth-shattering today.

The nefarious International Bankers meme has been propagating itself since at least the mid-1800s and has long been a mainstay of radical right-wing circles where it has often overlapped with mutterings about Jewish cabals.

The 9/11 truth segment of the video is, of course, of much more recent vintage, but, here too, it mostly repeats accusations that have gotten widespread play in the uber-skeptic milieu.

Breaking new factual ground is not what Zeitgeist is about, however. Rather, the video is a powerful and fast-acting dose of agitprop, hawking its conclusions as givens. Unfortunately, like most propaganda, it doesn't play fair with its intended audience. At times, while watching it, I felt like I was getting Malcolm McDowell's treatment in Clockwork Orange: eyes pried wide open while getting bombarded with quick-cut atrocity photos.

At other times, Zeitgeist engages in willful confusion by showing TV screen shots of network or cable news with voice-overs from unidentified people not associated with the news programs. If one weren't paying close attention, the effect would be to confer the status and authority of TV news upon the words being spoken. Even when quotes or sound bites are attributed to a source, there's no way to tell if they are quoted correctly or in context.

Late in the video, there's a supposed quote from David Rockefeller, which, if genuine, would be an astounding confession of complicity in mass manipulation. But, of course, the quote is not sourced or dated, which renders it useless. (The video's website does feature a Sources page, but a hodge-podge list of books, with no page numbers cited, is of little value for source verification.)

The over-all temper of the video is rather like the John Birch Society on acid, with interludes by Harry Smith. Incongruously, after spending nearly two hours trying to scare the bejeezis out of its viewers, Zeitgeist ends on an oddly upbeat note, telling us that Love -- not Fear -- is the answer, We are all One, and featuring sound-bites from Ram Dass and Carl Sagan.

It's a shame, really, that Zeitgeist is, ultimately, such a mess. There are plenty of legitimate questions about what transpired on 9/11, just as there are plenty of shady doings in international finance or puzzling aspects of religious history, for that matter. And what is coming down in the name of National Security is truly unnerving. Yet, bundling them all together in disjointed fashion does justice to none of them. Time and again, Zeitgeist maximizes emotional impact at the expense of a more reasoned weighing of evidence. But, perhaps that's the intention.

I've often pondered about what it might take to snap everyone out of the walking dream we collectively entered on 9/11/01. Just as the fall of the Berlin Wall provided the emotional pivot for the end of the Cold War, only a collective experience of an intensity equal to that of 9/11 might jolt us awake as to what is really happening in the corridors of power and certain undisclosed locations.

It's my hunch that Zeitgeist is one attempt to provide such a jolt, and it does indeed pack a certain punch. Too bad it also runs off in three directions at once, and is so indiscriminate in its sources and overly certain of its conclusions. Zeitgeist may be powerful, but its power is tainted with some simplistic and pernicious memes that have already received more propagation than they deserve. The video's producer does inform us that "It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . ."


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  1. You, like many others, attack the credibility of the sources, rather than look at the facts and dispute them. There is a video of our president getting upset when asked why he and vice president cheney would not answer questions individually, not under oath, not recorded and no press or family present! When the police have 2 suspects, what is the first thing they do? Seperate the 2, question them individually and record it.
    There are also facts, rather evidence of the author’s claims, in the sky! There are 3 stars, after the star in the east, that align with the sun on december 25th! The stories line up and the proof is in the sky. Look up and wake up! You are being lied to! While all of the claims and details in this movie may not be true, the general idea is supported by very solid EVIDENCE. Look at the profits of the defense contractors, and cheneys involvement, and then all of the legislation that has taken place on the heels of 9/11, and you have your proof. You people are ignorant and unwilling to consider that your president has an agenda simply because he quotes the bible. Again, I’m sorry to say it, but you are brainwashed folks. Keep blindly obeying the man, see where we end up. Shame on you for not asking questions.

  2. It sounds like you had the recorder going after sharing a few cocktails together. Where’s the rebuttal of facts etc?…..If you’re going to question some the quotes and statements presented in the film, you better put in some time with your research and offer up something substantial…your critique sounds as lightweight as you accuse the film of being. I think this film is just meant to awaken a few people from their stupor and provoke them in to engaging in their own inquiries as to the veracity of received dogma, and hopefully spread the word. Questioning the status quo shouldn’t throw you out to the fringes.

  3. No matter what, the narrator is not forcing any views on us. The beauty of left-wing “propaganda” is that it leaves you to do all the work. Now religious views are stated as implied. The justification of numerous and continual war crimes is always stated as implied. And many involved in the institutions attacked by the movie are racing away from skeptics. What do they have to hide. A simple no comment would suffice. An arrogant refusal always works. But the lengths to which they go to hide so much information that is more than readily available to us is preposterous. Now I wouldn’t have ever been interested in politics had I never read any Chomsky or publications such as Znet and the American Free Press. But they only managed to confirm suspicions that I’ve had purely from an assesment of the news. And all that libertarian speakers can do is point you towards the truth. It’s hard to call them activists because they offer few solutions but as long as they’re able to report facts freely I am obligated to trust and accredit them as genuine. Now you yourself stated having little knowledge of the topics addressed by the movie so at a first glance, to an observant person, the hypotheses would seem perfectly concordant. And as a natural skeptic,I always make sure to do my own research.
    Every ten minutes while watching the movie, I would pause the movie and check out things that seemed uncertain. The stated points were all easily confirmed.
    So before you can so easily denounce these overstated views, I’d suggest to always check the facts for yourself because we as typers of the web age are rarely hard up for every single possible view.

  4. I love it.
    I love reading these reviews that use name calling and accusations of radical conspiracy groups as basis for the argument, it supports the film even more.
    Like the other reviews I have read that question its validity, this one, again, summarizes by saying nothing at all.
    I’ve yet to see a review that can hold its ground against the movie’s claims as it is hard to argue against logic.
    If you can’t see how the three parts tie together, maybe it’s because the pathetic education system never asked you to critically analyze anything but merely to regurgitate what you’ve heard.
    Reform your brain or remain sheep.

    The Rockefeller quote was from Alex Jone’s interview with Aaron Russo – R.I.P.

  5. There are literally hundreds of statements in the first portion of the movie that contradict everything I have read about ancient mythology and world religions. There are also a great many statements that seem absolutely correct, and many more on which I am not qualified to have an opinion.

    I can’t really trust any of the claims made in this movie, since it makes so many false statements in part one. I’m no fan of Christianity, by the way. It does raise a lot of legitimate questions, however, and it makes me want to know more.

    The Rockefeller quotations are just that – not tape recordings or documents written in his hand. It is intriguing, but it’s what the law calls hearsay as far as evidentiary value goes.

  6. a wise man once told me believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see… put this to he test regarding zeitgeist and the matters at hand in the world today and you shall have your answers

  7. It seems we are all so concerned with being on one side of the spectrum, we forget that in this type of “debate,” the gray area may just be a better place for us to be. When I say gray area, I am referring to not being subscribed to the truth or lack thereof (in ZeitGeist), but continuously researching and cross referencing facts and fiction against each other. For the love, that is why the internet was created! Both consequently and coincidentally, here most of us are, utilizing the very same communication medium, quickly jumping to conclusions. Why be so hard up to own a belief? Belief is not something that can be won, for it will always be. I agree partially with the posts on this page stating that Zeitgeist was eye opening. Since I am not qualified to state any further opinion, I won’t.
    Some people utilize media in order to be blinded (whether they are aware or not). I just hope that the masses who watch Zeitgeist will use it to create the hunger for education, clarity, and motivation to do MUCH FURTHER RESEARCH. Reality is real, and it won’t hide forever. Unless of course we just continue to blind ourselves by believing what makes us feel better.

    Peace and Love,


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  9. Good review by Jay though he tiptoed through his reivew. Quite a light-weight review of such a heavy-weight material. And I can suspect the zeitgeist is not easy to review with seriousness. Why?

    Simply because the facts outweight the supposed weak evidence.

    All in all zeitgeist is dead right but just that people are already benumbed by the “conclusions that are givens”; and that does not any more make zeitgeist a worthless effort at all. The weak links in the movie are nothing sort of weak in content; just because the major portions of the movie are so meaty and robust, to say there are weak links is just a customary comparison which does not at all affect Jay’s review, …. So the zeitgeist hit the nail on the head about the people behind the curtain….

    The “hodge-podge” list of sources are not there for a lame excuse that no pages are cited and thus useless for verification. The zeitgeist is the truth of what has been “bombarded” into our eyeballs for years. It is the white alter-ego of the dark Hollywood that has been bombarding the same gestalt into our grey matter. But that does not make the zeitgeist another Hollywood, by Gollywood!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the makers of Zeitgeist. The people must start to get mad at the Administration. You can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people some of the time and even harder to fool all the people all the time…..


  10. I must say I am very sceptical of anything that comes from the internet. There is no way for me as a person watching to find this person and ask them questions. Becuase of this I have a few questions for those who choose to read this.
    Why does the film thing that our school systmes are so bad? Our physics test scores are low, this may be true but why do we have so many foreign students come and study here. How many foreigners have come to America to get education in the physics field? Why would the world be doing this if our schools are so bad?

    Also, I understand that the Fed. controlls the money supply through differnt means such as; issuing currency (which is the main thing I heard about), setting reserve requirements, lending money to banks, setting interest rates etc., but how does this connect Bush if the government has no control over the Fed.? Am I to believe that Bush is a puppet of the “Elietes” that control the banks? President after president that has been at war have always been a product from the banks? If so then why do they keep getting elected? HOW do they keep getting elected? Are we not free to vote for whom we want to? Are we as Americans not free to stand up and do something?
    Ive got an idea. There is an election in about a year. How about Americans finally get off their lazy butts and vote? If you dont like the government you have, you have the power to change it, even if you think you dont.

  11. Thanks, Mr. Kinney.
    Wake up America. I saw “Network” in its release year. It’s the most important message of this Internet phenom. Our forefathers faught their tyrant after revolution was decided to be the solution while sharing their ales at the local tavern, far from where our societal ideas are developed today. Even then the most wealthy were paid the most attention to. We have a different opportunity. We are now all connected.
    Together let’s consider:
    Last real person to serve as President?
    Probably Abraham Lincoln. Not JFK. Result: Complete Federal turmoil ending with his assination.
    Spanish-American War?
    Remember the Maine.
    Dynamic Democracy?
    Voter turn out in the 35-40% range, on a good day with “religious issues at risk”.
    Constitutional de-construction?
    Why we give away our privacy rights willingly by playing “Dick Tracy” daily.
    Skull and Crossbones Secret Society?
    The Yale “elite” fraternal society has had as members: All male members of the Bush family and chew on this one, John F. Kerry.

    I have to stop, but keep thinking America.

  12. The review given for this film was a bit weak. I personally thought the movie can be taken either way. Part one of the movie is interesting and raises questions, but who is to say that God doesnt exist or that the evidence presented agasint christianity is just a coincidence or a manipulation? We have to remember that, anything that has been found through history, whether written in stone or drawn on a rock, can be manipulated or misunderstood. Also, I find it irrational to believe that evidence done scientifically, such as carbon dating, can give an exact explanation for anything. I say this because science is based on theory and theory alone. Furthermore, the film mentions that the dates can be traced because our calendars were used and compared with the egyptian. Many historians argue that the egyptian made numurous mistakes in their calenders, thus, is why we are in the 21st century and not on the 20th like we are suppose too. Part two of the movie is easy to understand. September 11 is still in question and with good reason. Part three, i thought, was blown out of proportion. I dont believe that religion, christianity in this country, is being used by the elite to control our minds and the future. I find that a bit ignorant, only because the “elite” have the means to do it already, so I ask myself, whats the point for the elite to wait to take over in 20 years when you can do it today. I agree with the movie that Mr George Bush has crated difficult times, but I there isnt evidence to suggest that he is using religion to control us. Other than that, this is movie should be taken as nothing more, but a propaganda piece!

  13. Instead of spouting out how the movie made you feel, why don’t you attempt to tackle some of the movies’ accusations? Too controversial to attach your name to it. Afraid of losing your credentials? Fearful of attacks from the church? (Pat Robertson – “Perhaps Chavez should be assassinated”). Yep, Silverstein just happened to to be at the right place with his paltry millions investment to score the 8 billion insurance (asbestos) windfall. I guess refering to the NYFD as “it” when he said “pull it”, works for some people. Come on already, take the shoe out of your mouth and own up to the fact that you’re a greedy SOB. A few thousand lives, or “collateral damage” as Rumsfeld likes to say, is a small price to pay for your American dream. Having no conscience helps. Chaney just happened to be in control of NORAD that day, practicing for the “possiblity” of attacks on the WTC!!!!!! Bush was conveniently visiting a grade school in Florida(home of the fixed election). Prescott Bush helped to funds the Nazi war machine, George Bush Sr. had ties to Osama Bin Laden in Texas, was involved in the CIA coverup of JFK assassination. (Oh, the CIA took out many leaders during the 60’s – because they threatened the status quo – ie. war machine in Vietnam, oil profits, Kennedy’s promise to dismantel the CIA, Martin Luther Kings destabilization of the racist class system, Bobby Kennedy’s attacks against organized crime) Ask yourself these questions, Why won’t they release the JFK files to the public? Why won’t they release the videos of the Pentagon missile – I mean airplane collision? The only reason that justifies this behaviour is secrecy. They are protecting there own. These aren’t even puzzle pieces anymore – wake up clones!

  14. Hi Jay,

    I’ve been a fan of yours since the early 70’s, when I started my underground comic collection. I think you even set me off on a long search for Lenny of Laredo which ended well, I might add.

    You’ve always struck me as someone who meant what they said. Alas, you appear to have phoned this one in. While I’m the last person on the planet to believe propaganda from either side of the spectrum, especially conspiracy types, this one rang a bell.

    I really hope you apply a higher caliber of research to such matters going forward, similar to that you brought to Hidden Wisdom. I’d expect you’d find yourself a little more disturbed, more curious, and hopefully more motivated to delve deeper.

    The film is coherent, thoughtful and well-researched, given that I was able to Google source check a lot of facts along the way.

    Anyway, thanks for the years of pleasure, Jay, and I wish you all good things….


  15. The movie deserves 4 stars because it is a good idea for a documentary. On the other hand, most of the facts in this movie are manipulated. For example, part one tries to downplay religion and how every god from different parts of the world share the same attributes as jesus, horus, etc. The movie claimed that Krishna was born on December 25, but upon research I find thta many historical records aknowledge her birth on July 21st. So I ask myself, why would this movie tell a lie? The answer is clear, they are using this movie for propaganda purposes. It is in a liberals point of view and are trying to blame republicans whcih use religion in their beliefs that they are using religion agasint us. Now I agree that the US government is not the most honest institution or that president Bush might be hiding a secret about 9-11, but thats as far as this movie goes as it pertains to truth. This movie gave some great qoutes to back up the evidence agsaint its subject, but how is it that they dont use the qoute from one of our founding fathers towards his view on taxes…”nothing is certain but death and taxes”. They had a piece sayin that their is no law for the american people to submit the annual income tax and pay taxes. Here is evidence to refute the claim. According to the US constitution, congrees makes the laws, thus, it is not a law until approved by the president. However, the president can issue an executive order which has the effect of a law until challenged sucesfully, therefore, the president can propose income taxes. SO there you go people, im no idiot, I graduated with a B.A in politics and im currently working toward my masters. That just one of many truths i found that can refute and demolish the purpose of this film. Once again, the movie gets 4 stars, but gets 1 star out 5 for truth.

  16. #15, you clearly do not have an understanding of carbon dating to dismiss it. Explain to me what a half-life is and why it is not a good way of dating the age of the earth. Leave your Christian bias out of the argument. Seek truth objectively, rather than subjectively.

  17. #19, I tend to agree with number #15. He doesnt seem that he is christian bias, he seems more objective than you are because he seems to be reporting a point of view that is openminded. # 19 how can you say that carbon dating expalins everyhting about life on earth when it is considered a theory. It sound to me youve never taken a science class because everything involving science is a theory or a hypothesis. A theory is not a fact or truth. Its just an estimate. You seem to have taken this movie a bit to seriously. If you truly believe that the governemnt is trying to control us buy giving us entatainment such as t.v. ipods, video games, etc then you are a fool. I only say this because we make the decision if we want to be entertain or focus on school. And that is a fact.

  18. You know, it has been over a month since I wrote this piece, and rereading it now I still stand by it. Sure, the tone was a bit flip, but hey, I’m a cartoonist, that’s the way my mind works.

    To me, the key paragraph in my mini-review was this:

    It’s a shame, really, that Zeitgeist is, ultimately, such a mess. There are plenty of legitimate questions about what transpired on 9/11, just as there are plenty of shady doings in international finance or puzzling aspects of religious history, for that matter. And what is coming down in the name of National Security is truly unnerving. Yet, bundling them all together in disjointed fashion does justice to none of them….

    For those who can read (apparently a minority among those sending or posting hatemail and indignant screeds), this says that I am not dismissing the myriad questions raised by the “official” 9/11 version of events. I agree that there are plenty of odd and downright suspicious aspects to what went down that day. However, I don’t think that Zeitgeist did 9/11 research any favors by linking, by proximity, the 9/11 issues to unrelated matters such as Christian origins or the legitimacy of the income tax. Those may warrant their own investigations (and I encourage everyone to dig beneath the surface in every such area), but I thought it distracting and counter-productive to pile it all in together in one film.

    I’ve been engaged in conspiracy research of one sort or another for over 30 years, and I would agree that there are plenty of conspiracies at work in the world at any given time. (See my other BoingBoing essay The Conspiracy Boom for a discussion of this.)

    But the mere fact that conspiracies exist doesn’t oblige me or anyone else to uncritically consume Zeitgeist’s take on them, or anyone else’s version, either. Take them into consideration, sure, and weigh the evidence presented from different sources. Then form your own opinion. If Zeitgeist “opened your eyes” to the possibility that all is not as it seems, fine. But I wouldn’t advise taking Zeitgeist’s presentation of quotes and perspectives as the final word.

    In the end, I think that Zeitgeist is a powerful, but seriously flawed and muddled film. As the old online cliche goes, YMMV.

  19. Well said, Jay. I agree wholeheartedly. There are some very interesting points made in the movie. However piling these three conspiracy topics together into one post is not in my opinion the way to go. There is too much ground to cover in any one of these topics. Having done my own conspiracy research, I know that there is a lot of convincing material left out of all of these topics and each could have stood on it’s own merit, without questionable sources. Ultimately the film does a disservice to itself. The religious consipiracy portion is not balanced enough and does not take all aspects into consideration, and draws false conclusions at the end of part 1. This immediately put the rest of the movie on shaky ground for me. However to the filmmaker’s credit. There was some new and intersting material in the 9/11 part, however interestingly, much was not covered. Similarly, in the world banker’s/Big brother part, there was some interesting information, yet much was left out.

    If the filmmaker really needed to tie these things together, he could have. But the doco would have had to of been a series of two hour films instead of a single half-made attempt.

    Much of the movies seems to be regurgitated Alex Jones stuff. And Alex as many people know, is not a very reliable source. Sonmeone who believes everything, is someone who will tell you anything with 100% conviction, whether or not it’s true.

    @all. The hook-line-sinker approach to this stuff is not what the filmmaker wanted. The point of the movie is to question everything. Including thier conclusions. I highly recommend each of you do your own research. Also, the point of Jay’s critique was not to question the film’s conclusions, only to critique the job that the filmmaker did with putting it together.

    The fact that they could have done a much better job is undeniable.

    Just a few points of discussion that are debatable.

    The film states that Christianity is false, and names other religions which have the exact same model (almost). This is actually a modified version of a CHRISTIAN based conspiracy theory! How many here knew that!!!! That’s right. Christians are the ones who originally presented this research in order to cast doubt on OTHER BRANDS OF CHRISTIANITY. Namely Catholicism. What the filmmaker forgets to mention, is that those other religions are all complete with confessionals, transmutation, and other odd aspects that are spookily similar to the ROMAN CATHOLIC version of christianity. Who institutued the celebration of christmas on the day it is celebrated? NOT CHRISTIANS. It is a result of RC evangelism. So, this is the type of thing that the movie fails to mention. That some denominations of christiantiy use this very SAME evidence to say that their religion has been perverted by the RC church. It eventually draws the conclusion that christianity is a false religion. “the opiate of the masses” if you will.

    However, in Part 3 it talks about the world bankers setting up a one world govt. In which people will be chipped for control purposes. This is yet another CHRISTIAN conspiracy theory originating from the book of revelation.

    Read Hal Lindsay’s “The late great planet earth” in which he basically goes over the EXACT same material as evidence of the coming of the antichrist, and one world govt.

    All of this info is conveniently left out.

    “Wake up” is a gnostic term. A phrase they used to use to evangelize. Indeed. Wake up. Question everything. Use critical thinking in all things.

    Go back and watch the movie again, and again, if you have to, but draw YOUR OWN conclusions from it, after doing YOUR OWN research.


  20. The whole point of this movie is for you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK and through that you will learn THE TRUTH.

    So many people expect to be SPOON FED the information that OF COURSE YOU CAN EASILY BE LIED TO when you don’t do your own homework.

    Too busy and too tired to do it? THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN DESIGNED THAT WAY.

    No surprises why we are all going to hell in a hand basket.

    Those who do not MAKE THE EFFORT to FIND THE TRUTH deserve to be enslaved. There are so many others in the world who would WANT to do the homework but CANNOT. So don’t squander your opportunity to do so.

  21. #15,

    The movie in the end makes it clear that this “elite” does not take over the world now because it doesn’t want to impose their will on people, they are waiting for people to demand their total control (national security, the microchips, etc.) in order to be safe from supposed threats.

    I am not even American but I saw the movie and I agree that, at least, it is an eye-opener. It should, to say the least, encourage everyone who sees it to start thinking differently and question everything they are told. I am not saying that a Christian should quit his/her religion after seeing the movie, but just take a more critical approach on life and the information we are given in general.

    Also, as a non-American, from the outside I think it would be rather hard to swallow and accept the possible fact that 911 was an inside job. It would hurt too much and I understand that, but there are several questions in this and other documentaries that remain unanswered convincingly, and basically I agree with #16’s last point: if the Bush administration doesn’t have anything to hide, why that behavior? Why do not make everything related to 911 public?

  22. I am all for it – yes a lil cheesey with the graphics but c’mon all this movie was doing is try to motivate you to question “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING On HERE?”… open a goddamn book once in awhile, read the paper, watch the news, browse the internet… instead for graphics, moviestars or porn (lol) look up constitution or politics or government conspiracys…



    – RON PAUL 2008…

  23. Dismissing all science simply because it is theory based is a horrible mistake because everything is theory based before it is proved. It is only estimated that we will live to the average age of 75 or so but anyone of us can go well before that.
    Theories are used because they are the best estimate we have closest to fact.

  24. We better take care, any more of these movies and “a terror-attack on the internet” is awaitring us ;-)

  25. Even for people who like the movie, don’t you think there should be sources cited? It went on and on and on and I sort of started feeling embarassed. The movie is really childish.

  26. What is hard to believe is that so many people voted for Bush, not once, but twice. They were and still are, caught up in an illusion. Remember? Weapons of mass what ? where ? who ? … its ok Mr. President. You can keep lying to us. We don’t care. In fact. we will vote for you again and again, even if my kid dies for you and your profit mongering neo-cons, so they can go live in Dubai and make millions, and billions of dollars off our children’s blood. It’s ok you can take away all my rights in the end, and I will still vote for you.

    That is pretty sick stuff.

    How many people have seen the film and do not question Building 7 ? How can you sit there and think it is ok to demolish a building just a couple of blocks away from the trade centers, in same style as the trade centers demolition, without a plane hittting it and not question that!

    You do not need citations and bibliographies and rough drafts. Its right in front of your eyes but you can not see it because some of us are a product of the lies. Some of us cannot handle the truth.

    Nah, it’s ok you can still keep your percentage of my hard earned money every year, even if there is not a law requiring me to pay. I will just give it to you because I know you will protect me and my family from terrorists. Its ok.

    Do we really need to THINK about it? or should we know that when people FEEL what is right they do not need subscriptions to Time magazine or National Geographic to tell them the truth. The truth is perceived through actions and not so much words. To make a Christian example. Even if one didn’t know what Jesus Christ said in his lifetime. His actions should be enough to persuade you to believe in Him. And if one is a Christian. How can one believe in Christ and Bush? They are at opposite points in the universe. One is for love and sharing. The other is for death and stealing. Do you see a problem here?

    The reason the war is still going on is so many people are disillusioned ( weapons of mass destruction, etc.), some people are lazy and do not seek out there own information ( they let mainsteam media dicate their lives), and there are the really ignorant people who don’t like change, so instead of trying to see in a new way, they grow complacent and decide they are too old to change, or they just cannot beleive their own President would lie to them for the sake of money and power.

    But this is exactly what he is doing.

    It’s a hell of lot more easier to believe the lies then to find the truth.

    But it’s all o.k. … right ?

  27. Commanding stuff and initially a well auditioned, laid back, magnetic voice convincing us that everything is so matter of fact and black and white. I concur with Jay 100%. Unless one is prepared to go into 5 years deep research to confirm or tear apart the endless scepticism (English spelling) presented in Zeitgeist, what else can you say about it? If you read the Melanie Phillips book ‘Londonistan’, you might come to the other conclusion. Whether you like Fox News or not, most must surely agree that if you take away the Stars and Stripes rah rah, nearly all the presenters on the channel wince or cringe; smile and comment about news items just as most of us probably do in our own environments. Of course, the conspiracy that Fox only report on selected elements will always be touted, but as a news channel addict based in the Middle East where we get them all, plus vehemently anti the obvious media agenda; Fox’s content surprisingly covers much more than the other so-called left leaning, sickly, ‘politically correct’ main-stream media. The point being; Zeitgeist really does show a serious issue the author must have against Murdock owned Fox, as irrelevant clips from the channel tends to dominate all contrary elements, whereby snips from other media is all pro. All a bit too biased, which disappoints a little, as most of us will unfailingly want to believe this documentary/film/propaganda epic or whatever it is?

  28. Well the way I see it, we have 2 trains of thought:

    We can wait and see if some of the things that Zeitgeist mentions will actually happen –
    (US invading Iran and Venezuela, secret meetings of the Amero) and then get concerned


    We can be pissed off now and say no to the Amero and don’t join the army when asked to go to “war”.

  29. In my opinion, Zeitgeist did exactly what it was meant to do: spark discussion. It employs the same type of propaganda used by anyone/anything else, deceiving and manipilating the audience into making “realizations.” He gets the audience scared of a hostile and manipulative world through the same manipulation techniques that he claims are employed by the “elite.” Oh the irony. Hopefully, however, people did not take the video at face value, but instead, decided to give the points mentioned in the video thought. Some facts are indeed accurate, but the creator’s use of the facts to make assumptions is clearly tainted. He draws connections that had no business being drawn.
    The creator’s facts and ideas about the creation of religion come as no shock to me. I listened intently to the connections between modern religions and the Egyptian religion, and am very well aware that the Church had a chokehold on almost everything during the middle ages. However, I was forced to cringe at the tactical propaganda that had been inserted into the video. He villifies the Church and calls religion “untrue.” But where did that come from? None of the facts that he peppers the video with are enough to claim any religion untrue. His “findings” in no way cover outlandish assumptions such as this.
    Then, the author moves on to discuss the world of propaganda that we encounter today. Some of the facts were truly eye opening- I of course cross-checked the information- but these facts do not support his extremist theories. Logic and reasoning that are provided by his facts are butchered by his ideas about how they relate to the world. Yes, the 9-11 attacks do seem fishy, but I wouldn’t necessarily attribute them to the bankers of the world. (as an aside: I really love how the movie talks about how governments villify others to get control; And then the movie moves on to talk about the “evil attributes” and actions of the elite (how different they are from us) that we should hate. Hypocrisy, anyone?) Yes, there are a lot of things that go on in government behind closed doors, and corruption is rampant whether or not we notice it, but the actual explanations for events may be entirely different than those we can conceive. The problem boils down to this: we will never know the actual truth-not in our lifetimes at least. Truth about secret corruption only ever seems to be revealed when the corrupt body is destroyed, (or maybe information just brings about the downfall of the corrupt body). Hopefully, some day, we will understand.
    Because I am unaware of the author’s intentions in his creation of this movie, I might assume that he was a radical maniac who wants to do battle with “the man.” However, it is equally likely that the creator of this movie thought rationally about facts that he researched and wanted to make the biggest impact on the public possible. Maybe he wanted to trigger actual discussion (rather than the mindless drone of the repetition of facts). Maybe he wanted to push the world to research and understand of its own will. Maybe his ultimate goal was to inspire thought, and this is the only way he could do so. Or maybe, he simply wanted to manipulate an unsuspecting population into acting on beliefs that he knows to be invalid for his own personal and unrevealed reasons. Sadly, this is, among many things, an unknown that may stay hidden. All that we can do is take this video as we should grasp our world, ignoring intentions and propaganda, so that we can create opinions for ourselves.

  30. I think this movie is silly and confused… then again that is my first knee jerk reaction. I am going to start researching now, though I think I will prove myself right. The weirdo who make this movie is Peter Jacque from what I have gathered. His interviews are on youtube…

  31. Well, as a wise man once stated: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

    I’ll believe the the government blew up the WTC towers just as soon as someone can provide clear, definitive evidence to support the claim. Until then, I’ll follow the path of probable logic.

    Which, by the way is my next point: a response to POLARECLIPTEK in #29 concerning the collapse of WTC 7:


    Scroll down to the section about building 7. Now, I know its not as intriguing and exciting as the thought of a government-controlled purposeful demolition, but I’m hanging onto common sense until I have reason to believe otherwise.

  32. First fact jesus was not born on dec 25 that is just when modern christians celebrate his birthday, not even an important holiday in early christianity. Second most historians will tell you that it is a false statement that horus was born of a virgin. Third has anyone ever heard of the gospel of pontious pilot, a lost gospel. These are just a few of the many problems I have with the begining of the movie which offers only one side of the story. Last but not least what happened to the passengers on flight 93.

  33. I will say this about our mass media, this is the system that gives us wall to wall Brittny coverage about a so called horrible performance, (I still have not met anyone who bothered to watch the event in question live), Mike Vick and the Dog Doo Doo, and now back by popular demand O.J. Part Duex. It should be clear that we are fed what amounts to no more than tranquilizers.

    If you believe that conspiracies don’t exist, I state that all major events in the history of mandkind were conspiracies with the exception of natural disasters.

  34. The review was a good one. Fair and balanced. I suggest that commenters take a minute to take in what Mr. Kinney has said and do some critical thinking. I think you’ll find it a bit more difficult to lambaste him.

  35. I’d be interested to know what Noam Chomskey makes of it – I’m sure he would have no problem separating fact from fiction.

  36. I wouldn’t get too excited about the fact that the church claims that Christ was born on December 25. I think it is pretty clear that we don’t know when, exactly, He was born, but chose the Winter Solstice time to “gain more play” or something. And guess what, It doesn’t even matter. As I read on another blog, some people have claimed that even the Ten Commandments were copied from Egyptian religious lore. Well, that is a true marvel, in that the Egyptians were polytheists (worshiped many gods) and therefore would have been incapable of advancing the first Commandment (to worship only the One True God). So much of the religious premise of this movie is based on entirely faulty and or lacking research. If you know Christianity the way I do, as I have ministered within its ranks for 20 + years now, you would know that the whole movement is far too complex to be united behind any one theme. There are too many flavors and varieties and the Liberals and Conservatives do not join together on too many endeavors. I believe the following to be true: “Jesus Christ is not a Religion, but a personal God who cared enough to come here in the flesh to be united with us in our weakness and sufferings.” Therefore He probably cares little about religion but a lot about us all!

  37. Why do you suppose that the author(s)/producer(s) of this provocative film didn’t take credit for their work?

    Its not an alternative conspiracy theory here. I just always read who is trying to influence my opinion to be aware of their backgrounds and points of view.

    I suspect that the authors of this Zeitgeist Movie are probably people like David Icke who is cited in the sources and who is certifiable. Go onto his website and he pretty much covers it all and tries to wrap it up into one theory just as they do in this movie: http://www.davidicke.com
    Lizard people and all.

  38. This documentary was and is amazing, truely a wake up call, at the begining about the religion i didnt worry much about it, sure people take advantage of situations and somehow mix religions with their crap, am swedish , live in sweden and have nothing to do with the american people, but this movie is for everyone, the whole 9/11 thing i believed that , i do believe that the american government is behind it , it has been done before and i have done some research to confirm most of the history, i was chocked and angry about how little human life is worth these days,

    Most of the politics on the documentary i knew already but never gave it too much thought, i always think its someone elses problem to deal with, but never again will i thin that, Am a student becoming an engineer and have taken my first steps into politics in hope of making the world a better place, am sorry to have to say this, but most of you will forget and live your lives as before, sure some of you will get angry for a few days others weeks, but you will all forget and and everything will be back to normal for most of you, thats just a sad truth, some things are just too great to handle.

    i have so much more to say, but …..

  39. Just thought I’d mention that although this reviews cites a unhelpful sources page on the movie website, there is, in addition to that one, an “interactive transcript” that has the full text transcript of the film, with links littered through it, offering sources for nearly every fact presented in the film. Well, only for the first part, but the page claims that such transcripts for parts two and three are forthcoming. I hope they’re right.

  40. Regarding #35 and Common Sense – Common sense should make us question the incredible coincidence that three very tall buildings managed to free fall onto their own footprint without demolition. I guess that proves the old saying, “The trouble with Common Sense is it ain’t so common.”

    In General
    I am not speculating on who is behind the collapse of these super-structures but common sense leads me to believe they should have fallen at some angle other than zero degrees to the vertical line of center. Not all of the steel would melt at the same moment, there would have been some resistance to a directly vertical descent.

    The movie was stimulating from a conversational standpoint. It is propaganda. Thank goodness for the internet since the traditional media shows little originality in our current time. That being said, if the movie is on target then we should expect to see some financial crisis created by uncontrolled internet access. We will then all rush to have the Government provide us with secure and safe access to the internet through Government controlled IP providers.

    Regarding Science
    Science is basically observation of physical phenomena in a particular environment, formulating a theory about what drives the phenomena, then observing how accurate the theory predicts events in the same environment. We shouldn’t dismiss science because it involves the formulation and use of theories. We should be focusing on the accuracy of the theory in predicting what will happen next.

  41. Also, this review mentions specifically the quote from David Rockefeller featured late in the film, pertaining to the “march toward a world government,” and implicitly disparages its inclusion in the film due to the unlikely nature of its authenticity. However, a simple Google search of the text of that quotation will display a number of links to other references of this quotation, supposedly spoken in an address to a organization called Bilderberg, in Baden-Baden, Germany. Though I don’t have a primary source for this quote specifically, there is a quotation of a similar vein in Rockefeller’s autobiography – “Memoirs” – pertaining to “conspiring with others around the world to build…one world” and stating that he “stand[s] guilty.” (p. 405) An “an astounding confession of complicity in mass manipulation” indeed.

  42. I don’t know what’s more ridicules; a disciple of Albert Pike doing a review on a film taking the proverbial out of Jesus Christ,
    or folks that haven’t figured out that Jesus Christ was born on September 11

  43. This is a comment for part 3 of the movie.

    I guess you cant take it to heart – the main effect I observed was analysis of historical evidence with quite a partisan point of view, which is craftily tied in with events we are currently experiencing and using the feeling of authenticity of the historical analysis to, by proxy, give credence to the future predictions and other claims that are made. Its just hard to know what to think of it. Is it an honest and thorough appraisal or is it just a very well done conspiracy hash up?

    I felt a bit hypnotised by the monotone (processed?) voice and the slick editing, and you can never be sure of alllll those sources. It was strong though, for sure. Perhaps the plausibility is accentuated because the audience is already open to what it is trying to communicate. Just be discerning, and be sure to vote this time.

  44. As far as the 9/11 “conspiracy”…

    I have done plenty of research regarding 9/11, and while the collapse of the twin towers are highly disputed simply because jets crashed into them, there are several points which cannot be disputed in favor of the “Official Story”, especially in regards to the collapse of WTC7.

    1. WTC7 was never hit by a jet or anything for that matter. There are accounts from a several people who narrowly escaped WTC7 saying that there were pre-demolition detonations that obliterated the entire lobby as well as several lower floors of the building BEFORE either of the twin towers fell. Also, it was acknowledged that the authorities claim to have decided to “pull” building 7 because of “structural instabilities”. How was this accomplished in a few hours time? What caused the so called instabilities?? Buildings are not equipped with a self-destruct button, it takes weeks if not months of planning to demolish a building of that size in such a textbook fashion and for that very reason I believe WTC7 truly is the smoking gun of the 9/11 conspiracy and we have yet to receive any “official” report as to why it collapsed.

    2. Many explosions where heard, reported and even caught on video. People, including firemen and police, heard the explosions and immediately acknowledged them as explosive detonations, not simply gas lines bursting. Several videos from that day caught firemen and police stating that there were BOMBS in the buildings and that people needed to get out ASAP.

    3. Thermite was clearly used in the demolitions, not supported by the “dust” from the buildings, but by the fact the just before the collapse of the building we can clearly see white hot molten metal dripping out of the building. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to do that. Secondly, in the aftermath, the clean up was severely hampered by the fact that all three buildings had been reduced to a pile of rubble covering a red hot “furnace” of molten metal. A simple collapse would not produce enough energy to melt that much metal that even weeks afterwards it was still too hot to be safely maneuvered by anyone without protective clothing. Also present in that molten metal was high levels of sulfur, which is added to thermite to make thermate or super-thermite which burns even hotter and is commonly used in demolitions for the purpose of cutting through the primary core structure of buildings in mere seconds.

    No one can really dispute any of these three points without ignoring facts and evidence that was purposely ignored by the media and left out of the “official report”.

    Youtube is rich with video clips from the day of 9/11 and well put together arguments including the testimonies of people who were there in the middle of it and clearly understand that there was alot more going on that just two jets that crashed into the twin towers. In my opinion the jets were a simple distraction for the actual planned demolition of all three world trade building that fell that day.

    Why would our government do such a thing.. money and power, the root of all evil and the great motivator of the corrupt elite throughout history, plain and simple… sad, but true.

  45. I enthusiastically recommend watching ‘Zeitgeist Movie’. The film manifests a ‘triumph of the will’ in its sheer audacity of humor, provocative political theater, valuable skepticism of religious dogma, bold analysis of 9/11 mysteries, mind-challenging suspicions, and probably Libertarian perspective of the bankers who control the financial markets in the world.

    I urge everyone to check out the essays at http://www.EarthManifesto.com for deeper, broader, more expansive and more comprehensive perspectives of these issues and a great many others — a true Zeitgeist of understanding! It may help to gain greater insights than the compelling demagogic focus of the ‘Zeitgeist Movie’.

    It seems to me important for each of us to act as judges of the evidence of 9/11, and not to merely deny all possibilities without even evaluating the evidence. Our freedom and democracy may depend on understanding the true nature of our current economic and socio/political circumstances. Give close consideration to the “Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story of September 11th, 2001”, which can be found at 911Truth.org. Listen to Richard Gage’s astounding Power Point presentation at the site “ae911truth.org”. Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, provides a cumulatively astonishing analytical overview concerning the highly suspect official story of the 9/11 attacks. Or check out the documentary film, “9/11: Press for Truth” for startling facts about the timeline of terrorist threats that led up to the hijackings.

    Dr. Twain http://www.EarthManifesto.com

  46. Worst movie ever. Created by morons for morons. If you believe any of what’s said in this film, than i’m sorry to inform you that you could quite possibly be an ignorant idiot.
    Thank you.

  47. I don’t claim to have at my disposal anything that verifies a single fact in the movie. I also don’t have at my demand anything to verify the mainstream point of view. Most ordinary people don’t, and even if they try, they’ll find themselves mired in a slew of references that are just as subject to bias and twisting of the facts as any propaganda. I know, because I’ve tried. Nothing you haven’t seen, literally, with your own eyes can be believed, and even that needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    My beef is that whenever anyone points out supposedly erroneous information, they also fail to provide iron-clad sources for their “factual” information. I’m sick of things being debunked with statements like “this is preposterous.” I’m supposed to nod my head and agree as long as the “that’s preposterous” is coming from a mainstream source.

    The point of the movie is to make it clear that we have given up our autonomy to a system over which we, as individuals, have very little (if any) control, yet we placate ourselves by pretending our little contributions make a difference in the over-all scheme of things. We comfort ourselves with gadgets and t.v. rather than educating ourselves and expanding our horizons. We believe we know what’s really going on, but if you pick apart the sources of our information, you’ll see that nothing those sources give us can be believed. Nothing. (Hence the “don’t take this movie as the truth” statement.) Everything is biased. Everything has a spin.

    You have to ask yourself what YOU believe. What is your gut feeling? Do you feel comfortable with the way things are going? Why or why not? Are you uneasy? What can you do about it?

    You have to do your own searching. Movies like this serve to motivate people to look into it, to discuss it. Which is what we are doing here. It wants to put us out of our comfort zone.

    Do I believe that there are a few “elite” who control most of what goes on in this country? Hell yes, I do believe that. Do I believe that human beings are walking around in a dream (or more likely a nightmare)? Yes. I don’t believe that we are headed for anything that is in our best interest as individuals or as a society. But I have believed these things instinctively for a long time, and movies like Zeitgeist only prove to me that I’m not the only person out there asking “What the hell is going on??”

  48. I appreciate the effect that Zeitgeist had on me, regardless of its accuracy. I’m glad to see so many free thinking people posting here. After watching the movie, I was inspired to create this:


    It’s a simple and powerful tool. Please make use of it and tell others about it.

    After processing the effect that Zeitgeist had on me, I felt that it’s important to create positively in the world and to make use of the channels we have available to us instead of just throwing our hands up and saying “I’m powerless to change this.”

    If you’re still reading, I’ll say this. I believe there is just as much inaccuracy and picture painting in the mainstream media as in Zeitgeist. Read “Manufacturing Consent” by Noam Chomsky if you’d like a clear, factual account of how that works. The intention behind Zeitgeist was to wake people up. The intention of the mainstream media is to put them to sleep…


  49. Am I my brother’s keeper?

    The movie shows how religion is natures way of saying “There are too many people” the world needs a global dictator that bans it, with the money saved in wars you could fix a lot of problems that help cause wars in the first place.

    The other side of the finance coin (so to speak) is that if you have money then roll on good times, as most people are sheep by birth (the same ones that fight at football matches) they will never see it’s a double edged sword..

    Become a Shepherd open your eyes and see some truth in this film, especially the religious section, no doubt the God followers will be up in arms but that’s what they do.

    Do you ever see an old suicide bomber? 72 Virgins I’d be there in a flash but what to use on them?


  50. i didn’t read most of the comments because i’m in a rush right now, so probably someone else has already said this, but something doesn’t jive here, just wanted to ask Jay about it, if he’s reading.

    Jay said in the review:
    “…Late in the video, there’s a supposed quote from David Rockefeller, which, if genuine, would be an astounding confession of complicity in mass manipulation. But, of course, the quote is not sourced or dated, which renders it useless. (The video’s website does feature a Sources page, but a hodge-podge list of books, with no page numbers cited, is of little value for source verification.)…”

    I just assumed this was correct as i continued reading the review. Then, at the end of the review, Jay gives a link to the Zeitgeist website to a quote by the Zeitgeist people saying, “don’t take this movie as truth, find out for yourself,” (to paraphrase), so i clicked on the link provided by Jay, expecting to find footnotes that refer to a hodgepodge of books with no pages given to allow verification of the quotations or facts claimed, so was surprised to find instead, a long list of sources, almost all with specific page numbers included. ???

    what am i missing here? I haven’t checked any of the sources by looking to see if they say what the Zeitgeist people say they say, but unless i’m misunderstanding what Jay means, certainly these citations provide an opportunity for source verification.

    As for people who have overweening amounts of power in society, keeping track of what they do is inherently impossible, more than in bits and pieces; privacy is protected by law; surely common sense and looking at analogies to power dynamics in smaller settings, from the nuclear family to the playground to the office, on up, suggests that at the levels of mega power, there are people doing what they feel they need to do to get what they want to get, which they believe is for the best.

    All anyone can say about 911 for the most part is speculation, the critics of the official story and debunkers of the critics, mostly speculating, by necessity. The people who know what happened, whatever it is, are those directly involved. There aren’t that many people in positions to know what happened, as opposed to guessing, making educated informed guesses, whatever. Most of us, who aren’t guessing, bring to our impressions and conclusions the zeitgeist, if you will, that we already have evolved in the course of our lives.

    We can all make some pretty well reasoned and fact based guesses. Having the power to do anything about guesses and observations supporting the belief that 911 is something very different from what the government reported is the main problem.

    Most people believe Kennedy was killed by more than one person and that it was covered up. And so what? What does this accomplish? It really doesn’t matter a whole lot if people believe the Western/corporate elites or Anglo American elites perpetrated 911.

    The ideal would be that people would be shown smoking guns and would be outraged, and there would be a change of leadership as a result, with better limits on unaccountable (to the public) private power.

    however, to use the JFK assassination, or the Vietnam war, as examples, there have been smoking guns shown to people from the beginning. It didn’t fundamentally change things.

    sorry to make such a pessimistic comment, i still believe it’s important to get the smoking guns out there in public view, and to create counter propaganda to provide people who know they don’t know with different messages to think about and take into their zeitgeists–Talk about agitprop, the stuff on CNN leading up to the atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq was pure unsourced and emotionally manipulative propaganda, typical of what media does when the class its owners are a part of are cultivating public support for a desired policy. The media build up to the first war of aggression in Iraq, “Desert Storm,” was memorable in that way.

    Certainly it’s better for people to have lots of different zeitgeists competing for their beliefs, where one is not able by its power to drown out the others; remember the massive demonstrations all over the world in the lead up to the current take over of Iraq, and during the early stages of the atrocity? Millions. Millions objecting couldn’t keep it from happening, heads of state in major and minor player countries around the world, couldn’t stop it. The UN investigators saying “Iraq is cooperating,” couldn’t stop it, facts couldn’t stop it, being shown to be absurd couldn’t stop it; people come home from work and turn on CNN or Fox, what choice do they have, millions demonstrating is dramatic imagry, and then comes the commercial break and all the pro war propaganda that follows, all the luminary politicians of the two party system in interviews saying “I voted to give the president the power, we cannot allow Saddam [sic] to endanger our way of life,” blah blah, it works, opinion polls shifted, majorities gave the president the go ahead.

    and so it goes. the power is where the power is.

    Forgive me, it’s been a long demoralizing trip, yet there is always value in speaking out and trying to get through to people. I really appreciate it.

  51. I’d just like to mention one thing Jay Kinney may have either disregarded or misunderstood, stating at the end of his review: The video’s producer does inform us that “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . .”


    When in fact, the message ends by saying: “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized”.

    Clearly that is the whole point of this exercise (for the brain). Don’t assume every piece of drivel thrown at you is gospel, whatever the source; look for yourself. In the end, and only when the truth is understood, you will realize (be enlightened) on your own.
    This is a very thought provoking subject and a lot of good feedback was generated.

  52. Just so everyone knows, this movie has a REAL creator and it isn’t just some bull shit propaganda/conspiracy film. Because the film has only been released on the Internet, and little is known about the creator, it’s east to criticize the film and it’s content.

    Well, that’s changing…

    I went to the world premiere of Zeitgesit at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood last Saturday, and Peter J. (Joesph) was there to answer questions about the film. From what he explained, he originally made the movie for himself, as a means to sort of organize his thoughts about all the research he had done about the nature of our political and religious structures. He did not make this movie on his own…he had the help of two authors (I’m sorry I do not recall their names); one is an expert on comparative religion (she helped with part 1 of the movie), and one is an expert on the Federal Reserve, taxes, and banking (he helped with part 3 of the movie). Both authors were on stage answering questions and were just as passionate about the movie as Peter J.

    Peter was hesitant to even release the movie initially because he was scared people would be angry with him. His friends convinced him to put the film on the Internet, so he did. Since it’s online release, a film organization called Artivist (they put on a film festival for activist documentaries which have allowed films like “Fast Food Nation” a chance to reach a large scale audience), found the movie, contacted Peter, and is now releasing the film in Portugal and England. The web site where Peter hosts the movie(www.zeitgeistmovie.com) gets 40k hits a day, and has been watched over 4 million times. Makes ya think that Zeitgesit might be more than just a “conspiracy movie” after all?

    There was a lot of thought put into the creation of Zeitgeist, and this blog review of the film is close minded, and underestimates the intelligence of the people who made this movie happen. If you can’t see the connection between the three sections of this film, then you obviously are not ready to search for real answers to life’s questions. I can assure you, that there are hundreds of thousands of people who have watched this movie, and fully comprehend the connection between the three parts, and are thrilled to know there are other people out there who are questioning the nature of our system of living.

    This movie is a proof that our collective minds are shifting. A revolution is happening, but it’s not one brought about by guns and violence, but one brought about by knowledge and the power of human thought.

    If you enjoyed this movie and it affected you in a positive way, then please pass it on to more people. Keep asking questions and keep searching for the truth, for it is our duty to discover what has been hidden from us for centuries…our true nature!

    Much love!


    P.S. How do you post a review for a movie that isn’t even your own? If Jay had any integrity, he would have researched into the film and educated himself more on the topics at hand. Come on now Jay. You’re a big boy. Didn’t you ever write a research report in school? I think a film like this is worth taking a deeper look into…unless of course you think Jesus will get mad at you for asking questions. =)

  53. It is sad that Jay Kinney has like many of us been drawn into the cycle of fear and is clearly showing himself as man with a closed heart with little faith. No offence meant to him…it is hard to live in the real world, ignorance is bliss…I only hope he sees the truth sooner rather than later. I quote him here to reflect this: “Zeitgeist ends on an oddly upbeat note, telling us that Love — not Fear — is the answer, We are all One, and featuring sound-bites from Ram Dass and Carl Sagan”…why is it odd to be upbeat? LISTEN!!! ITS TIME TO WAKE UP!!!! The world is not an evil place! You ARE worthy!!! It is as simple as that.
    Thankyou to all the people who have posted on this site…I was litereally relieved to find it…it is a relief to be in the knowing that the human be-ings are waking up.
    Big (unconditional) love! xxx

  54. zeitgeist is disinformative in content and can serve as an miseducational video for those souls ready to be mobilized in conspiracies (the modern zeitgeist!), and, i must hasten to add, is misleading in its overall analysis of what is the truth, or indeed if there is any – and the producer’s value judgement can dupe and lure many unlearned minds into thinking that they expect something which is not there: keep an eye for scepticism where there ought to be none. this documentary is for the passive! a farce that should be recognized as such becuase of its content and the potential influence of many a half educated populous makes it dangerous.

    it is something to do, a piece of work that can be called as such because of the effort put, that is why people watch it.
    let me remind the viewer of the intention and desired affect. it seems that it is a consciousness raising awarness of the possibilities of deception from without, as though we are being lied to and that we ought to know about it, if we desire a absolutely truthful government? a deception-free life? even a free-international conscience with a rebelling posture?

    let us assume for one minute that its content is half-represented events, not by themselves but put into a higher context of the maintenance of civilization, how would it do justice to the maintanence and elevation of man if we were to simply criticize the veracity of events? arent the public going to go by their daily business after watching it, maybe with a thing or two in mind about their lying government? do you really think they are going to overthrow the liars by simply catching them out? or is it a preperation for a bigger documentary, perhaps one that teaches another how to seize power themselves for the sake of truth? how far will you (‘you’ as in the likeminded cynics who believe in the power of suggestion) go? where will it end?

    there has been a few documentaries about esoteric symbolism that is not attached to any propaganda of sympathisers for the truth or anti-government perseverance, and they are uselful as an information tool not as a example or guide of what is or isnt out there concerning confidentiality with the government. this is one documentary of many like it which has the same story of anti-government propaganda.

    overall, this would have been a reasonable and informative video had it simply stuck with the intention of informing, from perspective, the nature of esoteric symbolism and its relevance – but it morphisised into a poisonous venom when combined with completely unrelated topics and events (and yes, ‘Parker‘, completely unrelated events! Unless you have done a sinister link yourself).
    i also ask the viewer to question the nature of the message, question the supposedly defining idea of what is natural and unnatural (assuming we can just name certain events as unnatural in comparison to other events!)

  55. I rather the filmmaker had omitted 9/11 politics and other conspiracy driven arguments and stayed with the mythical and Gnostic elements of Christianity. He is dead on that subject. The other areas I know nothing about and I rather focus on what I know. Even if the other conspiracy subjects were true – bringing them to the surface clutters the issue of the religions case. This makes the movie difficult to characterize and looses credibility with addressing too varied subjects.

  56. For all those that got their backs up about the religion section, I think the entire point of that part was to express the fact that most people may have no idea where certian ideas come from. Ideas that they base their entire lives around! Whether it is true or false, a lot of people have to be thinking “Could I be wrong?”, which naturally will open their minds regardless of the conclusions they arrive at. This, of course, is a perfect lead-up to Parts 2 and 3, which seem to be the entire point of the film, or at least the most shocking, eye-opening, and discussion-starting parts.

    In regards to the sciences, and what people believe to be common sense (how the buildings fell), about 100 years ago an experiment came along that directly contradicted common sense. Then this happened again, and again, until 70 years ago when the formation of what we know as Quantum Physics occured (which is partly based on irrational thought, and yes, this also means that everything you learned in high school science has been considered incorrect for a very long time). Yes, modern science is mainly based on theory as no one can absolutely prove the existance of an atom as no one has ever seen, smelt, heard, tasted, or felt one. To throw our theory away because we can’t be sure it is correct would leave us wandering in the dark, and we would not be able to progress foward, even if it is to disprove a theory. Afterall, look at the amazing progress of technology that is based on theory. This means that carbon dating cannot be ignored just because it’s a theory! What causes gravity is still a theory, but the effects are pretty consistant!

    One final thought: even if only 20% of what was said in parts 2 and 3 of Zeitgeist are true, that is still really, really scary.

  57. WOW, define irony. The same idiots that purportadly are “independant thinkers” and thus able to understand and accept a film like this are not independant enouth thinkers to question the line of BS it feeds you. The reviewer did a GREAT job of pointing out a very basic short falling of the film. NO PROVABLE FACTS with sources that can be varified. Look, it is not that much to ask for. Quoting another internet crank is NOT sourcing your “facts”. Sorry, just not a valid way to argue a point.

    The fact that you would so willingly accept one set of “facts” which defy logic and be so critical of another set of “facts” which make much more sense only goes to prove how agenda driven most of you 911 conspiracy nuts are. All that is asked of you by the review is to check your “facts”.

  58. People are so gullible. I love how people sit back and state “oh there are no facts here” or “those sources aren’t real”. As if nothing in the film can’t be backed up. An FBI agent, a friend of a Rockefeller, or a person that has devoted his or her life to researching this information aren’t valid because you don’t like the info you hear? That’s all you got?

    As soon as someone uses the term “conspiracy nuts” they lose all credibility. How many times must we re-reach the English language to you people? Defy logic? What defies logic is when you hold up an orange and say “look at this pretty apple!”

    Look up the word “conspiracy” and look up “theory” put them together and rethink you’re “logical” statement.

    Just because the government or TV tells you so, it doesn’t make it true.

    Check your facts indeed. Dogmatic sheep you all are ” allthingsin moderation” and the author of this pathetic review. The United States is the 4th Reich right before all your eyes, and you are still bickering about facts needing to be checked while you have checked none of them yourself.

    Just because the reality of this information makes you feel uncomfortable, claiming it isn’t true because you ‘said so’ doesn’t make it go away.

  59. Thank you for proving my point Dave. Ad hominem attacks are NOT valid ways to make a point. Sorry, but all you do by attacking me and NOT addressing the invalidity of your method of argument is to validate what I am saying.

    One problem with arguing with your type is that you present this broad “everything” is false. I cannot address you on every point across a broad spectrum of paranoid delusion. Take ONE popular example; 911 had to be controled explosions becuase jet fuel cannot melt steel. OK, nevermind that steel loses 50% of its structuaral integreity at 1300 degrees, well within the heat range of the 911 plane crash. You do not have to melt steel, just compromise its ability to not warp. But, in your simple mind the “fact” that it cannot melt short of 2800 degrees or more is “proof” of some grand conspiracy. Sorry, but quantity of lame brain BS does not make up for the fact that it is BS, just more of it.

  60. Hello allthingsin moderation:

    The towers falling via controlled demolition is only the tip of the iceberg. If you excluded the towers falling, and they still stood today, there is still a mountain of facts and evidence to suggest that 9/11 was indeed an inside job. It’s not a paranoid delusion. Being afraid you are going to hell or that you might be raptured while some of your friends are not, is a paranoid delusion.

    You simple have to look at the facts. Fire weakening steel is possible. But you are excluding the WTC7 scenario. All of the other trade center buildings suffered far more damage than WTC7 yet they still stood. The controlled demolition scenario wasn’t cooked up by works of the imagination or delusion, but by the scientific method. It isn’t a paranoid delusion that gravity exists. We know it exists because when you drop an apple from the top of the world trade center it falls to the ground. Likewise it would not fall to the ground in the same rate if it faced resistance.

    The towers fell at the same speed at the apple, falling through itself. If you stacked thousands of apples on top of themselves to be as high as the towers themselves, and you want the top apple is to fall at the rate of free fall, how are you going to accomplish this? The apples don’t crush themselves, the apples need to be removed making way for the top apple. It’s quite simple. No where within physical reality can this be accomplished, without removing what’s underneath. To claim that it is possible ignores all of this and would be a delusion.

    Not to mention there was a chemical compound found at all 3 buildings that is the exact chemical makeup as thermite, which is used in demolition such as the WTC 1 2 & 7. It’s funny how people choose to ignore that. Choosing to ignore that would be practicing a delusional act. Likewise, ignoring all the hundreds of witnesses that saw, heard and felt explosions before and after the planes hitting would be an act of delusion. Saying that witnesses often get things wrong at the onset of tragedy, doesnt’t dismiss anything. Particularly when all the witnesses have the same account of the events.

    Then we have the molten metal at the base of all three towers, which using the scientific method, is the only possible source of the molten metal, as thermite melts steels. It doesn’t weaken it, it melts it. This is simply one more example.

    The only scenario, based on science and reason, as difficult as it may be to pull it off, would be a controlled demolition.

    Saying “they could never pull htat off without people knowing” does not make it less so. The same could be said for highjacking 4 planes at the same time, evading the most secure air defense system in the world. The same could be said for grounding 4000 planes that day without incident. It was a difficult feat, but ti as accomplished nontheless.

    Regardless of how much integrity is lost in steel based on fire, it doesn’t account for all of the floors, just the ones at the impact zones. It doesn’t explain the free-fall, straight down collapse that is seen only in controlled demolition. Not in tower 1 & 2, but 7 as well. The planes did not cut all the core columns.

    The fact remains, no gov’t sponsored organization has even attempted to explore the controlled demolition hypothesis. They don’t because it goes against the story they want us all to believe. If any gov’t agency was found to explore this possibility, they’d not be a gov’t agency for long.

    Towers themselves is the tip of the iceberg. Likewise, they serve as a great distraction from the rest of the incriminating evidence to support an inside job.

    Aside from the 9/11 subject of the film, ignoring history and claiming that factual history is delusional, is in itself a delusion.

  61. The writing has been on the wall for ages America – WAKE UP to what your president is doing to YOUR COUNTRY!! Your Federal Reserve is corrupt and owned by a cartel of bankers who own nearly every central bank in nearly all countries worldwide other than Iran, Syria, Libya & North Korea (not sure about China & Russia – still looking into that) Until recently Iraq was on that list but they got that sorted didn’t they??? Does that tell you anything???? 911 might have shaken you up but doesn’t seem to have WOKEN YOU UP! On June 4, 1963 President John F Kennedy signed a Presidential decree – Executive Order 11110 stripping the Federal Reserve of its power to loan money (because that’s exactly what it does) to the United States Federal Government at INTEREST. Yes that’s right – this cartel prints YOUR MONEY and charges YOU INTEREST on it ensuring you are all kept in a perpetual sea of debt. Needless to say that upset the cartel and the rest is history isn’t it. The cartel is:
    Rothschild Bank of London
    Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    Lehman Brothers of New York
    Lazard Brothers of Paris
    Kuhn Leob Bank of New York
    Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    Goldman, Sachs of New York
    Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    Do your own research or if you are too lazy to do that watch Zeitgeist which SPELLS IT OUT FOR YOU.
    A conspiracy ceases to be a conspiracy once evidence is there to support it. The movies content was no news to me but it will be for millions. Anybody who debunks it is just ignorant of the facts. By the way you people of the world are referred to by this cartel as the USELESS EATERS and they wish to exterminate most of you. Did you know that there is a cure for cancer and has been for over a hundred years? Do what you will but if you wish to be informed then DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND STOP BLITHLY BELIEVING WHAT YOUR MEDIA TELL YOU – THEY WORK FOR THE CARTEL. While you’re at it do a search on nuclear warheads that were ACCIDENTLY flown from Minota Air Force Base to Barksdale Airforce Base in late August. Once you know the facts behind it and if you are alarmed by this THEN YOU SHOULD BE! While you’re at it do a search on birth defects in Iraq and see what DU does for a nation. YOUR NEXT – if you allow your president to go to war with Iran that show will be coming to YOUR COUNTRY! Russia & China are allies of Iran and you don’t want to be upsetting them. BUT the Cartel don’t own their central banks or their oil and they will stop at nothing until they do. So good luck with your so called democracy. The dollar crashing is just the start and it’s been the ballgame for years it’s what Bush was put in power to do. Assist the NWO with their grotesque plans. I will leave you with this quote:

    “I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled dominated governments in the world…no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government of conviction and role of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.

    Woodrow Wilson 1913 (who signed over the Fed to these criminals)

    Oh hang one ONE MORE!

    “It is well enough that the people of our nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt”

    John F Haydon
    Mayor of New York (1918 – 1925)

    You still don’t know and you still don’t seem to care so may God Bless America because you lot

  62. Some people are like dogs holding onto a useless bone when the meat has been dropped right in front of them. They’re so busy hanghing onto the bone that they miss the meat and then when least expected the ants cart it off. Then they’re left wondering why they’re hungry???? DOH That’s exactly where they want you.

  63. The writing has been on the wall for ages America – WAKE UP to what your president is doing to YOUR COUNTRY!! Your Federal Reserve is corrupt and owned by a cartel of bankers who own nearly every central bank in nearly all countries worldwide other than Iran, Syria, Libya & North Korea (not sure about China & Russia – still looking into that) Until recently Iraq was on that list but they got that sorted didn’t they??? Does that tell you anything???? 911 might have shaken you up but doesn’t seem to have WOKEN YOU UP! On June 4, 1963 President John F Kennedy signed a Presidential decree – Executive Order 11110 stripping the Federal Reserve of its power to loan money (because that’s exactly what it does) to the United States Federal Government at INTEREST. Yes that’s right – this cartel prints YOUR MONEY and charges YOU INTEREST on it ensuring you are all kept in a perpetual sea of debt. Needless to say that upset the cartel and the rest is history isn’t it. The cartel is:
    Rothschild Bank of London
    Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    Lehman Brothers of New York
    Lazard Brothers of Paris
    Kuhn Leob Bank of New York
    Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    Goldman, Sachs of New York
    Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    Do your own research or if you are too lazy to do that watch Zeitgeist which SPELLS IT OUT FOR YOU.
    A conspiracy ceases to be a conspiracy once evidence is there to support it. The movies content was no news to me but it will be for millions. Anybody who debunks it is just ignorant of the facts. By the way you people of the world are referred to by this cartel as the USELESS EATERS and they wish to exterminate most of you. Did you know that there is a cure for cancer and has been for over a hundred years? Do what you will but if you wish to be informed then DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND STOP BLITHLY BELIEVING WHAT YOUR MEDIA TELL YOU – THEY WORK FOR THE CARTEL. While you’re at it do a search on nuclear warheads that were ACCIDENTLY flown from Minota Air Force Base to Barksdale Airforce Base in late August. Once you know the facts behind it and if you are alarmed by this THEN YOU SHOULD BE! While you’re at it do a search on birth defects in Iraq and see what DU does for a nation. YOUR NEXT – if you allow your president to go to war with Iran that show will be coming to YOUR COUNTRY! Russia & China are allies of Iran and you don’t want to be upsetting them. BUT the Cartel don’t own their central banks or their oil and they will stop at nothing until they do. So good luck with your so called democracy. The dollar crashing is just the start and it’s been the ballgame for years it’s what Bush was put in power to do. Assist the NWO with their grotesque plans. I will leave you with this quote:

    “I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled dominated governments in the world…no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government of conviction and role of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.

    Woodrow Wilson 1913 (who signed over the Fed to these criminals)

    Oh hang one ONE MORE!

    “It is well enough that the people of our nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt”

    John F Haydon
    Mayor of New York (1918 – 1925)

    You still don’t know and you still don’t seem to care so may God Bless America because you lot

  64. Zeitgeist rocks ass, and some asses will be feeling the heat by now…. I am glad this movie was made and made ANONYMOUSLY.

    Perhaps when what happens now in Baghdad starts happening a bit closer to home, some people will start lifting their heads out of their sandboxes of pseudo-intellectual grey-zone relativity which is really a mask for cowardice and complicity.

    The Rockefellers are actually philanthorpists working for the good of all of us, for the advancement of civilisation. And that zeitgeist movie is obviously the paranoid rants of hash-smoking jew-hating conspiracy buffs . Watch Mars Attacks again , Mr Jay Kinney!

    someone wrote:

    Am I to believe that Bush is a puppet of the “Elietes” that control the banks? President after president that has been at war have always been a product from the banks? If so then why do they keep getting elected? HOW do they keep getting elected? Are we not free to vote for whom we want to? Are we as Americans not free to stand up and do something?

    :D :D :D

    Thats the questions the movie maker probably wanted you to ask , again and again.
    The truth can really hurt!

  65. from an article on Masonry on Jay Kinnock’s “late, great” Gnosis Magazine:

    Personally I am not a Mason. I know no more of this tradition than can be found in books. Yet from the small amount of reading I’ve done, I’m convinced that every spiritual seeker today owes an incalculable debt to Freemasonry.

    i think no comment is needed here…

    Perhpas boingboing cannot bite the hands that feed it???

  66. “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, IT IS REALISED”.

    You hear, Mr Kinney??? maybe you ought to reconsider your biases!!!!

  67. I have read significant grumbling about Mr. Kinney, who has done nothing other than tell you what he has seen, and has done some significant critical thinking about it.

    I will tell you now, that I have 2 biases:

    1. I think Bush and Cheney are the greatest wastes of flesh that have ever disgraced the office of the US presidency–and when you consider that in and among that group are the likes of Nixon, Ol’ “I can’t remember anything” Granny Reagan, and Ulysses S. Grant, that is a significant statement. In fact I believe that calling Bush and Shotgun-Wow-What-A-Dick Cheney evil subversive scum is more than just a little unfair to the other evil, subversive scum who are out there.

    I have a very strong bias against Bush and Cheney

    2. I consider myself a Christian. This does not make me a Bush supporter. Bush is a “christian.” So are those who so vehemently supported him. I actually heard a Pentecostal “christian” (please note: I did not refer to this person as a Christian, but rather as a “christian.” I believe there are Pentecostal Christians as well as “christians”) say that she truly believed Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq was the hand of God Himself that was going to bring the light of Jesus to those “evil heathen goat-god worshiping Muslims.”…..ahem…When would Jesus Himself have ever condoned any of the military response to the events of 9-11? I’ll go ahead and answer that–the answer is NEVER!

    I have a very strong bias against “christians”–especially the red-neck ones whose support of the morons that have held the executive branch of our government since Jan, 2001 have resulted in the deaths of so many innocent people, and I truly believe there will be a reckoning for it.

    Let me also tell you that I am very aware that Christianity adopted pagan celebrations so that it could win over pagan thinkers. It is commonly known by those with some education that Jesus was NOT born on Dec. 25th. This date was the beginning of a major ancient Roman celebration called Saturnalia, which involved giving gifts to children and feasting, and which was most definitely nature-oriented/derived from the returning ascent of the Sun signaling longer days ahead. Regardless of any of the emperor Constantine’s proclamations or imperial mandates, the bulk of the Romans still wanted to party come Dec. 25th, so Saturnalia became Christmas, and the parties continued (Lodi Dodi…we likes to party)….another example of a Christianized pagan celebration is Easter.

    Before I continue, please allow me to stop and state that, just like Mr. Kinney (and apparently all of you), I found Zeitgeist to be very eye-opening. I also believe that the suggestions made by the people who put this work together are most definitely worthy of deep and further investigation, and I have suggested to many others that they view it, but there are some flaws that I could not overlook. The 1st appears in part I:

    “God’s Sun” vs. “God’s Son”

    The anonymous producer(s) of Zeitgeist is(are) calling our attention to a play on words which DID NOT EXIST in any language other than English. Please note that in English the words “Sun” (referring to the star at the center of our solar system) and “Son” (meaning the male biological progeny of a man and a woman) are homonyms. They sound exactly alike. This linguistic quirk exists far more in English than in any other language. This double entendre didn’t exist in Latin, or Greek, or Aramaic, or Hebrew, and while I’m not familiar with the language of the ancient Egyptians, I find it highly doubtful that in that language the word for “Sun” and “son” sounded exactly the same. They neglected to point this out. That would definitely damage the suggestion that somehow Horus, who was referred to as “God’s Sun,” could somehow have evolved into “God’s Son,” whom Christians believe to be Jesus. Without wanting to sound too harsh towards them, either they didn’t consider this critical linguistic difference themselves, or they knew about it but counted on their audience not to realize it. The producer(s) could not have made this same point if the movie were in German, French, Arabic, Chinese or any other world language.

    Josephus, the bogus ancient Hebrew Historian.

    Yes, it is true that than the writings of Josephus, who references Jesus more than any other ancient writer of Latin, were shown to be fraudulent, but the writings of Pliny and Tacitus were not. They were established and respected pagan (=non-Christian) Roman writers. There are those who would point to the references to Christians in their writings and say “Aha! They’re talking about a group of people called Christians—they don’t actually mention a guy named Jesus! Thus how can we call this ‘proof’ of Jesus’ existence.” Well, I guess they must have just sprung up from nowhere then, right? Look, guys, I have no intentions of converting anyone here, believe whatever you want about Jesus’ divinity–or if you choose, his lack of it, but from a very nakedly logical point of view, if there were no Christ, there would be no Christians to follow him either. So I have to cast a lot of doubt on the statement made in the movie that suggested that he may not have even existed, whether anyone believes him to be the son of God or not really isn’t relevant.. History through non-Christian writers seems to indicate quite clearly that a man, who was considered by a noticeable group of people to be the “Christos”(Greek)/”Messiah”(Hebrew)/Anointed one (English) did in fact exist, and he had a following…again, I’m not trying to convert. If you don’t want to believe he’s the son of God, that’s your business, but don’t deny a clear reference to the very existence of an individual who was considered by others to be the messiah, especially when that reference, while maybe indirect, was nevertheless made by men who most certainly didn’t believe in his divinity. That’s runs contrary to critical-thinking. “I don’t want to believe that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, therefore a tomato is a vegetable! Ta-da! I’ve proved it.” It’s as idiotic as denying evolution because we can’t see it happening. All we can see is evidence that it has happened, and why should we accept that as proof, right?…wrong! You don’t like “Christians”? Pissed-off at the Churches?….So am I, but that won’t blind me to facts.

    Bush and Cheney are responsible for the events of 9-11.

    I willingly admit that I would love to believe this and that I’d love to see those evil little good-for-nothing sub-moronic hypo-cons suffer for it! The arguments made in the movie are strong, and (as Mr. Kinney has stated) are very worthy of further and deep investigation. Everything from the buildings looking like they were a destroyed in a controlled demolition (including the slant cut of the steel frame) to the evidence of the use of Thermate to the inexplicable destruction of building #7, which wasn’t hit by any plane, indicates to me quite clearly that more than just the planes were responsible for all the destruction. The producer(s) of the movie are quick to suggest that it must have been an inside job. There are even strong motives such as the control of middle-eastern oil interests and the profit to be made by the Carlysle group, which could very easily point to our meat-headed administration. In fact I don’t have any doubt that these things crossed the minds of the idiotic vermin in charge of the executive branch of our government, when a not-even-half-assed plan to start up the American war machine and align the sights on not just Afghanistan, but also Iraq, which was innocent of any wrongdoing on 9-11, was put into effect.

    What was never suggested, however, is that the slant-cutting of the steel frame, the use of Thermate, the destruction of Building 7 may also have been done by members of Al Qaeda, who were determined to succeed where they had failed in 1993. Does this sound just too impossible to everybody, so much so that it’s absolutely inconceivable? When a molten substance, which appeared to be clear evidence of Thermyte was pointed out in the videos of the 9-11 tragedy, where was it noticed? It was dripping from the underside of one of the planes. Could it have come from the cargo area of the fuselage? Could they have managed to get this on the plane? Might this also explain why United #93 left very little wreckage? What about the plane that hit the Pentagon? There is absolutely no way that it might have been carrying extra explosives in the cargo area which might explain the lack of wreckage?

    Think about what happened to Nixon for Watergate—no one died there (that we know of), but tricky Dick was embarrassed right out of office, and while a little nutty & paranoid himself, he was much smarter than either of the boneheads that adorn the Whitehouse currently. In order for these two clowns to be responsible for 9-11, they would have had to have a lot of help, people who would have had to agree not to say anything, ever, for the rest of their lives. Maybe they were all CIA agents who were later murdered to ensure their silence?

    I agree fully with Mr. Kinney. There seem to be a lot of holes in the report from the 9-11 commission. I don’t consider this case closed at all, and I think a possible Bush-Cheney should be investigated until it is proved conclusively that they were or were not involved in some or any capacity. I certainly don’t trust them, and while I considered the movie eye-opening in some ways, I have to admit that I saw what was suggested in Zeitgeist as a potential theory long before I watched or even heard about Zeitgeist, but I don’t see the suggested claims made in the movie as standing up in a court of law. In short, I don’t see a “smoking gun” here. That doesn’t mean there couldn’t be one. It only means that the movie never truly revealed one, only made a plausible, but certainly on questionable suggestion.

    All in all the movie makes you think, but when you boil it right down, a few things I find strikingly contradictory about it.

    1. The movie does it’s best to discredit religion—especially Christianity, but then turns around suggests a coming time where everybody will be marked by some sort of sub-dermal integrated chip by which they are identifiable, and with which they can be controlled by some sort of great and greedy evil elite. Now which one of you, whether you’re a Christian or not, would allow this to be done to you–regardless of the reason? Even if you’re not a Christian, chances are that you’ve heard of the book of Revelation, and a thought would cross you’re mind like …”Wait a minute, don’t the Christians have a prophecy about something like this?”…and Love, the answer that is touted loudly at the end of the movie is the very thing that Jesus (as well as all other major world religions) said was the right answer—even if those who call themselves devotees of religion don’t seem to show it.

    2. Yes, Zeitgeist makes a good point about how the media blasts us with lots of readily digestible factoids and pretty lights, and snippets and all manner of great quotations, catch phrases, if you will, from important people that seem ever so poignant and very relevant to us in our lives. We do get “taken on a ride” so to speak and I believe our minds are at risk of being softened by it, but to quote from the movie itself, as I’ve seen many other people who have posted on this website:
    OPEN YOUR EYES! Zeitgeist the movie is another product of the media. It’s full of striking images and snappy quotes. It doesn’t seem to want to take us off the ride as much as it wants to be the cart we choose to ride in. We should always seek the truth, but we shouldn’t start our search with the assumption that a piece of the media that is blasting the rest of the media is any more truthful, because it strokes our suspicions about the rich and powerful..By the way, what do the elite have to gain by enslaving the rest of us other than alot of trouble and an inevitably ugly end?

    Man, are my fingers tired….keep searching, guys–and I wish you peace and success in your endeavors

  68. I believe the tie between Christianity and Bush is important to consider. Bush got the votes he needed by appealing to the Christian voters who for some reason seem to vote in higher percentages than other groups. If the Muslim religion was the dominate religion in the U.S., I bet you Bush would have been a “born again Muslim.”

    As for the movie in general, it reminds me of the red pill in the 1st Matrix movie. Unfortunately, there are way too many Americans that prefer the blue pill.

    If you haven’t done so already, pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and open your eyes. WE ARE AMERICANS! We fought an imperialistic army with a rag tag army and won (thanks to the help of the French of course). But why the hell are we going to turn around and become that which we fought so hard to free ourselves from? Why are we so slovenly and inept?

    STAND UP AMERICA and lets take our GOD DAMN country back!

  69. I liked this film. It does have some interesting insights although It would’ve been better without the 1st part of it. The part about Christ being a myth (I don’t care whether it’s true or false) is useless to the message of the film. Also, this bit decreases the credibility in the film for many christians.
    If anyone’s interested in “real” discussions, feel free to add me: orderafterchaos@hotmail.com

  70. Wow, I posted a link on here to a site I designed to make it easy for Americans to write letters to their congressional reps. So far about 80 people have checked it out. The idea is that we are being represented right now in congress and must make use of that representation. Saying that it has no effect is a defeatist attitude. If you’re apathetic, then we’re all in trouble. Write letters about what matters to you and tell everyone you know to do the same. There are real people in congress and if they hear enough people being intelligently concerned it will have an effect on them. The changes we need to make have to come from the ground up. Each individual action adds an important pebble to a growing mountain of change.

    One of my personal theories is that congress is particularly susceptible to corruption because of lobbyists. However, now that that same corruption has deeply infiltrated the executive branch, the government is lurching terribly, way off center. We’re looking at an executive/corporate/media power conglomeration that is incredibly destructive. So I encourage you to take action. Make use of your representation. Writing letters can be a good start, especially if your social responsibility muscles are a bit atrophied.

    Here’s the site, it’s free:


    Please spread the word and encourage others to speak out through letter writing and other means. Also, check out the Bruce Fein video on the “featured videos” page of that site.

    And finally, if you’re still reading, here’s a video I recently did to support Ron Paul:


    He, Kucinich, and Bill Richardson would all make excellent presidents which is why their being so expertly marginalized by the media.


  71. This film is deceptive in that it totally exploits the yes-yes technique (How to Wind Friends and Influence People) to manipulate the viewer. It starts with information that is true (yes #1), follows with information that is apparent enough to make the viewer question previous dogma (yes #2) and the makes a huge leap from circumstantial evidence to the conclusion.

    Another Review of Zeitgeist

    So yeah, people can point out all kinds of things that are “true” or “seem to oppose what we’ve been told” in the move and they are perfectly legit

  72. There is now a transcript for part 1.

    Some say people need to do their homework…but they’ve taken the time to do it for you.

  73. This film is a formula for understanding the coming of Anti-Christ. Unfortunately for society as a whole, there is no waking up. The question is not; was Jesus a real historical figure, the real question is, what ratio of the bible is man, and which part is God? Or what ratio of this movie was factual and which part was implicit or leading but untrue? Is it perhaps 20/80, or 90/10? The essence of this movie goes from an example of what the bible calls the spirit of Anti-Christ whos work is to deny Jesus being alive, uhm..(the second time) to a peculier global explaination for how the stage could be bieng set right under everyones noses in order to present such a figure. I liked the part about life being a ride. Every one should make sure to buckle up.

  74. I only watched the first 23 minutes, but that’s already too much. They could have put a little more effort in constructing their, ehm, “theory”.

    The “line” through Sirius and the Belt of Orion doesn’t point to the location of the winter solstice, and never has. (Because it points away from the ecliptic.) The Southern Cross wasn’t known to the mentioned cultures, because it is only visible from the southern hemisphere. It is also not linked to the winter solstice (exept for the fact that it is, well, “somewhere south”) and thus neither to the zodiac. The sun doesn’t stop for three days at the winter solstice to then “move a degree” on the 25th. Thus, the christian cross has nothing to do with the constellation, and neither do the apostels have anything to do with the 12 signs of the zodiac. (The earliest known zodiac is the zodiac of Dendera from around 500 B.C., which would be early enough for Christ, but not for the other mentioned myths, from which christianity is supposively copied.) And so on.

    They’re not only bending the facts, they’re making things up which can be disproved really easy. Disappointing conspiracy theory.

  75. CaptHaddock:

    Please look up the word “conspiracy” and “theory” and understand the language we have all chosen to use while communicating.

  76. You people are amazingly gullible. I cannot believe how easily you dismiss this film. Yo udon’t even research what you speak of. The fact that anyone is arguing about the existance of jesus and the anti-christ is tragic. We don’t live in a land of fairies and elves. There is no imaginary people living in the sky. The bible is a long, creative, fictional story of fantasy.

    So is the 9/11 Commission Report.

  77. Dave, nah, i think most readers understood that perfectly.

    However, i should have looked up “Disciples”. ;)

  78. Dave,

    I love a good conspiracy theory! I thought the movie made good points and gave a partially plausible motive for President Meathead and shotgum-wow-what-a-Dick Cheney to be behibd 9-11, just no real smoking gun.

    A good conspiracy theory, however, should have some air-tight facts. It wouldn’t have to be based on some really bad data manipulated poorly so it can be used to move to the next point. That really ominously indicates the lack of concern the producer has for providing and presenting factual data. It’s really hard to give an ear to someone who wants to fill your head with questionable gabbledy-gak. I’m not talking about the existence of Jesus, or the anti-Christ, either, amigo, or any manner of invisible men in the sky. I’m talking about facts. If you don’t believe in any sort of religion. that’s fine, man, but don’t blind yourself to facts, because you don’t want to believe in religion. You seem to infer more than anyone has really implied. I have no intention of trying to show annyone that “Jesus is Lord,” but b/c I have a strong background in Latin, I know that both Pliny and Tacitus (Roman writers) wrote about Christians. They existed at that time (circa 76-112 a.d.) Zeitgeist just glossed that part and was quick to point out that 1 Latin writer, Josephus, was shown to be fraudulent…so what? You still have 2 others (3, actully) who weren’t. Of course, these guys were “easily dismissed” rather discussed.

    The point is Zeitgeist cannot say that there may not have been a historical figure called Jesus, when there is so much historical evidence to indicate that a guy named Jesus did exist, and that he’d developed quite a following. The movie starts off manipulating facts, instead of presenting them in a legitamate fashion. If the persons responsible aren’t willing to do their homework or give us a better researched historical truth, how can we trust what they tell us about anything? They couldn’t just be trying to work us, with some half-factual PROPAGANDA could they?

    ….of course, it’s much easier to listen to the snappy sound-bites and watch the pretty lights that come out of the electronic box, and say “Yeah, dude, It’s all true. I saw it on the internet in a movie called Zeitgeist”

    Perhaps you should look up “gullible”? See if, by definition, a gullible person might believe that:

    1.a handful of super-rich families have existed and have exerted societal control since 10,000 B.C.

    2. that for the last 120 years or so they have been manipulating the governments of the world and the U.S. with the end result that their progeny (whom they will never meet and can’t guarantee will also be super rich), will be able to enslave the world with sub-dermal control chips?

    I give the movies some credit, I see a plausible motive (Still no smoking gun) for the Bush/Cheney 9-11 connection but….open your eyes, Dave, reality awaits you. Put down the bong, hombre.

  79. hello,
    i am the sheep that many of you speak of. I am awake now, eyes open..and my quality of life has gone to shit. i fear torture, inprisonment, capture, abduction and death constantly because i dug deep for the answers i know to be true… i tell you this, it is the end of the world and i know it. do i want to die awke or sleep?

    i have pondered the nature of man since i was a kid… why it is that we focus on destruction the way we do, why we love to hurt each other… and now this. thank you. thank you for taking away my blissfull ignorance and showing me a world even worse than the one i barely understood…
    the multiverse
    … what the hell can one do? sit and wait, anticipate torture?? ready myself mentaly for the sight of my own rotting flesh or the mushroom cloud looming in the distance!
    what is the meaning of life? there is none! we are all just restless and violent.. making up games to play while passing the time.

    god this shit is making me crazy


    FOR PART 1:

    Book: “Suns of God:Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled”
    Written by: Acharya S.

    Interview with Acharya S.:

    FOR PART 2:

    A very analytical and complete report about 9/11:

    FOR PART 3:

    A documental specialized in the subject: “The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America”



  81. I havent done a lot of reference myself yet because I have just seen the movie (last night), but I have been reading in this blog a lot of people talking about how some facts in the movie were made up; well, I am a scientist myself, an skeptic, as a good scientist must be, and I think that if they say that they have got that information from the books the mention in the “sources”, the only way you can say that what they say is untrue is, first of all checking in these books (its a pity they do not reference them properly, i.e. citing the pages,etc; but at least you know where to look). And after contrasting their data with your own data collection, finding out the differences.

    Nobody in this blog seem to be better than the guys in the movie, because at least they have given me some book names to double check their info, wether most of the people in this blog havent giving me a single reference to prove me that what they are saying is more valid.

    Therefore from an academic point of view:








    Name of the author/s, year of publication, title of the piece of work, Number of edition, pages where it cites the subject, place of printing, publisher and a web link (if they have it)

    Obviously!!! in some cases you may not be able to complete the whole reference procedure but at least give me something!



    I will be back as soon I have something else I am able to back up with reference.

    Thanks to all, PEGASUS

    Note: If you notice some ortographic mistakes is because english is not my mother language.

  82. In the web link I mentioned earlier:






    Thanks to all, PEGASUS

  83. “That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.”

    thats the actual line. manipulating a quote there Jay. and there is a interactive transcript. complete with page numbers and pictures. how come everyone believes a book (bible) that was rewritten numerous times and was put together by 3 different peoples “stories” yet no one is open to the mere suggestion that we should be questioning and looking into whats really going on around us.Time to start paying attention world. figure it out.

  84. “How DARE you question the sources of the information! How dare you require the information presented to be accurate! If you simply ignore the manufacture nature of the information and stare at the sky you’ll see the truth!”
    – Some Idiot.

    This is why we have morons like Bush in the White House. Idiots like the above; but on the other side of the coin.

  85. Hi Pegasus, and all who have fallen prey to at least the FIRST PART of this propaganda-

    The first part is completely INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST- The facts are NOT CORRECT- I have searched the internet for the most concise grouping of refutations of these falsities propounded upon the unknowing viewers as fact- The claims in PART 1 are just simply not true- I am not trying to defend anything in particular here, except for TRUTH- I am very familiar with mythology and religions, and I was appalled at the barrage of dishonest statements made about religion and mythology- Most of these supposed “parallels” are just not true- Again, I am coming from a position of wanting us all to be intellectually honest here, not to defend any particular position, religion, moral code, etc.

    Here is the best site I could find that will give clear, honest answers about all of the false claims asserted as truth in PART 1-


    Also, check out:


    These sites are very well referenced, often cite the actual religious tomes themselves, and will clearly reveal the scholarly limitations of the research behind Zeitgeist-

    Please everyone, we do need to do our homework- Zeitgeist was slick, fairly well produced, and convincing in it’s relentlessness- After doing your research, Part 1 will come off as either a textbook example of a chip on the shoulder with a bitter axe to grind, or a sloppy, hastily slapped together piece of anti-Christian propaganda, discrediting for the sake of discrediting-

    As a piece of Propaganda, Part 1 gets an A – As a piece of intellectual investigation and honest dissemination, it gets a D or F, depending on how you prefer your propaganda –

    Do the research!

    Doc M

  86. Jay Kinney’s reveiw comes close to being accurate when he states,

    “Zeitgeist maximizes emotional impact at the expense of a more reasoned weighing of evidence. But, perhaps that’s the intention.”

    To me that is the intent and effectivness of this film. It is to hit a nerve with the common thinker, and to stimulate one’s own awareness. Even though the events and so-called facts are sometimes presented with wild abandonment, most of it is factually sound when based on common sense. You don’t have to be a road scholar to enjoy this film. When our society has been brainwashed with fear as this filmmaker suggest, a slap of raw emotion is exactly what is needed. Two big thumbs up.

  87. The classic road scholar-A young wide-eyed college bound student, opinionated, adventurous, brash, cockey but hopefully open minded. Sometimes too smart for their own good. Possibly, the best time of one’s life. They see the world as their stage.

    The point is, Intellectual Quotient is where the ego rules. Emotional Quotient is where the heart and soul resides. I prefer the later.
    That’s probably why the movie had no end credits.

  88. Hi to all one more time,

    I would like to give special thanks to Doc M, who has providen us with so much information through the links.

    I would like to say that in the first link (http://www.preventingtruthdecay.org/zeitgeistpartone.shtml)
    I found a really long and deep critic to Zeitgeist part I, from the hand of Elgin Hushbeck. I have just sent him an e-mail, which I consider of importance to share with this blog, and as soon as he give me an answer I will also make it public. I wrote:

    “Hi, Mr. Hushbeck, my name is XXXXX. I am writing from UK.

    I have read your comments about “Zeitgeist: the movie” (partI), from which it seems you have researched on this subject a lot more compared to me. To be sure that what you are saying is true I should go through all your sources, and the thruth is that I do not have that spare time. But from a thruthfully objective point of view to avoid any misleaded analysis about the subject you should consider the next:

    1. As far as I have seen at the times of Jesus there were not proper recording of events, as we understand it nowdays (like in a lab report or when the House of Commos orders an Inquiry Report). This happened like this for various reasons but yet happened. Thus the only way to support that at certain moment in time some event took place it would be needed more than one source informing about “the event”, taking note of the event at the same time (so there is no doubt that the information was pass from one to another), and from non related sources (to avoid influencing the way the things happened).
    Because you seem more knowledgeable on this subject than me please let me know.

    2. Still, If obviously you were not there to watch how the events really happened, then, what makes the Bible more reliable than any other holy book?

    Personally I endorsed no religion but I had some spiritual experiences that induce me to believe that there is something very beautiful around us. Whatever it is, it gave birth to all of this we call reality. Let’s call it God.

    I hope to hear from from you,

    “The Peace and Love be with you as in Thee””


    If anybody has an answer to my questions please let me know.

    Thanks to all, Pegasus

  89. Its Rhodes Scholar, the Oxford scholarship named after South African industrialist Cecil Rhodes…

    Reading the reactions to this film and the review has left me sad. It confirms the fact that most of you think your so much smarter than the ‘average’ dope because you can ‘log-on’ and watch a movie, and then browse the web…how many of you actually read books? For that matter, challenging books? Stop reading off the internet and looking to the internet for your understanding of the world. Ever since the internet, everybody thinks they now know all about the world and how we are manipulated, and how everybody else is an idiot–except of course for you, because you do ‘research’, ha, joke, you people have no idea what ‘research’ is. Have any of you heard of post-structuralism? Have any of you ever read Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze, Kristeva, Bhabha, Spivak, Cixous…probably not, you all probably think Chomsky, with his pathetic structural and universalistic, teleological and naturalising arguments is a god. Guess what, watching this movie, and reading your pathetic blog sites does make you understand anything, trust me, you all have a hell of a lot more ‘waking up’ to do.

  90. Wow there are some crazy ass motherfuckers on here. Talking about the cartel and all this bullshit. On the .000000000000000000000000000000001% that any of that bullshit is true, who gives a fuck? Why not be practical and live a logical, pragmatic life? Instead of going all crazy over some stupid shit and believing crap like Zeitgeist (“blah blah, do your research moron blah blah”) FUCK YOU

  91. I admit it is very easy to fall into such awful propaganda. I see the same comments over and over.. “open your eyes” “look up and see the truth” – These are the bland and empty statements of cultists.

    Sometimes I tiptoe, and sometimes I run, sometimes I believe, and sometimes I ignore.

    This movie claims to cover such topics as sociology, theology, the history of religious, economical and political zeitgeist – topics to which other more notable students and scholars dedicate many many years!

    If I chose to believe all this I would be a very silly person indeed.

  92. Has anyone noticed that the voice played over John Kennedy’s face is actually Ted Kennedy’s voice? Stuff like that really undercuts any serious points the movie creators might be trying to make. Why do they have to resort to crap like that? Why can’t they just be factual like the rest of us in the rational world?

  93. The review is mostly accurate, and one can’t expect a movie review to tackle the difficult questions and matters-of-fact contained within the documentary.

    All documentaries are skewed towards a certain perspective, and this movie is certainly no exception. As Zeitgeist accurately, in my opinion, points out is that the major areas of our life: religion, media and politics are systems of control that, in the wrong hands, are deceiving, manipulating, controlling and enslaving the people of this world.

    Part one deals with the major religious myth of this country, and indeed the world: Christianity. Having received my degree in both Religion and Philosophy at a conservative private Christian college, I found no blatant misrepresentations of fact in Part one. The Jesus-Christ myth is not new and elements of his birth, life and death are common to many spheres of pagan thought. Having read The Jesus Mysteries several years ago, I was excited to see the documentary rely so heavily on the work done by Freke (degree in philosophy, with much authored on mysticism) and Gandy (has M.A. in pagan religions).

    In addition, having studied the formation of the early Christian church, the canonization of the bible, and the general history at or near the time of Jesus’ life, it is all-too apparent that men in power have manipulated and used the Jesus myth as a system of control, and have effectively cut men off from the very connection the Christ motif represents. What has been done with the Christian church over the last 2000 years? While much has been done to spread the gospel of truth and love, it has been used to create an apathetic and complacent majority who accept evil as the unavoidable work of the devil and that eternal life in heaven is what we should seek. Nevermind the man behind the curtain. You’ll get your reward some day, … if you’re good (and again, we decide what is good behavior and good belief).

    Through over two years of extensive research into 9/11, it doesn’t take much to see that 9/11 has been used as a method of control as well. The mass media, used as a method of mind-control, introduced us to the 9/11 myth and have perpetuated the myth and the environment of fear ever since. Why? For our security and safety? No, for intimidation, coercion and control. 9/11 was clearly an orchestrated event, just not from 19 hijackers run from a guy in a cave half way across the world. Under the guise of 9/11 and the War on Terror, your freedoms are being confiscated and the Constitution usurped as the Law of the Land. That this is about control should be clear even to the casual viewer.

    The goal of the movie should be clear: discover the truth for yourself. Don’t let others control you. People will try to control you saying it is good for you or that they are on your side – yes, even religious institutions and those bubbly faces on the nightly news. Do the research for yourself and free your mind. Discover the truth within yourself and be enlightened. Why rely on others to tell you who you are, where you are going and what is to pass for you?

    It’s time we became self-reliant, independently thinking Americans again.

  94. Good review.

    For a very long time I’ve had a very sceptical attitude towards conspiracy theories about 9/11, new world order etc.

    My scepticism was mainly due to the propaganda like nature of the documentaries concerning the conspiracy theories. Also, I found it to be important to always raise questions as to the motives of the filmmakers like michael moore, ales jones (for example revenue of their documentaries)

    Zeitgeist the movie raised questions for me, and as for the motives of the filmmaker, one cannot deny the fact that it is a non-profit movie and thus not money related. As for the propaganda style, one can argue that it is highly present. But I think that was the goal of the author, to awaken the “sheep”.

    Accidently I bumped into another documentary today which one could indirectly link to the events of 9/11 and the government involment in it. This documentary of Edward Griffin shows the interview of mister Norman Dodd, Yale graduate. Norman Dodd (born June 29, 1899; died January 1987) was a chief investigator in 1953 for U.S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations (commonly referred to as the Reece Committee).[1] He was primarily known for his controversial investigation into tax-exempt foundations.

    I find this documentary of big importance for all sceptics, like myself, to question again the hidden agenda of the US government for a new world order. I strongly believe the motives of mister dodd, 83 years old at the time of interview, cannot be that of money, greed or other related rather than wanting to share his experience with the public to question their believes.

    You can watch the documentary here:


  95. I agree with the movie, however not everything stated is 100% accurate. The movie does not have time to reflect on every point in history. As always television has a couple of seconds to get interest.
    Religion is not all bad.
    9/11 conspiracy still has to be proven and insofar as Engineers go, well, from my experience you can believe them like you can believe a government. Do you honestly think that they would take liability by admitting that there were design flaws? I do beleive that the US indirectly funded the terrorists.
    Osama Bin Laden probably doesn’t exist. We would have caught him by now.
    Banks are a business. People still don’t understand that. They don’t care and they don’t feel. They only do or promote things that make them richer. Never will they care. But after working for a bank I know that they are not capable of mass manipulation. They are just a big dumb money making machine. The people at the top aren’t smart enough and the people that work for them don’t give a hoot. The owners inherited their wealth.
    Free trade in the North America brought a lot of good to people. It does redistribute wealth to poorer nations. Europe, definitely needed to do something or face anarchy from the have nots.
    The current US government has a distorted view of the world. You can’t fix anything with a gun unless you need to make a hole. You can’t buy love and you can’t allow someone to run things when they are only concerned about themselves.

  96. Guys,
    Just LOOK at where you Americans have lead the world today, including your own country and the state of your own civic rights. JUST LOOK. Can you imagine that the NSA has probably now been turned onto its own citizens?

    Personally, why does my country and its people and the people of many other countries around the globe have to suffer innocently year after year because of America’s unjust foreign policies and because all of you prefer to remain in denial?

    You need to:
    1. Educate yourselves.
    2. Find each other.
    3. Find the leaders who are trying to bring about solid political change in America and HELP them, even indirectly, before s**t REALLY hits the fan and we ALL end up screwed.

    Snap out of it guys! You’re leading this world weather you like it or not and you’re leading it to hell.

  97. Right, as an 18 year old lad, i do not pretend to know everything about what i have learned. Neither do i take any one side. But i thought i would state my opinion after reading through these comments.

    Part1: Religion. As i have never believed in religion, i understand where this part of the film. It is physically impossible for there to be a place/s such as heaven and hell. it cannot be true. if god loves us all and forgives us all then it is impossible for any person to go to hell in my opinion.
    No heaven and Hell = No god/Devil simple as.
    Until someone discoves a city of fire underneath us, or a city of light above us, i will continue to think this.
    This bring me onto my next point, even if there was a person called jesus alive at some point, it is impossible to feed 5000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves. atleast it would be impossible to feed them to the point of being full, making this not such a miracle, even if it happened.
    So if religion is rubbish ( which is my personal view so im sorry if ive offended anyone ) and there really was a person called jesus, wouldn’t that make him the first person to use christianity to further his own goals?
    Furthering my view, if the vatican is the supreme society of christianity, why would they hide information as they do, below the vatican city, that only members of the vatican will ever see. If they had proof that christianity was the truth, they would have no problem showing us the evidence. Hence i my opinion, religion is the biggest hearsay / myth / legend in history.

    Part2: 9/11: Since i am not an american citizen, and only see what im sposed to see via. the media. there was so much information that i did not know brought to light. If anyone believes this is just conspiracy, fair enough, but i find it hard to believe that jet fuel cut the beams at a perfect angle. If it was infact muslim extremists that did all this, how could they go unnoticed cutting support beams and planting explosives on all floors.
    I mean, in a society where we automatically look at people of a different race whether consiously or sub-consiously automaticaly because they are “different” you would think that someone would have noticed something. or atleast if it was done in the silence of night you would expect somehwere as famous as the WTC to have a half decent alarm system.

    Part3: NWO: Now again, i havnt done the sufficient research here but i will, so i will speak off only what i know. At school i was always taught that woodrow wilson was a man of honour, that couldnt help sending his country to war. But to find out that he had huge banking from the international bankers, aswell as passing the federal reserve act, which excuse me if im wrong, the founding fathers of america fought against, then it leads me to believe that our school curriculum is being overtaken and directed by those in power. I find this to be the most plausible theory in the whole film. i read a book written in 1975 about a man who had a near death experience and was shown a vision of the future. In his vision he saw great wars over oil, aswell as a computer chip that would one day be implanted in everyone, now again i was very skeptical about this book as i have said, i have never been a follower of religion and this book talks about god and jesus, but it was an interesting read nonetheless.

    I am convinced that now is the time to act upon wht we have seen, yes zeitgeist isnt 100% factful, nonetheless, it was the message i needed to change. I have quit my no brainer job, i am back at college, studying media and advertising, and i am doing everything i can to learn about our past.

    I dont think there is one right or wrong anwser to the film that has taken our minds by storm, but being as open minded as i am, it has pushed me into researching for myself. i no longer take what i hear for gospel, if i hear something of interest i research it and make my own mind up, as anyone should. I think we should all calm down, knowledge is power, and i now plan on dong my part to change the world. i dont want myself or my children living in a world of fear and control, i want them to decided what they want to be and go after it.

    But to all the people who say religion is the only thing that we can be sure of in this world, it is not. open your eyes and think logically, it smply cannot be true. thanks for reading.

    “Whn our power of love overcomes our love for power, the world will know peace.” i truly believe this, as did the people who truly tried to make a differance, JFK, M.L.KING! we need to take these people as an example and follow on the word they tried to spread. our world is shrinking, no longer do we enjoy going out and watching nature take its course.

    ALSO to the people saying “get off your bong and hash pipe etc.” i think you are all being extremely close minded. we dont need drugs to see there simply isnt something right with our planet.


  98. I totally agree with Jay when he says in his review:

    ”There are plenty of legitimate questions about what transpired on 9/11, just as there are plenty of shady doings in international finance or puzzling aspects of religious history, for that matter. And what is coming down in the name of National Security is truly unnerving.”

    The question is does Zertgeist promote a legitimate exploration of the supremely important questions it raises or does it actually do the opposite.

    For example. The mystery of the imploding Bldg 7 on 911 is a damned big question all by itself. By bundling it with a whole bunch of other mysteries into one big sloppy world-conspiracy bundle, doesnt it tend to bury it rather than reveal it?.

    I,m not sure. I look forward to talking about it on this thread.

  99. Hi to all again,

    This time I have found some very interesting information, which may interest, specially, every christian american citizen reading this blog:



    By the way, I am still waiting for DOC M to answer the 2 questions I posted previously. Don’t be shy…

    Thanks to all, Pegasus

  100. Ok so I thought about it and came to the conclusion that all wide-angled conspiracy type of messages are bogus or at the very least supreficial.

    Take any small organization you are familiar with. Say something even like the Boy scouts or your AA group just to pick an example. If you dig a bit you can always find anecdotes of shady behavior. Someone got a promotion he didn’t deserve -or used the organization for his own ends, etc. String all of these type of facts together and you can always paint a sinister picture that suggests that whatever organization is just a front for the shady behavior. But when you are familiar with the group, you realize that this is just one strand in a much bigger and complex reality.
    If I take a mega-subject like the historical and political history of the Christian Church, the United-States or the World banking system, every shade of human behavior from the totally depraved to the heroic is in there.
    In other words, I am a Christian yet I could paint a far more damning portrait of Christianity than was presented here but I could do the opposite as well.
    Bringing attention to specific hidden sins is the right thing to do but bundling them altogether into an unreal caricature is reductionist, superficial and means nothing. I admit however that it is fun to do.

  101. The above criticism ‘Zeiting the Geist’ Jay K and #22 has missed a fundamental point of the film.

    The film invites you to ‘join the dots’ as the title ‘Zeitgeist’ informs.

    (Look up and research the meaning of the word ‘Zeitgeist’, dig deeper than ‘wikipedia’ at least follow up the links)


    Jay K, have you here fallen on your own sword? For what we currently know about the production this film might have even been made by ‘Main Stream Media’ attempting to future hijack the ‘conspirators emerging position of power’ as the ‘wacky / loony theories’ become evidenced truths that are taking hold within the public domain. Could this film be a prelude to the announcement of National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESRA Research digging deep if you have not come across this yet).

    What makes me suspicious of this film is it’s seemingly authority in denying Jesus Christ in the flesh, some may consider this to be a / part of / the Anti-Christ. Has the true Christian faith been hijacked (see blog #22) to here be completely denied?

    Research Jesus Christ’s possible real birth date (some evidence purports to 11/09/03 bc http://www.garone.net/tony/themaster.html).


  102. Concerning 911 every person in America believes in a Conspiracy Theory. It’s only a matter of which one you believe. You either believe in the one that our government has promoted: that Osama Bin Lauden directed four terrorists to fly planes into the twin towers, etc, from a cave in Afghanistan. Or you believe in the Conspiracy Theory (or a similar one) as presented in the movie Zeitgeist.

    When murder takes place in any city in the country, the first thing the police do is “tape off” the murder site with yellow tape so that everything in it remains untouched, this way they can do a proper investigation. When 3000-plus people were murdered on 911, somehow the normal investigation protocol was tossed out the window. A formal investigation has never been done which might reveal who done it. Instead the debris from the twin towers was swept away as fast as possible. It was a foregone conclusion from the beginning that Osama Bin Lauden and the terrorists did it. This is a Conspiracy Theory. One could argue that, if nothing else, George Bush and the media and other government officials who promote this theory are conspiracy theorists to the max. One could also state that since it a theory, their tale of what happened, which they promote, is really propaganda.

    Unfortunately, the story of Jesus Christ is also Conspiracy Theory. It states that a man who claimed to be the “son of God,” and could walk on water, was murdered in cold blood at the request of Jewish elders (conspiracy). There’s no concrete proof that this event ever took place (theory). It could have been a misinterpretation or even fiction. We’ll never know the truth as to what took place over 2000 years ago, from a factual historical perspective.

    Has Jay. Kinney investigated if Christ really lived and was murdered as stated in the bible? Has he investigated to see if Bin Lauden and the terrorists were responsible solely for 911 with the same critical eye that he apparently used to “review” the Zeitgeist film? I doubt it. But he should, because these two incidents are also just theories.

    As with the JFK shooting, we’ll never who was responsible for 911. Zeitgeist presented alternative facts that do not align with President Bush’s Conspiracy Theory that the American government has been promoting, which, since it is only a theory, can be deemed propaganda just as easily as Zeitgeist can.

  103. I would just like to say that if anyone thinks that something like what is being portrayed in Zeitgeist (parts 2 and 3) can not happen or is just too crazy to be true, I would suggest they take a closer look at the history of human civilization. Countless times has the love of power and the perversion of human emotion caused the world to be turned upside down in history. Just because your world seems to be perfect for the time being does not mean that these things can never happen again. We would all like to beleive that Nazi Germany could never happen again, we have learned from it…right?

    The most powerful quality that a human being has that any other animal on earth has is the ability to reason. Do not waste this gift. Do not become lazy and accept things exactly the way they are presented to you. Use your logic, it would be a terrible waste to do otherwise. Look at the facts, question authority, give a damn!

    On the subject of religeon being presented in Zeitgeist (part 1), I think it makes a large amount of veiwers with strong religeous beleifs either turn the movie off or discredit the rest of the movie. I think the most important issues are in part 2 and 3, and they should have been presented seperately from part 1 so that people with strong beleifs are able to analyze the information in the right light. I am an atheist, yet I think it would be more important to educate people about the issues at hand in parts 2 and 3.

    As the saying goes, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Look at what has happened in history, it CAN happen again, it WILL happen again if people do not take the initiative to seek the truth.

    The US is already provoking Iran and staging to immitate the war in Iraq. Fact: Iran stopped their nuclear program in 2003. Why is our leadership still insisting we need to do something about them? Find the facts, they might not be in your daily newspaper or the nightly news. The truth takes digging. Find the truth and use your reason. We WILL be in Iran in the very near future if we do not do something. We have to stop our leadership NOW.

  104. “If history is to repeat itself, I suppose the things that already happened are going to happen again”

    For the people that can not understand why the three parts of the movie are all in one movie watch it a couple of more times, but these times listen to it aswell.



  105. Wow….o.k…..apologies due….after reading Scottishlad’s blog (#105), about a response I made to Thermite Dave (Blog# 81) about “putting down the bong”. Sorry, Dave, but you seemed to be more than wise-cracking just a little.

    Sccottishlad, I admire your 18 year old spark and your enthusiasm for questioning the often confusing issuance from the mainstream media. I certainly encourage everyone to do so.

    I didn’t mean to sound too harsh to Dave. In fact I only quit the bong/hashpipe about 12 years ago, myself. I’m 38 yrs. old, and I imagine if I hadn’t acquired some familiarity with the aforementioned smoking devices, I might have chosen not to earn a master’s degree in Comparative Literature with emphasis on Latin and Ancient Greek. It wasn’t a great choice of degrees for acquiring a large amount of personal wealth. I work in manufacturing–scientific equipment, no less! It’s almost as far from reading 2000 year old texts in Latin or Greek as possible. 

    While my curriculum choice for higher education didn’t lead me into inescapable financial independence, it did provide me with a more than sizeable quantity of information about the topic at hand. As a matter of fact, when I was in my early 20s and learning about ancient greek and Roman culture, I would very willingly tell you that I thought that religion was basically very useless and far more of a detraction to the advancement of human culture. For the most part, I still feel this way. Let’s be honest. You can’t look back at the history of any religious organization (Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, et c.) without seeing how much oppression and suffering they’ve caused.

    After watching Zeitgeist—even in spite of the red flags that part I set of in my head—I sat there and said “Wow….” I was really disturbed for a couple of days. This link was sent to me by an agnostic friend of mine, to whom I suggested watching Zeitgeist. My friend is a strong proponent of a scientific point of view, who doesn’t see much use for religion either. Reading the link, this page, sort of snapped me out of it a little, and I watched zeitgeist again, taking note of things that I knew were suspect, based on what knowledge I had of the highly Greco-Romanized world in which this individual named Jesus was supposed to have lived .

    Pegasus, if you are still with us, please take note: what you are requesting for verification may not be available.
    Apart from the 4 gospels, which are in-line with each other, there are no legitimate othert sources of accounts for the actions of an individual named Jesus of Nazareth. Certainly there are these 4 accounts to satisfy your requirement that more than one person has witnessed and written for posterity. The last of these “According to John,” is believed by historians to have been put into its final (modern) form by about 100 AD. If you want references for this, please look them up on line. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Do a keyword search on any search engine (google for example). Try using Gospels, History, as a start.

    Pegasus, the study of history does not have all the benefits of the study of science. We have writings which have been brought down to us for century after century. The first photographs (silver daguerreotypes) didn’t come around until the mid 1800s, but I assume that those who read this certainly believe that Julius Caesar existed, as did Socrates, Archimedes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Cleopatra, and any number of historical figures who are referenced by historians, even though we don’t have the benefit of a photograph of any of them. There are 3 pagan Roman writers who mention the actions of Christians. They are Pliny the Younger, Tacitus, and Suetonius.
    I agree totally with the movie that the writings of Josephus were a fraud. I learned this some 19 years ago. If you really want references try doing this–Pick your search engine and enter the following: References to Christianity Ancient Roman Writers. You will find a large number of websites about 50% of which are endeavors to prove that Jesus existed, the other 50% seek to do the opposite.

    I ‘m not trying to appeal to anyone’s belief system or to prove that “Jesus Is Lord!“ I’ll leave that to the preachers. I am going to try to appeal to your ability to use logic. Keep in mind that Israel and Judea were tiny little portions of a very vast Roman empire. Also keep in mind .that while Rome was the new super power in the western world, most of what they conquered had been previously conquered or heavily influenced by the Greeks. That influence made ancient Greek the universal language. If an individual were even mildly educated or involved in trade they learned Greek. It was used ubiquitously throughout the Empire.

    The supposed time of Jesus’ 2-3 year active ministry isn’t 100% certain, scholars have placed this anywhere between 18 and 35 A.D., but the exact year isn’t uniquely relevant. That both Pliny the Younger and Tacitus, who most certainly were not Christians, would mention activities by groups who were called Christians indicates shows that a movement large enough to catch the eye of very prominent Roman authors had started. Pliny and Tacitus were writing from the time 79-119 AD, approximately ½ a century after Jesus was Crucified or put to death (however he stopped preaching) The word Christian comes from the Greek “Christos” Meaning “anointed (one).” It is the equivalent of “messiah” in ancient Hebrew. This indicates that the movement had taken on followers who lived in a Hellenistic (Greek) culture and understood the Greek dialect spoken at the time (Koina)

    I grant you that Pliny, Tacitus, and Suetonius didn’t discuss Christianity at length, nor did they ever mention the name “Jesus of Nazareth.” If, however, you take into consideration where the movement was supposed to have started, the empire which while under Roman rule, was far more familiar with Greek language, and you also consider the time at which the movement was noted (some 50 years after Jesus’ death)., it seems very plausible that a strong religious figure started a movement in a distant section of the Roman Empire, and that this movement gathered followers from a the large culture that was under Roman control, but was more familiar with the universal Greek language (so instead of the “messiah”, they called him the “christ”=”the anointed” in English). After 50 years (approximately 2 generations—maybe 2.5) this movement was significant enough in size to be noted by prominent (and non-christian)Roman historians—not in volumes, but more in footnotes. It was a very young and strong movement, but not yet large enough to be given extensive coverage.

    Does it seem more plausible to think it was a bunch of ancient pranksters who bamboozled the general public into believing there was someone named Jesus who would give eternal life? There are no photographs of Nero Caesar, but I’m certain people believe that he existed. The same is true of Mohammed, Buddha, Guy Faukes, & Rasputin. For Zeitgeist to claim that he may not have even existed doesn’t seem well thought through, just because no Pagan Roman writer mentions him by name. There are the books of the New (a.k.a Christian) Testament. The 4 gospels are dated as being written and in final form by between 50 and 100 AD, but the movie certainly opted not to mention that or even mention them at all.

    Perhaps a good research project would br to examine who Archaya S is. Everything that I can gather about her indicates that, like me she has a background in Greco-Roman studies, but she also has a new-age mysticism leaning. I can’t seem to find anything about her on-line that isn’t for (from those believing in or capitalizing on her new age belief system) or against (primarily from Christians) her in some capacity. Certainly she is a major part of the research credit for part I, but I’m left with the impression that she certainly has her own agenda she’s trying to promote. This makes me a little suspect of her as a source, but she is certainly a predominant source for Zeitgeist, which seems to want to discredit established religion, so for the producer/writer of the movie to trust her credentials isn’t a surprise. Their thought processes are aligned.

    I know I’ve gone on and on, but just 1 more thing. When the movie dated Horus at around 3000 B.C. and then mentioned that he was crucified, this raised another major red-flag in my head. In my studies many years ago I remember a professor talking about what great “borrowers” the Romans were. I remember him distinctly telling us that Crucifixion was a Persian invention that the Romans really utilized quite heavily, I’ll give you the following refernce

    “The first recorded instances of crucifixion are found in Persia, where it was believed that since the earth was sacred, the burial of the body of a notorious criminal would desecrate the ground. The birds above and the dogs below would dispose of the remains.”

    Smith, Damian Barry, The Trauma of the Cross: How the Followers of Jesus Came to Understand the Crucifixion, p. 14. Paulist Press: Mahwah, New Jersey, 1999.

    This postdates Horus’ death by a few thousand years. It doesn’t seem likely that Horus was actually crucified

    The facts claimed by Zeitgeist need a little verification, guys. If the facts in part I are askew, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the “facts” in the other parts are also a little shakey

  106. Pegasus,

    As a native English speaker, and a student of languages, I applaud your efforts to learn what must be the most irregular and unpredictable languages on Earth. As a point of good practice telling people to “shut the F*ck up”–as you did in #86 above, isn’t really appropriate, and it doesn’t earn you an iota of respect. In fact it reminded me of how young teen-aged boys speak to each other.

    Since, however, the media in most English speaking countries can be heavily interspresed with more coarse language, I can understand how you might think it’s more acceptable or provides some emphasis that you might consider important.

    I would not suggest using this expression in public. You may find yourself in a confrontation where the an angry and offended individual suggests the following to you:


    Not very polite, and not really intelligent sounding, either. I’m certain (well, your claims indicate) that you’re much brighter than that.

    Good boy!

  107. I’m confused. How exactly was Krishna born of a virgin if he was the eight son. I suppose I should study up more on divine anatomy.

  108. Maybe it was Krishna’s Dad who was the virgin :-)

    Oh well, who are we to doubt the claims of the great Archaya S (aka D.M. Murdock). Hmmmm, I wonder what caused the name-change…..

    “When the moon is in the seventh house,
    and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
    then peace will guide our planet,
    and loOVE will steer the stars”

    Hey….does anyone else smell pot?

  109. Pegasus! Good to hear from you!

    You don’t need to worry about me with regards to using the “F” word, as it is called here, in the U.S. Many of my graduate papers involved the study of Latin foul language.

    I have had many friends who were not native English speakers. Unfortunately, I have seen more than 1 ugly incident that resulted from a non-native friend’s misunderstanding about how and when that word can be used. It is a failing in English speaking culture to over-use vulgar expressions for effect in movies, and elsewhere. This has caused some significant confusion about when it is safe to say “F—” and when to avoid saying it. I know you’re in the U.K., but the same rules apply there.

    Please be very careful about using that word. I had a friend from France, who said it at the wrong time to the wrong person, and we both got the “s**t beaten out of us” (as we like to say in American English) by a group of drunken fraternity boys at college. I wouldn’t want that to happen to you, or anyone else for that matter.

    I have visited the link you provided above (Post #120). It’s extremely eye-opening. I’m not certain I’m capable of commenting on it. It has an interesting perspective on the evolution of more recent religions (esp. Judaism). I already knew that the Old (aka Hebrew) Testament borrowed heavily from Greek Mythology (Deukalion was the ancient Greeks’ version of Noah), which borrowed stories from the Epic of Gilgamesh, which was Summerian. In fact Greek stories of Heracles (Roman=Hercules) and the story of Samson from the Old Testament have roots in the story of the Great King of Uruk, Gilgamesh, but the link you suggested really has alot more associated with it, much of which (in my opinion) seems hypothetical and involves a much greater understanding of astrophysics than I have.

    I’ll have to re-visit the link and write more when I have a chance (hopefully within the week.) I request your patience, because I don’t get on-line too often. My best wishes to you and all other readers.

  110. “The video’s producer does inform us that “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . .”

    Indeed. “

    Excuse my language, but fuck off. You string us along for how many paragraphs and close it off with fallacious criticism. Don’t pull a part of a quote out of its context, especially when the rest of the quote brings up a point that you perhaps don’t care to discuss.

    The full quote: “That being said, it is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, BUT FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES, FOR TRUTH IS NOT TOLD, IT IS REALIZED.”

    No documentary film, however factually-based it may be, should be regarded as truth. Rather, it is a snapshot. A “hey, check this out”. That’s all it is.

    You can call it propaganda, but propaganda is a pretty simple thing: It spreads ideas. Can be good or bad, makes no qualitative judgment. It is only brainwashing if the the viewer completely ignores what is declared at the end – OPEN YOUR EYES, DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF, REALIZE.

  111. GVDAN8, I agree!

    For those of you who do not know where GVDAN8 got the quote, it is from the last sentence in Kinney’s review above (It took me some searching so I thought I would clear it up for anybody else who was confused).

    Kinney, as an author and publisher you knew you were wrong for taking these words out of context. Shame on you. You have zero credibility.

    This reminds me of things that we see in the media everyday. Just about anything can be taken out of context and you better beleive that the media is going to exploit it.

    Just another instance where we need to think and analyze before we decide what is true.

  112. The only fault I can find with this movie is that it is unable to provide ENOUGH information. There is so much more that is not being said – if it were, the movie would take five years to watch. Consequently, the person who compiled it did just that – compiled! It contains bits and pieces from different sources. For example, part of the voice intro is Jordan Maxwell who has devoted years to studying ancient religions and symbolism. However, much of what Jordan Maxwell has to say (from that particular excerpt) is truncated and incomplete. To fully understand the video requires much more effort on the part of the viewer.

    Understanding what is truth and what isn’t is not simply a matter of locating specific quotes and verifying that they exist.

    People do prefer being spoon-fed information rather than taking the time to research the issues and decide for themselves what is truth and what isn’t.

    For me, it has been a life-long process. I’m stil young, not even 30 yet, but I was raised a Christian and believe in God. I’m naturally curious and started questioning organized religion from an early age. From simple childish observations such as asking why we bow before the cross in church if one of the commandments specifically forbids it – to living the horrible day of 9-11 and remembering as vividly as if it were yesterday, the tremendous fear and pain I felt as I watched the events unfold. Then coming to realize that our own government was to blame for the insanity. What godless barbaric people have been chosen to watch out for our interests that could have such complicity? Not that there hasn’t been worse horrors in the world, its just that that was the impetus for me to really search for truth. There is something horribly wrong in society. People do outrageously horrific things which cannot be explained. Society is so terribly messed, it makes me not want to leave my home. The solution to world problems is really so simple – we should love others and change ourselves. Is there any facet of life as we know it that wouldn’t change for the better were we all to actively practice that one philosophy.

    I do believe in God and am a spiritual person simply because it is incredulous to me how anyone can NOT believe. The problem with religion is they can’t all be right. And I believe more people people have been killed in the name of religion than anything else in history. To quote the zeitgeist movie, “…I don’t know what God is, but I know what he is not….”

    To come to the realization of truth requires great effort. It is not an easy journey and you cannot judge or review until you make that journey yourself. The dots cannot be connected for you in a two hour movie. You must seek the truth.

    I wish I could relate the steps I took to get to my beliefs, but can any of us really do that. That’s not to say that you would necessarily want to end up where I am, but at the very least you might reach a point of being able to think for yourself. That is the most freedom one can hope for today.

    All I can say is that there is merit is what is being said in the movie and I regret that so many leaps have to be made in it, for brevity’s sake, that defy credulity without more background information.

    The reviewer admits to his own valid questions concerning what the movie raises and must have conducted research on his own to answer them – pity that he could not give direction in that regard as part of his review. (Dr. Stephen Jones formerly of Brigham Young University brought forth many answers regarding what exactly happened in the 911 tragedy. His research is very compelling. Jones earned his bachelor’s degree in physics, magna cum laude, from Brigham Young University in 1973, and his Ph.D. in physics from Vanderbilt University in 1978. Jones conducted his Ph.D. research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (from 1974 to 1977), and post-doctoral research at Cornell University and the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility. His research theory on 911 cost him his job.)

    To come to the realization of truth requires research in multiple areas. You must educate yourself by reading everything you can. Only then will you find the answers that will satisfy you. It is mind boggling how much information is out there and how many areas of research are needed just to connect even a few dots:

    Ancient religions and symbolism

    Bible Study, including original Hebrew and Greek texts, ancient scrolls, hieroglyphs, etc . . .






    and so many more

    A good place to start would be by reading “Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History that Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids”(Harper Collins, 467 pp., written by Jim Marrs.

    This book is available in pdf file format on sharethefiles.com or you can purchase it. A google search will locate it for you. It is well researched, sourced, written in a clear, simple understandable style, and well organized. It is over 400 pages long and although it is not all inclusive, it is thought provoking and gives you enough information to direct you further in your search for truth. Here is a list of the contents.

    A Question of Conspiracy • 5
    Rule by the Few • 10
    A View from the Few • 13
    The Trilateral Commission • 22
    Council on Foreign Relations • 31
    Bilderbergers • 39
    Rockefellers • 44
    Morgans • 54
    Rothschilds • 58
    Secrets of Money and the Federal Reserve System • 64
    Empire Building • 79
    The Royal Institute of International Affairs—Round Tables • 83
    Rhodes and Ruskin • 85
    Skull and Bones • 90
    Tax-Exempt Foundations and Alphabet Agencies • 96
    It’s News to Us • 102
    Commentary • 107
    Report from Iron Mountain • 113
    Persian Gulf • 117
    Who Pays the Tab? • 121
    Vietnam – 124
    JFK Opposed Globalists • 126
    All the Way with LBJ • 131
    Trading with the Enemy • 137
    Korea • 140
    Rise of the Nazi Cult • 145
    Theosophists, Thulists, and Other Cultists • 153
    The Leader Arrives • 157
    Hitler’s Support Group • 163
    Hitler’s Fortune Turns • 170
    Japan Against the Wall • 172
    World War II • 176
    Business as Usual • 178
    World War I • 183
    A Stimulus for War • 186
    The Russian Revolution • 192
    The Rise of Communism • 197
    Commentary • 200
    War Between the States – 207
    Secret Society Agitation – 209
    Preemptive Strikes – 214
    The Anti-Masonic Movement • 217
    The French Revolution • 221
    Jacobins and Jacobites • 223
    Sir Francis Bacon and the New Atlantis • 227
    The American Revolution • 232
    The Illuminati • 235
    Freemasonry • 242
    Count Saint-Germain and Other Magicians • 251
    Masonic Plots • 254
    Freemasonry vs. Christianity • 259
    Rosicrucians • 265
    Commentary – 268
    Knights Templar • 274
    Assassins • 280
    Templar Bankers and Builders • 285
    Cathars • 291
    The Albigensian Crusade • 299
    The Templars’ Demise • 303
    The Priory of Sion – 315
    Merovingians – 326
    A Far-Reaching Web • 332
    Commentary – 337
    The Road to Rome • 346
    The Cabala • 355
    Ancient Secrets and Mysteries • 360
    Was There More to Moses? • 367
    All Roads Lead to Sumer • 374
    The Anunnaki • 378
    Floods and Wars • 390
    Commentary • 403
    Sources • 411
    Index • 451

  113. “The full quote: “That being said, it is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, BUT FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES, FOR TRUTH IS NOT TOLD, IT IS REALIZED.”

    the tough part of that is the abtility for hunmans to inpterpt more then one means that theres more then one truth. Its a freedom in itself, but its the main cause haterid, bloodshed and war. its ironic, but that very freedom, ensares us all.

    so, I despise those who take away freedom of thought and make you bevlive one story, (hello t.v) and even have you fight for those beiliefs that are baised one ones else system! true or not, disproven or not. This is madness- we don’t even have proof of anything anymore, as someone will always tell us the other, basied, bullshit or not

    to the person who was reading that book published in 1974… WHAT IS IT CALLED? I would like to know about tales of a man seeing near death and the future, BS or not it would be an interesting read.

  114. *is refering to post 105 1975 not 74

    *This is madness- we don’t even have proof of anything anymore, as someone will always tell us the other, weather basied, bullshit or not.

    my writing skills are poor- exuse me, they cared less to improve my skills when I was crying to do so in school (course, I had no money to blow on places like silvan…. is this my or my single mothers fault?)

  115. This is my opinion about this movie. It was trying to say that, yes all these things are going on in the world, and yes they are not things we like, and yes we have fought against it before and won, but that this power is focused and manipulative. And old so very old. What the movie was saying is that the way to quit lending it power is to quit buying into it. From what I see is that, it really has not much to do with our daily lives, in the sense that there is not much we can do about it. (I looked at not paying the income tax but you have to be rich enough to battle it). Money is money, taxes are taxes and we are in that system. I can stop watching the news, quit believing that the muck that is shown is real. I know that those things go on but that is only the smallest portion of what goes on and it is not WHAT GOES ON. Mostly there only really nice people like me out there. Then quit buying into advertising. Again most of the muck they are getting us to believe about ourselves and buy is not even good for us. We don’t need it, can’t afford it and they control us by making us think that we do. So teach yourselves and your children about advertising. Education is getting to be crap in this country. The colleges are still very good but even that is changing. So educate yourselves and your children. Read, learn new ideas, learn old ideas, find out about stuff, find out how to find out about stuff. In this way you and your children will not be influenced by the manipulation. You will make educated decisions based on your needs not on a false desire. Love, this is a tough concept for most of us, but powerful to what the movie was trying to convey. What that power needs us to feel is separate from one another. To have contempt, fear of, disrespect for one another. That fear of other is what feeds this power. Basically fear feeds the power. Become less fearful. Don’t make buying things based on fear of being good enough. Don’t treat people based on fear of them hurting you or being better that you. The news makes you fearful, quit watching the news. Advertising makes you fearful, learn to laugh at or quit watching ads. Church makes you fearful, find another church or quit going to church. Find ways to love, or if that is too strong of a word, respect other people. Be nice, find good, get along with, help out, whatever to stop the separation. In all this is the ways to quit feeding that machine and then soon, it stops. The power of the Internet with these ideas, happening in all over the world has already started to take hold. You can see the signs everywhere. This movie was trying to help them along by showing that yes it is there and it’s big but there is something you can do and its little but it works. Find something that rings your bell that helps promote these ideas and practice, it will change, it has to, everything does.

  116. This documentary is a joke. First of all Jesus was not born on Dec. 25; that was the date designated hundreds of years later in claiming the same day that a pagan holiday was celebrated. The actual date is unsure but many scholars claim that it was anywhere between March-May. With that in mind that really changes everything that he said since he’s basing all his theories on the astrological signs. So Jesus wasn’t a Capricorn after all; but could have been a Pisces, Aries, Taurus, or Gemini. Wow sooo cool. Obviously slavery has been part of our world since the beginning of time, so everything else discussed is very 5th gradish. There are always new mechanisms being formulated by the powers that be to enslave people, so I’m not shocked at this guys belief system.

  117. I don’t think the movie was made for the IFF. They were clearly making this movie for propaganda. Is it positive is a personal question. Simply put there are many issues this film brings to attention that should raise eyebrows. And that is the intent. I think the only point they should have made better is all religions have there questionable beginings and they all control there congregations. Maybe Christianity is the main religious influence in the regions that are home to the world powers.Thus bearing the brunt of this films religious conspiricy segment.In my opinon faith in God was not the issue it was Religion.With that being said regardless of truth or untruth. We as individuals are responsible for what befalls us that we previously dismiss as frivolous. Put aside your tribal and religious bias and look at things without predjudice.

    Ranchers would rather a controlled coral than a stampede anyday.

    I am curious to know what president signed the executive order on income tax and where it is?

    Last I heard the last Federal branch of gov’t to rule on income taxes was the Supreme court and they ruled a man can be taxed on his profits not his wages from labor. They are very different.

  118. Jay Who? Jay Kinney! I will repeat my question Jay Who?

    Yes this movie shows a lot of information and linking different aspects of what the makers believe to be the truth, but please come on, was this the right guy to choose to review the movie?

    He states: “The video’s website does feature a Sources page, but a hodge-podge list of books, with no page numbers cited, is of little value for source verification”

    Is this what his review is based on? Source verification? list of books with no page numbers cited? What the hell????????

    When I was at college (hhhmmmm okay it was roughly 10years ago) when we handed in ANY coursework for review, yes we had to have a list of sources where we got our answers or linked it to, but never ever did we have to cite the page numbers!

    Come on, wake up as a nation, not just one country but everyone! Stop being lead by what you want to hear. The world is not a bad place, everyone is not get you, or kill you. If you have watched this movie it will get you thinking, it will get you wanting answers and those answers must come from the “so called” powers at be!

    Okay part 1, I really can not comment on due to the fact that the subject of religion is very much a deep aspect of some peoples way of life and to criticise anyones beliefs (regardless of what they may be or where they originate from) is ignorance.

    As for the rest of the movie, it does open up a lot of questions which do need to be answered and people to be held countable for. Why are the governments getting away with side stepping certain subjects because we as a whole country are letting them! There are people who bury their heads in the sand, because they just want to get one with it and not be annoyed, but these people will be the first to object if it is something that effects them directly or their children, or their childrens children and will be the first to ask, why did this happen? Because you kept your head buried in the sand thats why!!

    COME ON!!! Let your voice be heard!! Why aren’t question being answered on 9/11 or 7/7 because people are scared. Our governments have got us scared to ask questions or is it we are too scared of the answers?

  119. if you say that the govorment is behind everything that has happened …like 9/11…. then what about pearl habor? did the plan that one also and what about the 1929 stock market crash????

  120. “Late in the video, there’s a supposed quote from David Rockefeller, which, if genuine, would be an astounding confession of complicity in mass manipulation. But, of course, the quote is not sourced or dated, which renders it useless.”

    Except for the fact that the voice of Aaron Russo is telling this story, who has also made a movie of his own disputing many of the same facts. I have watched many video interviews with Aaron Russo and in a few of them he tells stories of other discussions with Mr. Rockefeller.
    “if you say that the govorment is behind everything that has happened …like 9/11…. then what about pearl habor? did the plan that one also and what about the 1929 stock market crash????”

    You are either 12 years old or completely fu**ing retarded. http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com , then come back and try to talk about Pearl Harbor and The Great Depression.

  121. The funny thing is, 5 years ago in High School I remember being taught about the Gulf of Tonkin. This bullshit is still circulating through educational textbooks.

  122. “The video’s producer does inform us that “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . .”

    The correct, unedited quote that does not sway ones opinion one way or another is…

    “That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.”

    Awesome points, Jay Kinney. I very much enjoyed the climactic ending of your accusatory writing where you completely contradicted yourself. Your entire argument was about a lack of sources for the information, and you finish your article off by chopping a quote from the author in half to completely manipulate the meaning of what the full sentence says. You disgust me.

  123. What has been exposed in this film is but a fragment of the truth…a substantial part yes but a vieled by worldly overtures and lack of wisdom, understanding and relationship with the one and true living God in Christ. The truth the life and the way of Christ Jesus is only made manifest to those who believe, not religious zelots, pharises, or scholors but by the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. For Christ is a stubling block to Jews (eygyptian myths, muslims, all acient of day false and partial propphesies, books of the dead, gods, pagans) and foolishness to the gentiles. As I watch this film it was like I was looking at the Christ that I know as a personal manifestation in my life, not One told to me by pastors but reveal to me by experience…I was watching Him through a viel. Your film cannot explain the whole truth because you have excepted who you studied and found in the temporal…God is eternal and has no need for our explaination but longs to be reconciled with us as we come to Him as fools in faith in love…in time he reveals what has been viel on earth. Yet He had already prepared me for a prayerful counter attack in the spirit concerning this film and other incounters with worldy knowledge. I was already councled by the Holy Spirit as to how God has revealed Himself unto man since the foundation of the world. That the book of the dead, mythology, astrology and beyond resulted in the tower of babel and where that age and others were a foreshadowing of all that is in Christ Jesus. But again a stumbling block and foolishness reveal in this film. I could not share my testimony for it would be a book in this email. I will share that the world is powerless with “ZIESTGIEST” and saved redeemed only by the blood of Jesus. Jesus will return as flesh just as God manifested Himself as flesh…He created the sun and the moon, He is now the sun my dear ( the narrator was enthused by tell this lie…I don’t care what pagans and peopled tried to do …they also crucified Him). I am praying for the narrator of this film for there was a folish pride in His voice and expression, he really thinks he’s telling the prophets of God and true body of Christ (which is not a building but a servitude of broken saints preparing for the day of the lord)what we do not already know…yet we know more only because we humbly come to the throne of our father…help me oh lord reveal your mystery and only through worship, submission to God in Christ is ALL GOOD(there is nothing currpt or bad in the true and living God…this is who I seek and He is Good…not to religion, politricks whatever but covered by the blood there is no condemnation…Christ is love and He said that the only way they(the world) will know that you are my disciples is by how you love one another. I could tell watching this film that you all have no revelation of faith. The Holy spirit reveals the word in Rhema…living word. Whoever plagerized, what ever happened in time blah blah blah …I know that I know that I know in faith in worhip that the word(rhema) of God is living and effective, sharper than a two egde sword penetrating as so as to divide bone marrow, the discerner of the thoughts and intentions of man. In this film you have presented Christ, His body, the ages and ancients through a viel because you have never been behind the viel. May The POWER of the Holy Spirit reveal such a place to you so that you may be set free and bring true healing true deliverance to this currupt and dying world. Be blessed.

  124. Read The Sermon on The Mount by Emmet Fox, 1934.

    Jesus did not teach theology, his teachings were entirely spiritual or metaphysical. Doctrines and theologies of churches are human inventions.

    Jesus has been sadly misunderstood and misrepresented, for instance there is no warrant in his teachings for setting up any form of Ecclesiasticism, of any hierarchy of officials or system of ritual.

    Jesus did not authorize any such thing and in fact, the whole tone of his mentality is definatly antiecclesiastical. All through his public life he was at war with the ecclesiasticism and other religious officials of his own country.

    What Jesus taught is the nature of our spirit in that we are all one and that together we have the power to create the type of world we wish to live in. We do not need guns, we do not need to march or destroy or ask others to do our bidding. It is only through our concentrated focus and effort of mind that we can change the course of our destiny because the mind is spirit and spirit creates.

    Religion has been manipulated to disguise who we are and our true power in spiritual unity, the Elite are most certainly afraid of this power which is why they seek to control us.

    If we were to focus all of or intent on one cause as a nation it will come to pass, but we have been divided and conquered by our ignorance.

    I cannot believe that Jesus did not exist because of the legacy that he left in teaching us who or what we rally are. Part II and III I had no problem believing, because we all feel there is something terribly wrong with the world and that it must come to an end.

    March 15, 2008 is called Z-Day. There will be a worldwide expression for change. We must see in our minds eye the current politcal arena crumbling
    just as the towers of the World Trade Center or over 3,000 people would have died for nothing.

    We must see the world they way is was meant to be so that we may regain our freedom and our spirit.

    one of all

  125. Hello all my dear friends of 138 comments. Keep in mind we ARE all friends, all seekers of truth, regardless of our current differences in veiwpoint. Okay, first a little disclaimer. As Sly Stone said, “Sometimes I’m right, but I can be wrong” this can be said for us all. Let us not discount volumes of facts because of one or minimal amounts of mistakes. Anyone who claims to be flawless is Probably selling something or has a serious complex. As today is Z-day, I was searching for possible early news reports on the matter, when I came across this blog, if I am using that term correctly, I wouldn’t know as I’ve only posted comments a handful of times. I am impressed by the volume and open-mindedness of all you wonderful free-thinking folks. I would like to say my FAVORITE Comment is #127 from CARLENE-Elegant, I ADORED it on multiple levels. Moving on.
    I have a couple of things for you to ponder.
    FIRST- WTC #7, STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH. Larry Silverstein, Owner/Leaser of WTC 1,2&7 States they “pulled” the building. “Pulled” being a common demolition term. HEAR IT FROM HIS MOUTH-http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/silverstein_pullit.html
    If the link doesn’t work I know you folks can search it easily.
    A couple factoids (these figures vary slightly depending on the source but all are very close):
    Max Jet Fuel burning temp: 1796 F
    Hydrocarbon Fire w/out pressurization Max temp: 1517 F
    Oxygen deficient diffuse fires(produces black arid smoke
    like those in the towers) Max temp: 1472 F
    Melting point of Iron: 2795 F
    Melting point of typical Structural Steel: 2750 F
    Motivation for gov’t involvement? Subverting the Constitution via the “USA Patriot Act” and the enacting of the “Total Information Awareness Program” which after Shock expressed by the public was renamed “Terrorist Information Awareness Program”. I could go on, but spoonfeeding seems to be a bad way of going about informing each other, so I’m trying to stick to the facts. Gotta grab a bite stay tuned for my next comment with my SECOND point.

  126. AwRight mates, I’m back. I’m trying to re-focus, but I can’t stop thinking how good that sandwich was. Good? Did I say good? I should’ve said great, hell, freakin’ phenomenal. Small pleasures my friends. Slow down to enjoy them fully, and you may find they overshadow so much discontent. Enough of my Tao & sandwich, on with the info. More Zeitgeist related info, also not in Zeitgeist.
    Primary Means- Separatism (in a simple sense,Divide and Conquer)
    Primary Form of Separatism- Race
    Race, what race are you? Are you sure? Hmm. We’re going to Cellular Biology to find out, so stay with me friends, it’s really not that hard. Let’s talk DNA. More specifically, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). I’ll try to give a simple/quick explanation. Mitochondria are small membrane enclosed organelles found in our cells. They provide the chemical energy for the cells. They also regulate the growth & development patterns for the cell among other proven & theorized functions. Mitochondria have their own genome (or DNA molecules), entirely separate from our nuclear DNA (Nuclear DNA is what we commonly refer to as just “DNA”). One KEY difference in these two types of DNA is that the mtDNA is maternal, that is, it is only passed down through the female, in our mothers’ egg cell. So all living women today, and the mothers of all living men have mtDNA passed down from all their mothers before them. Through DNA testing (both mt and nuclear) and bone studies, we now know that all of the human race today is descended from the same line, and the same woman, the Mitochondrial Eve. That is not to say she would be the Biblical type Eve, as she may have ancestry above her, that is, she may not be the first Homo Sapien woman ever, but all of us here today can be traced back to her. So although there were other Hominid (Humanoid) races before her (and possibly during her life) they are not part of OUR GENE POOL.
    Racial judgement based on appearance: Families that have primarily very dark hair, have a sibling born with red hair and slightly fairer skin (with definite same father, no “milkmen theories”). Do the parents and siblings claim that child to be of a different race? Absolutely not.
    Racial judgment based on geography and culture: If my brother and his wife move to Australia, join a tribe of Aboriginies, fully adopting their culture, do we later consider our children to be of different races? Absolutely not.
    Race(s) is the primary means Separatism Control; but, of course, not the only means. Constantly pointing out and reinforcing EXAGGERATED differences in genders, age groups, patriotism, and perceived social classes to name a few of the major means by which this separating is acomplished.
    Bringing this to a close I leave you with this:
    If you have a quite large bundle of small twigs, you cannot break them all bundled together. But if you Separate them into smaller bundles you CAN break them, and the smaller the bundles, that is, the more you divide them, the easier it will be.

    P.S. What is MY motivation? As you now know from the above, I see you ALL as my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, and Nephews. My Family, the Entire Human Race, welcome in my home and at my table. How could I not want to help in solving conflict and furthering understanding? As I am cyber-exhausted, I think I’ll go read or retire. “Goodnight MaryEllen, goodnight Johnboy, ect.

  127. I’m so tired I forgot to say I most likely will return very soon, as circumstance and inspiration provide. I would really like to make some points through physics (quantum mechanics, string theory, and the more recently unified “m” theory that finally brings relativity back in the game) that I think could be really beneficial, mind-opening, and not anywhere near as complicated as it may initially sound to folks not yet familiar with physics. Yeah the math gets deep, but understanding the concepts aren’t near as complicated. I’m goin out with a quote, one of my favorites.

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

  128. “If you can’t see how the three parts tie together, maybe it’s because the pathetic education system never asked you to critically analyze anything but merely to regurgitate what you’ve heard.”

    — #7 posted by Anonymous , September 1, 2007 6:06 AM

    in response to that…

    don’t be a hypocrite.

    the reviewer *IS* using his abilities of critical thinking — but in regards to this movie AS WELL as christianity, politics, and money. he notes several times that most of this is NOT news to him.

    you say to question everything, and don’t regurgitate whatever you hear someone else saying to you…

    then take your own advice.

    why is it that when someone uses their brain for something that another person doesn’t like, the first person is automatically “not using their brain, UNLIKE ME!!!”

    does no one see the hypocrisy of this?!

    also, the so-called coin of conspiracy, manipulation, and propaganda has more than two sides (“left” and “right”). there are infinite possibilities. not just “them” and “us”…

    the beauty of the human brain is that we are given all the necessary tools to research and come to our own conclusions.

    i actually agree with much of this movie, despite several glaring contradictions and omissions. but i’ve been forming those opinions over the years through my own research and logic — not just swallowing what’s been fed to me via video (sound familiar? if you’ve seen this movie, it should. it’s mentioned countlessly).

    i suggest you all do the same. and not just to “prove” something you already believe to be true, but to find the hidden truth beneath ALL outside claims.

    remember, that christianity, right-wingers, the media, the govt, etc, they all feed us pre-packaged and convenient little morsels to try to sway our minds towards THEIR goals. so what makes you think ANY other human-bourne theory or practice will be different?

    there is one truth in all of this: EVERYONE has an agenda. it’s up to you to make your own instead of falling for someone else’s.

    humans, not sheep.

  129. a couple more things…

    seeing as how i’m an extreme leftist that falls somewhere between libertarian and democrat… i do realize that my post is not unbiased — strictly because i have beliefs, as all people do.

    and although we all fall to it at some point, hysteria is the WRONG way to approach people with conflicting world views. no one listens to hysterical christians except other hysterical christians, no one listens to hysterical right-wingers except other hysterical right-wingers, and no one is going to listen to a hysterical leftist renegade except other hysterical leftist renegades.

    you don’t change people’s minds by alienating and abusing them…

  130. My problem with the documentary is primarily how disjointed it is. If you want to join the tax protester movement fine, if you think 9/11 was an inside job done with explosives go watch loose change with a bunch of college freshmen who just finished intro to philosophy, If you think the world is controlled by “bankers” there are plenty of neo Nazi anti zionist groups that would agree with you… but to attempt to connect these theories that stretch from biblical times to the present under one overarching thesis does a disservice to history.

    The historical and logical arguments against all of these claims are, by any objective measure, better sourced and more modest in there conclusions.

    The easiest to refute is the the “Tax protester’s” argument.

    #1 The txt of the 16th amendments… “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

    -So does the constitution not mean what says, I think not, the intentions of the amendment are fairly clear

    So it must be that is was not properly ratifed… only confirming the conspiracy!

    just look at this video by the author of the book “the law that never was”


    more on this later

  131. First of all,
    The movie was in line with many of the belief systems of Christianity. Therefore to say that christianity is some egyptian fable based on the cosmos, then a tis for a tat. You actually need more faith to believe in nothing or EVOLUTION which has many gaps and the prime nucleas of the theory is that” NOTHING CAME FROM NOTHING,” when you get down to it. Secondly, CHRIST is a character desired of many people, match him up to anyone else that has ever walk the face of the earth. He was meek, poor, he didn’t even have a place to hang his head. He said nothing all the way to the crusifiction, while being beat mocked like the movie is doing as well as spit on. This was recorded in ROMAN history. Christ seeked the poor, he had nothing to do with the rich. He said lose SELF, and help the drug addicts, poor, widowed and orphaned, so how would anyone want to mock him. I mean come on, if you are going to believe in something, logically it would be the Christ like character which changes one if they truly seek his doctrines, not the doctrines of man I.E Catholic doctrine, Adventist, Baptist, ETC. Kind of like the movie stated, if we seek greedy man, being in there doctrines it is not a good thing. So believe that you came from some unexplained event from nothingness, or take Christ as a living sacrifice for everything the movie states is wrong in this world. I mean COME ON!!! We are all optimists, hopefully. Wouldn’t you rather believe you came from GOD and your purpose was to be with GOD and help all the suffering people, because many Christians are going in to harms way to help others and they have nothing. Compare Jesus with Anyone else you want , but I will use the POPE. Whoever you use, you will still rather be Christ like. Christ, no home, poor, no money, meek, always referred to GOD. Pope, Rich clothing , exalted by millions, meets with high power world leaders, says he is the VICAR of Christ, which is Blasphemy. Christ met with the poor, scorned the world leaders of the time for there actions and so on. I still don’t know why the movie mocked Christianity, because some of us are not part of a religion , but people who wan’t to truly follow the principles of Christ which are all positive.
    All the other world views in the movie I thought were great, though!!! Even the Bible which the movie mocks as some fable, states in EPHESIANS 6:12. The battle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and spiritual forces in heavenly realms. HMMM??? It almost sounds like the movie which was made more than a thousand years after the Bible. I am not bashing the movie at all, but please think, not all Christians intend to rob people of tithe and offering or are immediately different after deciding to follow Christ. Some of us wan’t to expose the truth of this dark world as well through Christ. There are 38000 denominations in the world. All of which think they no the Bible slightly better than others. Still many of them are putting aside those doctrines and truly seeking Christ. So to say Christianity is a fable implemented by the World leaders who definitely are running this world I agree, is false. Because, true Christians are opposite of the World Phlosophy, which is to ultimitely better yourself, which is destructive. I believe this movie was really good, but it should look elsewhere for info on people following Christ ( Christians) who are not standing up for the conspiracies as well.
    God Bless all who read this!!!!!!!!

  132. First of all, I want you guys have remorse with my English(this is not my first language thought)

    Ok guys, the truth? Where is the true? There is no one?…I would say ”EVERYTHING IS ABOUT PERCEPTION”. However, I think the idea of the movie is shown us “other” face, other version of our “reality”. I always have been questioning about how our society works? What is the meaning of a human being? Why are we so alienated? And the impact of the decisions of our political and religion institutions and leaders have in our lives?

    Doing so, I don’t need to read much or make a “MASTER DEGREE” to come with a humble conclusion that “In our Western societies we are puppets and slaves of the economic and political institutions”. We have being cloned by those institutions since we born.

    Have you ever thought about the next questions?

    Why you need to work all our life to pay a home mortgage, a car and a pension?

    On the news are we listen both sides of the true? Are our media institutions dominated for superpower elites with proper political and economic interest?

    Why we have to be “full on debt” buying “stuffs” that maybe we don’t need, goods that we buy just because are “cool” or because our personal happiness depends of what we have or what our role or job are? Do we all need a cellular phone, and i-pod? a car? a mortgage? a pension? Etc…maybe no!

    Why always people that oppose to our political or religion institutions polices are called “devils” or “anti-nationalist” or “terrorist” etc.

    Why are we prototyped? Schematised? Sterotyped?

    Why are our Religions institutions’ make us fell ashamed sometimes if we are just human beings with natural good and bad instincts? Doesn’t take to much to know that the real teachings of a life with purpose is living with love and respect.

    War and power are to by nature human feelings we cannot deny tough, however we always have the option to check and see that maybe what has been said maybe is not the real history of what a human is by nature.

  133. Wow. Seriously low blow there Mr. Kinney.

    “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . .”

    More like…

    “That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.”

    Not exactly a sentence you can just cut off with a “…” Tsk tsk!

    I found your review to be dismissive and a bit smug. However I do agree with you on one point–the three “parts” of this film really do a disservice to each other. Especially the debunking of religion in the beginning. Although I myself am familiar with the information that he presented and find it to be well documented and quite valid, this section unnecessarily causes potentially millions of viewers to leave the room before they ever get to the most important messages at the heart of the film. Considering that this film aims to “wake up” the world to the fact that we are being herded like sheep, why lose 90% of your audience by denouncing their life long beliefs right off the bat? That was preachy in it’s own non-religious way. A truly fundamental error in delivery. Just to show Zeitgeist to friends and family I will have to edit off the front of the movie! Sure, some of them are pretty hard headed and some are closed minded, but is it not true that such people MUST be the very people that this film is attempting to illuminate? An immense and almost unbelievable oversight on the part of the films creator.

    Also, commenting that there is nothing much new in the film is really seeing the glass half full. The fact is that it is a very nice bringing together of quite a lot of information from a diverse, varied, and plentiful array of sources. Sure, I’ve run across most of this stuff over the years, but having it all in one place and presented in movie form is really quite sweet. If polished up and edited a bit, it could be a great tool for introducing those millions of Americans who don’t read or think much, who don’t surf the net looking for answers, and who are dumbed down and turned off, to some important matters of truth and looming threats to our rights and liberties.


  134. I had similar thoughts as yours while watching ZG. How does it all tie together? The truth…it doesn’t. They just want you to think it does.

    Frankly I don’t think that 2 hours could adequately address the any one of the 3 topics ZG brings up…particularly the first part (which is only given 28 minutes of 2 hours).

    A commentary on all religion since the dawn of time in under 30 minutes! How do they accomplish such a feat? They present one view point, ignoring all others, and hurriedly rush through it hoping you don’t stop and say, “Wait a minute! Where is their evidence for claiming that?”

    The interactive transcript on the website is an ad to visit the discounted book bin. Buy our books! Unless you have purchased and read every book we have written you cannot begin to refute us.

    Don’t believe me? It is plastered in the FAQ section of their website. Plain as day if you are a true skeptic.

    I enjoyed reading your review.

  135. This move could be an example of ‘Control from Above – Control from Below”?? Think about it.

    I think ZG does a good job of illustrating some of the great Myths of history and the modern age. It briefly but effectively documents the way populations have been manipulated by the “men behind the curtain” and thus not realising each individuals responsibility and personal power.

    Each statment and claim is backed up with reference, quote, etc. I’ve personally gone through a lot of this movie and found it has a very strong case.

    I understand J’s concern for the said “messiness” but i found the editing and structure to be very coherent. The 3 parts being separate for good reason but linked in a 3 birds with one stone feel. I showed my mother the first part, she loved it.

    I’ve burnt about 20 copies for friends and family and they love it. with a grain of salt of course, i hope that grain of salt doesn’t obscure the message. As i felt it was more a stylistic bias than factual issues.

    The real response here should be the question: How do we disempower those who wish to enslave us all?

    Answer: Grow a Vege garden and learn to fish.

    He he..

  136. It is quite ironic how at the end of your review you post an incomplete closing statement from the website… it really makes the author look bad, which seems to be your intension. However you DID post the link to the source and I recommend everyone to follow the link and read the complete ending paragraph. It just seems really hypocritical of you, especially since you made remarks about the author of the film doing the exact same thing.

    Other than that it was an excellent review!

  137. I enjoyed Jay’s review, as I believe he addressed very critical and relevant points concerning the film-the foremost of which involves proper citation of all sources used. Many; however, have stated the request for proper citation to be an attempted attack on the integrity and validity of the film that aims to discredit its the author(s) and their views.

    I don’t believe at all that asking for citation is in anyway disagreeing with or disrespecting the views of the films author, rather making an attempt to understand those views more completely and from an informed viewpoint. Though the film does contain an extensive list of works used throughout the film, they are not cited at specific points during the film, which renders them useless to an individual who would like to know more, not only about the film, but about its subject matter.

    Without proper citation, and I think most would definitely agree regardless their political/religious alignments, the film becomes little more than propaganda.

    If these filmmakers truly and honestly intend to wake the public up and open their eyes to the truth, they need to first present them with the truth-not merely their interpretation of it. They need to provide their viewers with access to the sources of facts upon which their arguments are based and let them decide for themselves the meaning of those facts.

  138. 1…this wasn’t a “review” it was an intentional critical attack.
    2…the attack never pointed out any “falsehoods” or lies, just a consistent bad mouth agenda from the start.
    3…faith is not fact, fact is fact and the fact Jack is there is no credible evidence that Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc. EVER lived. No historical records by the excellant Roman historians or word of mouth about a mircle making Jew. Josephus wrote almost 90 years after the “death” and Constitine used the then 1000 year old theme to create “Jesus.”
    4…none of the “gospels” show up until at least 150 years post “death.”
    5…most of you are quite brainwashed out of fear and peer group pressure to not stray from the pack. This of course does not create free thinking individuals.
    6…the world is not what you think it is. As long as you play in the pop culture, celebrity worship world and only pop on a blog to show how clever you are with your close-minded thoughts you will never grow and will be in for a horrible wakeup call.
    7…9/11 WAS an inside job, as was the Oklahoma bombing, JFK, RFK, and MLK’s assasinations, Karen Silkwood, the sterilazation of Native Americans, the creation of chemtrails, artificial oil and food shortages, AIDS, many cancers, and much, much more are part of the New World Order’s attack on humanity.
    8…read some books, do some research, learn, grow, become an authentic person, not a pop culture clone.

  139. This is a review, not a debate.
    Its not his job to present acase against the movie, and indeed he didn’t outright condemn it either.
    he simply gave a review.
    his opinion.
    and just like the movie raises questions, so does his review.

    the moral of both?

    don’t believe everything you hear and except everything as truth.

  140. The poster for #15 asked two questions I’d like to answer. I’ll just cut and past his questions en masse.

    Why does the film thing that our school systmes are so bad? Our physics test scores are low, this may be true but why do we have so many foreign students come and study here. How many foreigners have come to America to get education in the physics field? Why would the world be doing this if our schools are so bad?

    Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation…then answer your own question about why the movie thinks our education system is so bad.

    Next foreign students come here not because our education is superior, but because they get to do it almost for free. All this courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayer and their own government subsidies.

    Keep up the good work my friend, you simply prove the movie’s point on the education question.

  141. What #151 said
    5…most of you are quite brainwashed out of fear and peer group pressure to not stray from the pack. —–>This of course does not create free thinking individuals.< ----- 6...the world is not what you think it is. As long as you ------>play in the pop culture< -----, celebrity worship world and only pop on a blog to show how clever you are with your ---->close-minded thoughts< ----- you will never grow and will be in for a horrible wakeup call. 7...------>9/11 WAS an inside job< ----, as was the Oklahoma bombing, JFK, RFK, and MLK's assasinations, Karen Silkwood, the sterilazation of Native Americans, the creation of chemtrails, artificial oil and food shortages, ---->AIDS< -----, many cancers, and much, much more are part of the ---->New World Order’s attack on humanity.< ----- 8...----->read some books, do some research, learn, grow, become an authentic person, not a pop culture clone.<----- Read what's inside the arrows. First off, I disregarded the first 4 because I don't want to get tangled in some religious debate. #5: Although it doesn't create free thinking people in your right, it creates sane people. You know, the people that actually believe that the NWO isn't out to enslave humanity? Besides, how are you free thinking when you take some documentary posted on the internet like some sort of Bible? #6: We're the close minded ones? You're the guy telling us that everything that YOU say is right and everything WE say is wrong. Fun Fact: Scientology is part of pop culture. Yeah, and we're the ones playing in pop culture. #7: I'm sure AIDS was an inside job. I mean, Senator Obama's ex-pastor said that, and look at how everyone believed him (By the way, I in no way am against or for Obama)! I'm also sure that Native Americans were sterialized. That explains why they're non-existent anymore. I mean, casinos in California are OBVIOUSLY run by the NWO. #8: Read #7 and get back to me about the research and authenticity of my statements. Overall, you should read what you're saying before you spit it out. Oh, by the way? Cancer sort of existed a long, long time ago. What, the NWO teleported back in time to give people cancer?

  142. Then what do we do when it happens create a revolution or follow what they tell us to do?

  143. Quoted by

    “#13 posted by Anonymous , September 5, 2007 11:31 AM
    I must say I am very sceptical of anything that comes from the internet. There is no way for me as a person watching to find this person and ask them questions. Becuase of this I have a few questions for those who choose to read this.
    Why does the film thing that our school systmes are so bad? Case in point. My son (18 now) had screwed off in school for years, failing every class. Every year they would pass him through No Child Left Behind” Crap!! Anyhow, We asked for help from the school in calling us when he skips and what not, never heard anything. Now our son is a drug addict and steals from everyone. The courts even failed to help over the years saying things like “it’s only pot, it’s not serious enough to do anything about”. Keep the kids dumb and drugged up and they will not be a threat.Our physics test scores are low, this may be true but why do we have so many foreign students come and study here. How many foreigners have come to America to get education in the physics field? Why would the world be doing this if our schools are so bad? Just who is paying for these people from these poor and broke nations and families to attend these schools? Our government through financial aide. And although our school systems are falling, they are still better than most counties.

    Also, I understand that the Fed. controlls the money supply through differnt means such as; issuing currency (which is the main thing I heard about), setting reserve requirements, lending money to banks, setting interest rates etc., but how does this connect Bush if the government has no control over the Fed.? Bush’s grandfather was one of the FED’s original founders. You don’t think he may be getting a pay-off from the FED to keep fueling this war? Am I to believe that Bush is a puppet of the “Elietes” that control the banks? President after president that has been at war have always been a product from the banks? Connections can be made on other presidents as well. If so then why do they keep getting elected? Because we keep voting!! HOW do they keep getting elected? Because we keep voting!! Are we not free to vote for whom we want to? Yes!! Are we as Americans not free to stand up and do something?Not if you don’t act fast! The Patiot Act just took away some of your rights already!
    Ive got an idea. There is an election in about a year. How about Americans finally get off their lazy butts and vote? If you dont like the government you have, you have the power to change it, even if you think you dont.”The only way to change it is by not voting!! Sure, I don’t like our government or the people in charge, but I don’t like any of the people up for the job either. While you do have the power to vote, you can only vote for the people listed on the ballot. All of whom are from either very wealthy families, own some sort of business (Jimmy Carter) or whatever made you wealthy. It’s not like you could run for president. You could be the best person for the job on the planet, but if you don’t have the millions to fund a campaigne, you are S*!t out of luck. Bottom line is all the choices suck. The best way to change is to not vote at all.

    One last note: When watching the movie, instead of looking for reasons as to weather or not the information is true or not, just ask yourself one question, “What if it were true? Would you be willing to wait until it’s too late before you said or did anything about it?

    Think of this, with the new “PATRIOT ACT” Bill, police can rip you from your home and hold you for no reason, for as long as they want and call it terrorism. Perfect little law to have if the information in this movie were true. Now anyone who does not conform to the “MAN’S” new laws or policies, goes to jail for being a terrorist. And being the government, make up any B.S. story for your family. The connections in this movie are to coincidental to be completely dismissed as B.S. and must be given time to think about the what if’s.

  144. We are all one. And infinite. One piece of infinity.

    God is the totality of infinity.

    Our minds are transmitters [wrong word, perhaps?]between the totality of infinity and the finiteness of existence.

    Reason is our guide through this mysterious and dangerous place.

    Wisdom is our salvation.

    Peace and love is how we serve God.

    …I think.


  145. If you do not understand why parts I, II, and III are presented together, then I will offer my opinion as simply as I can:


    These 3 belief systems are INTIMATELY RELATED: roughly 50% OF America voted for second term bush due to their beliefs regarding religion, terrorism, or taxes.

    If only the entire lower class knew who was getting the real tax breaks…

  146. if you nay-sayers actually do some research yourself, you’ll find that there is PLENTY of evidence they left out of the movie.

    i know all of this is hard to comprehend for you, but what if the world is way more messed up then any of us could have thought?

    hell, even DR. Hunter S. Thompson was probably killed. suicide my ass, it was an inside job. and he was more skeptical then ANYONE.

  147. After spending much time reading many of the comments here, I can honestly say that I believe “Zeitgeist” may have done exactly what it should, and likely what it was intended for.

    We are thinking, debating, questioning.

    To all of you who attacked the “truth” or lack thereof within this film, please re-read the final sentence on the statement page.

    “That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.”

    I think it was very carefully made to leave us all asking questions regardless of which side we view it from. When we start depending on any one source to provide us with all the facts/truths, we will truly become the drones we “may” have been designed to be. As it stands, fact and truth are concrete, but have always been and forever will remain up to us and our interpretations of it.

    All I would like to ask those of you reading my humble little opinion is the following;

    1. If you believe in god(s), please do not rely on others to tell you what he, she, or they want of you. Faith should be personal, not mediated.

    2. Read. But remember, no matter how good the research, how convincing the argument, how holy the script… Every single word you’ve ever read or will read was written by a person. Someone who has their own agendas, beliefs, motives, biases, perspectives, and interpretations.

    3. Always question! Ask why! Why did they make this? Why did they write this? And never forgot to question the answers you do not find on your own.

    4. Entertainment is a distraction. Admittedly needed from time to time, it should never become the focus of our lives. If you must pay, don’t pay to watch others do, pay to experience it yourself.

    Last, but by no means least…

    5. TAKE ACTION. Do not be an observer in your own life. Stand up for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be abused, mistreated, mislead, and misinformed. Vote. Express yourself and never be silenced, but please show others the courtesy that you yourself demand.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinions.
    Everyone has a right to make their own choices.
    Everyone has a right to make their own mistakes.

    All any of us can hope for is to learn from our experiences and live to have more of them.

  148. Now I don’t really know much bout anything, but I ain’t stupid either and feel that most of what is said in the movie is true.

    But this is aside from the point I want to make. We sit here, debating various mentioned facts and quotes concerning the movie, trying to give our opinions more weight so the people who contest them begin to question themselves while doing so.

    Briefly put, our energies are spent verifying facts and convincing skeptics, when it should be used to work against what we believe is happening. One thing I’ve learned is that people agree through concensus, as the propaganda fed to us by the media is in time believed as true, so can this if all of us who do ‘believe’ unite and work under one banner.

  149. I was enthralled by Zeitgeist up until the point about the 911 Pentagon attack. The film claims there was no evidence of a plane, yet it failed to address the widely broadcast CCTV footage of a plane going into the building. I’ve seen it with my own eyes on the BBC and many others! From the moment Zeitgeist ducked this issue the film lost all credibility.

    It was also disingenuous about Charles Lindbergh. It held him up to be a bastion of moral superiority. Yet it failed to mention his friendship with Luftwaffe boss Goering.

  150. Mankind has always had the need to feel secure when he knows what the future will bring. Problem is we can never be 100% sure where we are going.

    Mankinds imagination runs deep and can sometimes lead him into trouble when he searches for that security.

    All is not as it seems with anything man says, or prints. Anything is possible, truth is but a story told by the witness who has a audience. What was simple, boring, no nonsense truth, has become a elaborate story to entertain the masses.

  151. I don’t much care that the movie inspires conversation\debate. The truth is, many (if not most) of the “facts” in this movie are easily refuted. That makes the movie, as a whole, a lie. And a lie, no matter how well intentioned, is disgraceful!

  152. Jay Kinney,

    You stated that the David Rockefeller quote in the Zeitgeist film is useless because they haven’t spoon-fed you the page number in his book where he admits his goal of destroying the United States. It’s page 405. There are a ton of references to this on the internet with the page number, perhaps “you should have done your homework”, in the words of Jordan Maxwell.

  153. And the rest whole scentence is “It is my hope that people will not take what is said
    in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.”

    I think Kinney and many others missed the whole point about the movie.

    The problem is we accept everything without questioning it. Like machines, no free will, no conscience, only following rules. And that’s where the religious matter enters (even tough I’m a religious person!).

    I don’t think the movie is the truth but the fact that it made me question it as I know it… Proves that if I want to know it for sure I have to search it myself.

    If I haven’t tried one yet, I’d believe lemons are sweet, for my whole life.

  154. Ok, I saw the movie and like everyone else i have mixed reviews. On religion: I have always had a lot of questions especially with christians. Why do I have to PAY 10% of my earnings to join the church? I asked this to several christians and they all say its in the bible.Or they will say you dont have to give but when you start going to the services you will want to give. So they are telling me they will brain wash me to give?? Or they say that when you give to the church you will get much more in return..So its an investment?? Since when does god need money?? Isnt it all about love?? To many hypocrites in religion.I beleave there is a higher power or creater but dont know what it is and neither do all the religions all over the world. Second is government and 911.: I totally beleave the G.W Bush is Hitler all over again. All this micro chip stuff and world power is in our future. As for the International bankers yes it is in there best interest to cause chaos and make there profits grow. And hell yes there is these secret societies that want total control.Cross bones and skulls.And you better beleave if Obama becomes president and he doesnt do what he is told you know what will happen to him. Sad but true.. It is easy to say dont beleave this and just beleave what the government says and God and jesus is the way..Has any body ever met jesus or our god..Oh I know its faith and your just supposed to beleave it..well then why not beleave that eventually the government will control you. Keep your ears and eyes open.

  155. Yes thats right to..watch the skies…The government has been hiding all these UFO sightings and saying its not true..well somethings out there and there not telling us..Why? Because if there is then it goes against all religion and posses more questions with no real answers..The churches will empty. Its going to get nasty people and not because god and or the devil is coming. It is going to be a revolt against the government when they try this N . american union and world power.

  156. I think It must be clear to all that the purpose of this movie was not to give fine details to conspiracy buffs. It doesn’t go into detail in any one area in nearly enough detail. So what!

    The purpose was to make this information available to a much wider public than movies before it, and get those who weren’t thinking… thinking!

    This isn’t a blockbuster movie. It wasn’t designed to make money. To get good reviews. To get ratings. This movie will reach so many people that have been somewhat oblivious in the past to such views. It will thus allow a lot more people to decide not with just the mainstream media (propoganda A), but with Propoganda A + Zeitgeist (Propoganda B). At least people will have a decision to make now.

    Some day people might finally understand that propoganda is selective news (i.e. all news), and that a conspiracy theory is just a second possible view. Words are too powerful man.

  157. Jay, It would appear to me your writing style is very similar to the complaints you have made about Zietgiest. Your last statement/quote was very misleading to get your point across with only half the sentence/truth. You said “The video’s producer does inform us that” “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . .” When in fact it should have read “That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said
    in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.” There is a HUGE difference by not finishing the quote.

  158. I find it interesting that many of those posting accuse anyone skeptical of this film of being sheep. Don’t any of you find it odd that you are willing to jump on this film and defend it tooth and nail without concern for the validity of its claims. Aren’t YOU worried about being followers?

    Over the years I have had numerous friends approach me with various conspiracy theories. In the early nineties there was that new world order thing that would leave us in a state of martial law before the year 2000 and American freedom as we knew it would be doomed.

    Approaching 2000 I worked in a bookstore and was special ordering survivalist literature for hill people worried that post millennium they’d be performing home dentistry and living bellow ground.

    Most recently as a grad student I corrected untold papers from University students interested in schooling me on the Da Vinci Code as it relates to art history. I can tell you that in actual fact, that though it may be an interesting point of entry for young students it doesn’t travel much beyond that.

    Before attacking Kinney think a minute. He was asked to voice his opinion not to give a definitive analysis. Having just recently left the world of academia I can safely say that expecting sources is a given. Really, if it’s all legit than why wouldn’t sources be possible in the first place? Without sources or evidence of some kind films like this are nothing more than entertainment.

  159. although Zeitgeist can be construed as mere (far)left propaganda, it is it’s ending note that is important. No film-maker, writer, or artist can ever actually take what they know in their head and create an answer for somebody. Plus, a lot of the time movies and/or manifestoes are just preaching to the choir, reinforcing already held beliefs, and assuring the viewer they are not alone. Zeitgeist “plays” no more with the facts or myths than anyone else. It should be a “must see” if not just for the sake of an alternate point of view. The criticisms in the review were answered by my mental editor as “so what” and “why is that bad?”

  160. I really liked this vid too. I am a bit suspect of the agenda they are trying to promote however. They offer some great facts but yet gloss over huge amounts of contributing information. It’s kind of a case where the devil is in the details “they leave out,” the facts they use are twisted in a way by the facts “they leave out.” I really am big on giving people all the facts and truths of a matter and letting them come to their own conclusions, but there seems to be a purposeful way of leaving out ALL the facts in this vid, while giving important tid-bits to sway an opinion in one direction. This kind of irks me a bit when they are willing to offer so much in one way.

  161. That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said
    in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.

    That is the actual quote from the official Zeitgeist the movie page. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  162. “That being said, It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.” You changed the ending to support your own means.

  163. I just watched this movie last night and decided to do a little research on my own, so the first thing I am wondering in the movie it said that taxes do not have to be paid, and this was said by the former IRS agents. I have been reading the constitution and article’s and it clearly says in there
    “Article 1, Section 8”
    “The congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of teh united states….”
    So what I am wondering is where the get we do not HAVE to pay taxes?
    Can some one please help.

  164. Here’s an idea.

    Based on what is said in “Addendum” about the internet, and some comments above:

    Instead of, or in addition to, making a documentary… MAKE AN EDUCATIONAL WEBSITE! The site should include extremely detailed links and sources. Not only that, it should illustrate connections. Animations, pictures, short films, interaction, biographies, historical accounts… anything, as long as it reflects history in the truest way possible. Each topic could be presented as a “case” or “argument”, containing a premise or thesis supported by substantial sources.

    It could very well be a wikipedia-type site, doesn’t really matter as long as the information is there.

    The website should fill in all of the gaps not explained in the films, as there are plenty of them.

    If I had to give the Zeitgeist a grade, I’d probably hover around B-/C+. The negatives include the mish-mosh nature of the first film (wildly different subjects, veerrry loosely connected), the gaps of information, the lack of meaningful organization and progression through a series of topics, spiritual hoo-hah toward the end, and the lack of positive solutions. The “conspiracy theory” edge should also be toned down, it is not necessary at all. The information should stand on its own.

    I do like how the narrator repeatedly references a central topic through each section, to sort of link back to the basic premise. It’s just that the whole thing falls short of “epic” in terms of production quality and depth.

    I wouldn’t mind a 10-hour documentary broken into 5 extremely fleshed out parts. This type of documentary can’t afford to cut corners.

  165. I can understand the person who created this movie wanting to remain anonymous, obviously they don’t want to come to the attention of the authorities or they might find themselves followed or harrassed by the powers that be re being “a person of interest”. On the other hand they have made themselves unaccountable for the facts in this movie.

    I was disappointed at how emotive this movie was, especially the Sept 11 part. I felt they were doing what the general media do re scaremongering with lots of images that will cause emotional responses, instead of just analysing the issues. As someone here commented earlier on, it was confusing & somewhat manipulative to have voiceovers over the top of news footage, etc where you beleived the person speaking was part of the news footage, but it didn’t appear to be the reporter commenting at all. All this caused me to distrust the makers of the movie & it does just seem like anarchist propoganda & it’s true you can easily find out things like the birthdate of Krishna (wikipedia for one thing!) & that the birthdate is in July, not 25th December so clearly the gathering of facts is completely shoddy. I really don’t know what to make of the movie because of the poor research & emotive content & also I think Michael Moore & his documentaries with their false facts, etc have done alot of damage to documentaries of this nature as a whole.

    Of course it’s true the world doesn’t operate the way it’s portrayed to mass society, but after watching this movie, I’m none the wiser over what’s really going on. In fact I just feel more manipulated than ever. Aren’t there ANY truly objective, intelligent film makers out there that can question things effectively without their own agenda in mind?

  166. As far as the demolition theory goes re the twin towers, where’s the evidence? How could anyone get explosives of that magnitude into the building with no one noticing? New York is a busy place, day or night. What’s next? Oh there are underground tunnels leading from point X to the basement of the World Trade Center buildings & the explosives were transported that way? I saw a documentary where the engineers, architects, etc who were involved with creating the twin tower buildings did acknowledge it was possible for a plane to take a building down & this was analysed by them re theories of how that was possible. Initially they couldn’t understand how it could happen but after investigating they did come up with a credible reason for how it happened.

    As for a missile taking down the Pentagon – how could that happen with no one noticing?

    And if Sept 11 was orchestrated the way they say it was, so that the powers that be would have an excuse to monitor people & create new anti terrorist legislation as a way to control the masses, then what about all the suicide bombings worldwide since that time that were not commonplace before Sept 11? Are they all orchestrated too?

  167. Very interesting and though there are contradictions I believe it is the truth. I wonder if the author is a member of the elite? I wonder if this is all part of the New World Order? Achieving our ultimate goal of unconditional love through technology is like attemting to travel through time by slingshoting around the sun. Risky business. How better than through technology could shephards control the sheep? While I can see how technology can level the current playing field among those playing the game ie. the average white man, women, minority races, handicapped, people of 3rd world nations, there would still be those who call the shots and live above the law. In reality technology only complicates our lives. It merely provides better weapons to fight the war. But the war will go on until we let go of all our weapons. Only love can conquer fear.

  168. has anyone talked about the movement behind the film yet?


    I’m all for less government and more community, but the movement proposes that we align ourselves with technology and machinery and computers will be the new decision makers for human society.

    From the web site:

    “Computers and artificial intelligence will serve as catalysts for change. They will establish scientific scales of performance. It is doubtful that in the latter part of the twenty-first century people will play any significant role in decision-making. Eventually, the installation of AI and machine decision-making will manage all resources serving the common good. ”

    um… yikes, the alternative to the current system to encourage and enable computers to take over the world?

    I’m all for less government and more community and human interaction, but this idea of technology making decisions for humanity scares me.

    It is possible that this video is being used as a propaganda tool to usher in a revolution that ultimately leads us into the global dictatorship it’s trying to fight?

  169. think the church of scientology has done an excellent job of attempting to recruit new members with the ZEITGEIST film.

    ZEITGEIST movie exposes some truths about the US government and raises great questions about religion. I think that people will easily accept Scientology religion, when they feel scared and not sure of what to do.

    for more information, check out the ZEITGEIST movement and see what they propose as a new form of government. it’s a lot like science fiction.

  170. People should know that if for example two people see a event occur there will always be three stories. The first person’s point of view on the event that occured, the second person’s point of view on the event that occured and finally what really happened which sadly in most cases is never revealed because people are to scared and don’t really want to know what really happened.

  171. where was this? Its not on their site.

    The video’s producer does inform us that “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth . . .”

  172. ok. Mithra is born on December 25th. He was worshiped in Rome at the around the same time as the Celebration of Juvenalia and the Feast of Saturnalia. One source of this info, thehistorychannel.com. He was a fairly popular god with the Romans and in the 4th century, the church adopted the holiday of Christmass on the date of Mithra worship. My source; any entry level world or ancient history class. Nothing advanced, a 112 course will do just fine. Read your text, it will probably mention it. If not, go back to the historychannel.com. I know of no Eastern Diety that fits the exact-Mithra-Birthday-Connection. Religion is a way of affecting human behavior, like philosophy, or the news, or any other medium of information. Knowledge will affect your actions. Zeitgeist is not wrong, however, and this is important, it is not exactly right either. To dogmatize any concept is dangerous, even a good concept.

    As far as the NAU info, this is all about the SPP, or the Security and Prosperity Partnership. spp.gov and the “chipped” ID’s are at getyouhome.gov and I believe that is what is spawning alot of that info, not to mention Robert Pastor, who wrote a book a few years ago on something similar pertaining to the need for cooperative trilateral economics in the Northern Hemisphere. argh. Read, its all out there. The zeitgeist of Zeitgeist seems to be very dystopic, or anti-utopic, or the opposite of Utopia. The guy seems like he’s read some books, I’m personally reminded of something I read in Buckminster Fuller book called “I Seem to be a verb. He says in that book that “in the 21st century mankind faces two options, Utopia or Oblivion.” He may be right, we do after all have the power to destroy the planet. A wake-up call is definetly in order, though it must come through individual enlightenment and knowledge. You must free yourself. We have the world at our fingertips, le us utilize it.

  173. This movie/documentary was obviously designed to make people wake up. The three topics used are chosen perfectly to show that america and other nations have been lied to for years. Natural reaction for any human who has been decieved and lied to blatently is to be embarrassed and to rebel against the source. Mission accomplished

    Its been put together very well, albeit left open with no sources for facts. It only takes a step out of the square box we live in to realise the world is not what its made out to be and that money, wealth, and power can make ANY man turn. Its sad that this is our world but we have to live in it and with it as best we can.

    You can criticise and ponder forever what the truth is but it will only disapoint.

  174. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, documentaries like these shows how smart or even creative a person or group may be. You are entitled to a free mind, whether its aliens/ life on other planets, bigfoot, it doesn’t matter, you decide if its real or not. Search for the truth. Don’t let me tell you whats real, you find out, tell YOURSELF. Many thanks to Zeitgeist creators.

  175. #163 – OK, this is two months late, but here goes. There is a difference between taxes and the income tax. There are taxes that everyone has to pay – taxes added onto commodities, property taxes, and the like.

    The issue here is not these taxes, which are more or less necessary to keep things running, but the federal income tax – a tax taken out of the money you earn through work, rather than any luxuries. The author of the movie doesn’t claim that all taxes are unconstitutional. The income tax is a pretty hotly debated subject for a lot of people, especially single people who see a pretty big chunk of their hard-earned income taken away.

    The film also claims that the amendment was actually never ratified but pushed into the Constitution anyway, and that the revenue goes to paying off interest on the national debt and possibly to the military. I haven’t done any fact-checking as yet and so I can’t comment on these at all. Though if they are anything but outright lies, then I can see why a lot of people would be angry.

  176. I agree wholeheartedly with the review given here. Some interesting points are being made in the documentary about 9/11, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and about war in general. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that most, if not all wars are being fought over money and power/control. I don’t think it will come as a big surprise that even in times of economic or political downturn war generates revenue or domestic political support. For a select group of people or companies that is. The biggest surprise to me is that in times where the world is getting smaller; think global village; through various forms of media, and the increasing knowledge through education, people can be mislead that easily. Perhaps this is just what is luring us into a false sense of security.

    Who benefits from the latest wars. This will get you to the truth, and these are undeniable facts. It really IS that simple IMHO, and the only logical explanation. The 9/11 tragedy stinks, but is it a manufactured set up from the get go? Or just power and money hungry people misusing a certain situation for their own (financial or political) gain? I’ld like to think the latter applies here. I have not so much trouble in believing there is something fishy in the 9/11 tragedy. Terrorists were planning the attack, and the Bush administration turning a blind eye to it, perhaps making sure the impact on the public was maximized, by giving the WTC a little push. I don’t think it is as complicated as forming a New World Order kinda thing. It seems to me more likely that it is just simple greed, greed for power and money, exploiting situations for their own good. Anything else would give the powers involved too much credit.

    The longterm effect of the Bush era, and the national debt it created has yet to be determined. But fact is that a substantial amount of this debt, went straight into the pockets of the military affiliated companies. And (by enlarge) the American public, your children and grandchildren will be paying for it for times to come. So, the question remains; “what was the real purpose for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan? a dictatorial inhumane regime? Or for the purpose of securing political and financial interests of a select few?” Anything else stated in this documentary can be viewed as the same scare mongering tactic the documentary producers accuse the Bush administration of.

    I have no indepth knowledge of the international banking system, or US politics. The conclusion I made just comes from plain common sense and logic. IMO this documentary makes use of several fears among the public, all wrapped up into one big conspiracy. Though, some fears are legit. We do have to be very carefull with new technology and the misuse of it. Spreading fear amongst the public is a well proven succesfull tactic. The question is: “is the world that we live in today, that dangerous that we the people should be able to be monitored 24-7?” It surely looks like through many ingenious ways that is just what we are headed towards. Big Brother is looming, and the potential really is there.

  177. Ad hominem is well within the critics wherewithal to avoid, but I wouldn’t discredit him as being delusional. I think his point is on a particular assumption, that I share, but is as false as assuming something to be true simply because ‘someone else believes it so’. The critics objection is that grand conspiracies proclaimed with certitude involving necessarily, assumptions, are LESS powerful than identifying important information and its implications, without drawing conclusions. In this way, the film would avoid discrediting its message, nor call in to question its motives. And although I personally agree, and find facts/logic to be compelling, we are DRAMATICALLY persuaded by the media’s choice of coverage and the suppression of controversial stories (sibel), and therefore require equivalent impact to persuade/make aware -in what is necessarily a fraction of the viewership/impressions/volume/frequency that the media has access to the populous. And more importantly, unless you tell people what something means, many don’t get it. To matter, this has to be comprehensible by average americans -which means; uneducated, inarticulate, non-thinking, reality show watching zombies.. paying interest on money stolen from that is loan sharked back with a violent, tyrannical gang of extortionist/collectors.

    It is status quo to incorporate “faith” in campaigns – if you want diversity in politics, we SHOULD have atheists, socialists, etc in the senate; people of differing colors but identical voting isn’t functionally different.

    If the US defense budget is to be used in preemptive strikes against nations for harboring terrorists, tyrants and WMDs, then it should ALWAYS be used for that. The only consistency in the choices are nations with non-compliant leaders with resources the US needs, and/or that control our [fiat currency]. The inconsistency of US propaganda makes clear the cause for discrepancy and thusly, by pattern, the motive.

    Excluding the weather report, over 90% of news stories are fear-based. One following the next. Its surprising there are people who watch news that aren’t on xanax.

  178. I channel power into my holy symbol and begin to chant: “Out! Out! Ye unquiet spirits of the Internet! Leave this thread and begone!”


  179. Ad hominem is well within the critics wherewithal to avoid, but I wouldn’t discredit him as being delusional. I think his point is on a particular assumption, that I share, but is as false as assuming something to be true simply because ‘someone else believes it so’. The critics objection is that grand conspiracies proclaimed with certitude involving necessarily, assumptions, are LESS powerful than identifying important information and its implications, without drawing conclusions. In this way, the film would avoid discrediting its message, nor call in to question its motives. And although I personally agree, and find facts/logic to be compelling, we are DRAMATICALLY persuaded by the media’s choice of coverage and the suppression of controversial stories (sibel), and therefore require equivalent impact to persuade/make aware -in what is necessarily a fraction of the viewership/impressions/volume/frequency that the media has access to the populous. And more importantly, unless you tell people what something means, many don’t get it. To matter, this has to be comprehensible by average americans -which means; uneducated, inarticulate, non-thinking, reality show watching zombies.. paying interest on money stolen from that is loan sharked back with a violent, tyrannical gang of extortionist/collectors.

    It is status quo to incorporate “faith” in campaigns – if you want diversity in politics, we SHOULD have atheists, socialists, etc in the senate; people of differing colors but identical voting isn’t functionally different.

    If the US defense budget is to be used in preemptive strikes against nations for harboring terrorists, tyrants and WMDs, then it should ALWAYS be used for that. The only consistency in the choices are nations with non-compliant leaders with resources the US needs, and/or that control our [fiat currency]. The inconsistency of US propaganda makes clear the cause for discrepancy and thusly, by pattern, the motive.

    Excluding the weather report, over 90% of news stories are fear-based. One following the next. Its surprising there are people who watch news that aren’t on xanax.

  180. If the volume of comment above is any indication, then Kinney’s reviews was spot on!! After all he doesn’t dispute the content of the movie, suffice to mock some of it. He is right! It is a splurge of unsupported rantings. And whilst the movie provides interesting insights and salient considerations, its very method of delivery lets its down.

    It lends itself to be scoffed at.. pity as the message is so important. If something this diabolical is indeed on the go.. then don’t detract from the gravity of it with blatant obnoxious shock tactics.. Keep thinking..

  181. I think the “reviewer” suddenly realizes that through a true movement like Zeitgeist awareness, he himself would be “out of a job” and left in the abyss of having nothing to do with his life. Don’t fret, you’ll figure it out…soon enough! It is always easier to tear something down, as opposed to building it up and supporting it. Does anyone else feel that this person kind of “missed” the intent of the movie? Why separate any of these events? Why connect them? They are events that happen and there are underlying causes. It doesn’t seem that hard to grasp. I think the connection made is the monetary-based system.

  182. its funny coming from a person that judges other people work, assuming you are an inteligent person, that you cannot see the linkin reason of all three parts of zeitgiest!!!
    Money equals power, power equals control!!!
    government is the most corrupted of people, they do what they do because they can!
    religion makes money!(tax free)
    politics make money!(tax write offs)
    war makes money!(stealing valuable resources, for pennys to a dollar)
    what it all comes down to, we as a nation, as a world, as an individual, we are victoms!
    facts you ask for facts, everyday the government tells you what there going to do and people like you ignore the facts, you’ll go and write something as assinine as the article you wrote instead of improving yourself, thoughts or beliefs!
    MONEY SYSTEM is the involment in all three parts!
    your ten comandments are our basic laws and crimes create more money!(religion)
    some boy toucher tellin people they are going to a fake place if you dont obey there rules!
    i have to laugh because the government says the same! war makes that fake place reality!
    religion caused the most longest lasting wars in history and yet still profit from it today!
    so when the change comes, hope you dont pray to god because we as the people are our only saviors!
    instead of (Money, Politics, and Religion)
    (Science, Technology, Nature)

  183. All i have to quote is:

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

    Therefore u must watch the movie accept it for what it is; an interpretation of events based on some facts and some history in the form of propaganda. What the producer hopes is to reach people abroad and plant the suspiccion bug to those like myself. Now if you consider yourself an educated individual go on with your so miningfull life not taking anything for granted. I and the producers encourage you to do so. But the mission is done, the film has reached all sorts of people but specially those who dont know and dont question anything about their little insignificant existance, and the rest will be history.People like me who now will question and inquiry more therefore look for more and thirst for knowlegde . If you ask me the film suceeded further than what it was expected not only entertained the mind of all but it gained the acceptance of several.

  184. Conspiracy theories are an interesting and valid exercise against media maniqueism: they do the same, filtering and simplifying “news” as newsprograms do, but in an “opposite” way. In 9/11 it was such a mess of contradictory statements coming from all over that can be quite easy to pick only the ones according to your “theory”. No doubt that Bush team took advantage of it afterwards, to get their political objetctives on the move… As for the Jesus part, that’s called cultural difusionism: local myths are adapted to a main mythologycal structure inherited from dominant cultures and can survive thousands of years ahead (as we see now). Egypt was the US at the time, very influential. Someone here cited Krishna’s official birthdate as July 21st, which is exactly the summer solstice… And bankers, well, banking system is an operational need of all modern governments. Money is the crucial element that regulates our lives and relationships and is a very functional system. So we naturally tend to accept it. You could say kings were the all bad monsters that tried to control people in the medieval times. But the fact is: that was the economic condition of that time, people did accept it as good, it worked allright for some time and the kings where the ones on top of it, looking like manipulators, but they weren’t. They were just players at the time. See Robert Lehman with his Lehman bank. Did overwrite rotten bonds ’till his bank bankrupted! But, if he didn’t, the stockholders would demand his head for poor operational results! No angel, but no Satan as well.

  185. If this movie had to be made too scientificaly, for sure it woulnd’t have reached the brain of most of the people.
    People do not have time and patience to listen long and very academic lists of facts, well documented. The purpose of this film was to open a light into the heads of majority and not into those who already are aware of those facts.

  186. A swarm devours the heart
    The seed burns where it lay build designs of none
    Roots have poisoned the clay
    A flame tongued blade
    Opens holes in the sky
    You stand holding the gate
    They’ve all drowned in the flood
    Sun-whitened bones
    In a landscape of hounds
    The bound shade a light
    To disperse the stars
    We watch, we watch
    It is of the moon
    It is all of the moon
    In this weather we must build fire
    Break them all down
    Fear them all apart

  187. Organized Christianity, religion ..got your point…Jesus’s teachings, another issue for another day.
    The review, enough said already.
    The movie…could have included the oil crisis of
    74 i.e. increased oil prices flooding cash into the system, allowing for a huge amount of credit to be created and loaned out to Eastern block and 3rd. world countries, putting them into debt bondage. Come 96 and Asian stock markets and currencies get hit because Malaysian PM insulted George Sorros.$100b bail out for them and a little debt bondage.
    What takes the cake though is Bush and company steeling the Presidency, making war, running up a huge tab. The oil prices go through the roof. Equivalent to a tax on every person on the planet. All this laundered cash into the system to be fractionated and delivered to the American people by any means possible. Derivatives, mortgages and any which way. What is not absorbed is packed up and delivered to the people(congress) to pay for in taxes.
    People will fry in hell before any one will admit that this debt can be canceled.
    The prayer has got to be that the present situation might be a catalysis for change.

  188. One of those comments asks the Zeigeist,”if our education is so bad, why do so many foreign students come to US to study physics?”

    My answer is MONEY – to get a job for higher salary. The piece of paper from US college means better job, more money. How do I know? Because I am one of them.

    Why did those foreign students kill people on the campus? The pressure from the of their parents’ expectation which is instilled in their minds and it becomes their drive. It drives them crazy. The killers were the smartest students. They are the victim of the monetary system.


  189. It is not surprising that Jay Kinney is a non-believer. After all, as the movie suggests, everyone is brainwashed. And I will never understand why everyone still believes the 9/11 Commission report when, like the movie shows, there are no plane remnants at the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania. How can anyone with common sense still believe what they’re telling us? Well obviously because everyone is conditioned to believe everything we’re told. The question then still remains, what happened to the people who were supposedly on those planes? Were they paid off? Did they change their names and moved to an undisclosed location? There are still plenty of unanswered questions about 9/11, and hopefully one day they will all be answered. As for the religion subject, I have always thought that was a form of control, as the movie suggests. If everyone was left to think for themselves what kind of world would we have right now? Probably one that is totally out of control, and not just partially. I would say to Mr Kinney, don’t be so quick to discount conspiracy theories. After all, if an alternative theory or explanation exists about something, obviously something doesn’t seem right. Just think, there are plenty of circumstances where there aren’t any conspiracy theories, so common sense would tell you that this particular circumstance wasn’t suspicious. This is why its important to believe in your common sense, not what you hear in the media.

  190. This film is as disappointing as it is controversial.

    The real irony for me tis whilst the film talks about the public being brainwashed by the media, the producer of this film also expects his audience to take upon face value, the points he is trying to get across.

    The media expect you to trust them and take their word as fact – the producer of Zeitgeist asks you not to be taken in, merely because public news is meant to be a service and therefore reliable.

    However the producers of Zeitgeist offer zero sources to substantiate their claims – even the media WILL do this from time to time (maybe not in the US, I don’t know).

    A book that purports to offer academic insight into a subject, must quote it’s sources if it’s author is willing to stand up to the scrutiny of their piers. A film like this – especially from an anonymous source, should reference it’s sources in the credits.

    It’s not enough for some big mouthed yahoo to say go and research it yourself. If you want to be taken seriously, provide empirical evidence.

    Otherwise you’re just spouting unsupported hearsay like those you choose to deride.

    Do a better job.

  191. LoL… I love all the people who think that 9/11 is a conspiracy..

    How’s this for logic: if 9/11 was a conspiracy by the U.S. government, international bankers, and mega-corporations, then the person who made this movie and others who’ve made movies like this, WOULD ALL BE DEAD. Them and their families and all traces of their existence would be wiped off the face of the earth by the so-called “shadowy elite”, because these so-called “shadowy elite” wouldn’t want anyone to speak out “the truth” against them. If they can take out 3,000 of their own people, how hard would it be to take out one or ten more?

    Also, the United States’s DARPA organization was one of the main creators of the Internet. I’m pretty sure that if the “elite” didn’t want this movie to get out because it blew the whistle on their plans, then they’d be able to shut it down.

    There ya go: conspiracy debunked.

    I don’t understand why so many people are so OMGWTFBBQ about any conspiracy theory that “seems” credible… As other posters have said as well: don’t trust everything you find on the internet…

  192. The link between Religion and 9/11 is that religion is a myth, used for social control. The offcial 9/11 story is a myth for the same purpose. Zeitgeist states that a myth, while not true, is widely beleived to be true and therefore serves a function. The myth of 9/11 serves the function of a emotional crisis that would have america in rage at the middle east.

    The link between banking cartels and 9/11 is that many bank owners, media chanel owners, and basically extremely rich folk have agendas for spreading myth. There are reasons why Fox news shows a certain bias, for example.

    Looking at it from the top-down the wealthiest want to protect their empires and social control is one method. Myths therefore are a form of power which is an easy way to exercise social control with out violence or force.

    The film almost leaves this to the viewers descretion, but I think that Peter Joesepth (not Peter “J”, he has a full name) thought it would be insulting to spell out every detail to the audience. With reviews like this, I suppose he was wrong.

  193. what was with that last link it didn’t say he said he hope people don’t believe it at all. but anyways i showed my freind this movie he was a non believer about the legitimate excuses but he actually watched it cause the religion part got him hooked, he agrees with alot of the raised questions now. so it actually did serve a purpose it hit a wide range of people and hopefully by “muttling them all together” hopefully get them to involve themselves instead of relying on one source.

  194. Great movie! Great review!

    First of all I think (esp. americans – being involved in most of the recent wars even though opposing it) we should be more cautious about the political “stage” performance we are witnessing in the world..and..guess what? it is our fault too.

    Second, we all know the purpose of all the religions in the world (it is easier to say that it was “the god will” than thinking with our own heads).

    Third, for certain things you do not need much evidence, logic is enough to convince you that something just isn’t right or at least makes you think..we all must do some research on our own and maybe we’ll see things from a different perspetctive (other than that in media).

    ex am.foreign exchange student :)

  195. This is quite a simple; but effective review. To those of you ranting about ‘money’ and power and control; you really need to read some Marx and Anarchist literature. Theres no blame to be put on the ‘individuals’ in this conspiring ‘elite’ (well maybe there is) but they’re part of a SYSTEM that fuels these kinds of things. WWI and the Great Depression weren’t ‘manufactured’ thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard! They are results of financial stability (or lack there of) and social situtations. Your enemy people, is called Capitalism.

  196. So many questions and not enough time in any of our life spans to prove or disprove anything on the whole religion aspect of the film. I believe that the facts are probably split down the middle. Maybe we’re all right. Maybe we’re all wrong. We find new information every day on history that changes our “reality”. Thats why it’s history. I think that the ultimate conclusion that we should all take into consideration is that there is way more wrong in our world today than right and maybe opening our eyes to new concepts and theories can help save what is left of this lost species. Try thinking about when this film was made and then look at where we are today. I think that is proof enough.

  197. You all should check out the Zeitgeist Addendum movie and movement orientation movie as well. A much clearer picture of the movement is presented in it.

  198. This is amazing. Though I am very suspect with alot of things in the movie. It does have a lot of very very valid points. I also did my research after watching the film and majority of the evidence is very true. Anyone who mentally lives in the modern day would research before making a comment. I only really disagree with two aspects of the film. The first would be if the plane did not hit the pentagon then what happened to the real plane and all the people. Also if the plane did not crash in Pennyslvania, then what happened to the people, the plane and the crew?

    The second was in regards to a one world nation. There is no way the Asian powers (S Korea, China, Japan, N Korea, Taiwan) would ever agree to such a union. The history of the countries are very very long and very complex. They to this day have a hard time getting along and agreeing over simple things. Also each countries loyalties and visions are totaly different. Think about it. Of all the true force on force wars that the US have been involved in, we had the most trouble with the Asian countries..i.e.WWII, Vietnam, Korean. Two ended in stalemates, one is still considered to be going on since no peace treaty was ever signed, and the other was the only time a nuclear weapon was used.

    The part of Jesus is something I realized on my own when I was growing up as a Catholic. Amazing how God quits talking to people out of the blue, where are all the angels that use to freely come to humans? As a former strong believer in Christ I did a lot of research and there is no true evidence outside the Bible ( which was written, rewritten, and who knows how many times it was translated incorrectly) mention of these facts about Jesus. The holy trinity, Purgatory and many other Christian beliefs were man made…Yes man made these things up. That is a fact and the movie mentions the time and place..Meeting of Nicea. I just tell anyone who watches this to have an open mind and then do your research and only then base your opinions on this movie. Heck my opinions on everything this movie touched on would take more than this little comment. But wanted to add my thoughts. Just keep in mind that when the dog dies, the dog dies..there is no dog heaven or hell. He’s just an animal. When humans die, we just die. No coming back or being reborn. We just die. No heaven, hell or purgatory. People are animals too. The only difference is that we are smarter than dogs. JT

  199. If almost every thing is or seems a conpiracy or not the real truth, i am not even sure that my own research will lead me to the truth because why is other people’s material the truth when it could be equally distorted.

    My main concern about lies given to us by government leaders is the distortion of history. Knowing how important history is in shaping our future, it is terrifying to think that most of our history could be distorted.

    what is the truth? I have no clue any more.

  200. After reading a substantial amount of views from both sides regarding the movie, I feel me being subjective is justifiable. It is such a profound movie that whether the material is reliable or not – I was thoroughly absorbed and awakened.

    The people I am exposed to generally consider Bush to be an idiot, a man completely oblivious to his own stupidity. But is he? Because the World has literally allowed him, through there pure unawareness of the World’s functioning, to commit possibly the greatest crime ever, 9/11. I am completely convinced that 9/11 was indeed an “inside job” regardless of the movie’s impact on me. The movie however showed necessary material to only reinforce my perception. The movie attempts to prove the 9/11 conspiracy and the question of its reliability is really beside the point of the Movie. The movie woke me up to the possible reality, the very possible reality, and that is the point of the movie!

    The fact of the matter is that the World we live in is far from heaven. The World is an organism diseased by the power of the elite. If we disregard this movie entirely then we are merely refusing to accept the reality of our World’s state. Being one-sided in a three-dimensional life is not compatible in any way.

  201. Folks, caveat emptor. The greatest danger of the internet is that it is full of opinions and unproven hypotheses. If we have learned to think critically, we should question everything we read, especially when there is no testable evidence. Religion is personal faith and belief, not based on facts. The truth behind JFK’s murder is still hidden, as is the existence of a God.
    The good thing about the internet is it makes people who do not read books aware of some questions we should be discussing. Anyone who has been to university knows that you can learn more from debate and discussion, communication of ideas rather than just swallowing and regurgitating ideas.

  202. The movie is nice and interesting. But while watching I constantly had feeling “I already heard that” :) indeed, it’s breathtaking and summarizing but definitely not something revolutionary new, at all. I agree with Mr. Jay.

  203. I found the movie quite interesting.

    Part I was a very clear description of the basic truth that all these religions shared a lot from one another, some of the details are sketchy but there is such a wealth of evidence for this understanding of the origin of Christianity and the nature of religion generally that it is hardly worth going into the details.

    Part II was quite an eye opener in many respects. While I don’t doubt that the physics of the whole scenario is a little more complicated than a simple melting point discrepancy (is it possible that furnace like conditions were created?) I was struck by the image of Building 7. As for the cut beam: Isn’t it possible that that cut was made as part of the clearing operations? There are many possible explanations. But the whole scenario is extremely suspicious and the least plausible explanation, in my view, is the official version.

    As for Part III, the facts are certainly accurate but it neglects an important part of the process, which is the development of technology which is partly the result and partly the goal of the continual tail-chasing. Now I find that the whole modernist notion of continual improvement a bit optimistic to say the least but in some respects it is indeed the case. I think ultimately economics should focus on resources rather than output, but either one is difficult to measure accurately and each represents a compromise solution to a difficult problem. Economics isn’t known as the ‘dismal science’ for no reason, it is inherently depressing.

    On the whole the picture is one similar to the view held by Tolkien, i.e. human knowledge and society is basically a process of myth-making (Tolkien considered Christianity to be a true myth). By studying our myths we find out more about ourselves. This is fairly standard philosophy actually and dates back through to Descartes to Plato and probably to the dawn of the species.

    It is something that each individual has to discover anew, and some don’t like to go through the process and so prefer to stay happily mentally adolescent their whole lives. Growing up can be a painful process so I do not begrudge those who choose not to do so as long as they do not become too powerful. Again this is way Socrates was killed, and many more speakers of the truth besides. Nothing much new here.

    Oh, the review… Fair enough but lacking in substance and insight is all I can really say.

  204. Rollerball

    Librarian: Will you follow me, please?
    Hello! Hello! Yes, it is!
    The famous Jonathan E. Hard to believe!
    Sorry things are in a mess.

    The rollerball champion. Wonderful! Not many people come to see us, you know. We’re not easy to talk to, Zero and l. We’re a little confused again here today. This is embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to misplace things.

    Jonathan: You’ve misplaced some data?

    Librarian: Mm, the whole of the thirteenth century.

    Librarian: Misplaced the computers – several conventional computers. We can’t find them. We’re always moving things around, getting organized, my assistants and l. But this is Zero’s fault. Zero, he’s the world’s file cabinet. Pity. Poor old thirteenth century.

    Librarian: Well, come along now. You want to get started, don’t you?

    Jonathan: Yes, sir.

    Librarian: This way. Now… We’ve lost those computers with all of the thirteenth century in them. Not much in the century – just Dante and a few corrupt popes. But it’s so distracting and annoying.

    Librarian: You’ve unlimited restrictions here, of course, but you’ll have to come so, so many times. It all takes such effort.

    Jonathan: Do the executives still come here?

    Librarian: Oh, they used to, some of them.

    Jonathan: What about the books?

    Librarian: Books, books? They’re all changed. All transcribed. All information is here. We’ve Zero, of course. He’s the central brain, the world’s brain. Fluid mechanics, fluidics. He’s liquid, you see. His waters touch all knowledge. Everything we ask has become so complicated now. Each thing we ask… This morning we wanted to know about the thirteenth century.

    Librarian: He flows out into all our storage systems. He considers everything. He’s become so ambiguous now, as if he knows nothing at all.

    Jonathan: Could you tell me about the corporate wars?

    Librarian: Wars, wars? Oh, yes, of course, we have them all here. Punic War, Prussian War, Peloponnesian War. Crimean War, Wars of the Roses. One doesn’t recall them in sequence, but corporate wars… Well, Zero will or can, I’m sure, tell you anything. A memory pool, you see. He’s supposed to tell us where things are and what they might possibly mean.

    Librarian: Look, Zero. A visitor. Jonathan E, the rollerball champion. You’ve filed away a lot of data on him. Do you remember?

    Jonathan: Does it answer you?

    Librarian: Oh, yes, it speaks. It finds things and loses them and confuses itself. Ask anything, he’ll find it for you, section and lot. Won’t you, Zero?

    Jonathan: All right. I’d like… I’d like some information about corporate decisions. How they’re made and who makes them.

    Librarian: Zero, you heard the question. Answer him.

    Zero: Negative.

  205. “Religion can never reform mankind, because religion is slavery.”
    Robert G. Ingersoll 1833-1899
    A “Zeitgeist” movie quotation
    An excerpt of my book:
    Does “Zeitgeist-Movement” or “Barack Obama” Have The Answer To World Peace?
    Watch out for the book it will be very soon out!

    Follow some of my comments on this web-link!

    It is true that Religion was, is, and will be slavery to mankind, unless “Man” understands the difference between a Religious organization (which has a hierarchy or runs like a Government) and Jesus Christ. (Is the Kingdom of God – Mark 12:32 and Matt. 6:10 ) Jesus Christ never established a Religious organization. To support my statement, please visit the web link of Perry Marshall http://www.coffeehousetheology.com/ and read the article: “The Seven Great Lies of Organized Religion”, especially Lie #5: which says: “There is no single truth. Everyone needs to explore and find a truth that works for them”. My comment to this statement is as simple as: I have many times experienced when people lack knowledge and understanding they have difficulties to judge and comprehend between natural and supernatural issues. When this happens, they become suspicious or worse they turn into superstition. Simply confused or even getting mad! Furthermore, many people can`t discern spiritual matters between right and wrong. They only follow the “masses” and then accept to be brainwashed. They are brainwashed to stand up to defend for their indoctrinated faith. At the final stage they become fanatics and when they are challenged by other faiths, on doctrinal or theological issues, they become defensive violent, defending “a truth” which they had never searched for, but blindly followed. This happens even to “Christian Religious Organizations”. That’s how a Religious conflict or war triggers off.
    Through the adoption of a Christ-like life, not Religion, millions of people have been transformed and liberated from slavery. If such a change would not have happened and continues to happen, one would wonder how much more corrupted the world would be.
    In any case the example given by Robert G. Ingersoll is not a good example, because his personal life story like others mentioned personalities in the two “Zeitgeist” movies were extremists, rebellious and radical in characters. Simpson referred to Ingersoll as “this daring blasphemer.” Refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_G._IngersollNone of these gods mentioned in the “Zeitgeist” movie could proclaim as Jesus Christ did by saying: “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE…: (Jn.14:6) All what these false gods could say and do, just like every other peaceful human being is to advocate/pursue; justice, love, peace, and so on. Where are their followers and scriptural legacies today? Jesus Christ`s scriptural evidences make Him of what He declared: “I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE…:. It is the uncommitted and ignorant Christian and some: “Christian Religious Organizations” who showcase today to the world Christianity (The Church) as follows:
    • When Jesus Christ started His Church it was: “A Way Of Life”
    • When the Church came to Greece it became a Philosophy
    • When the Church came to Rome it became a Government
    • When the Church came to Europe it became a Tradition
    • When the Church came to the Far East it became a Religion
    • When the Church came to America it became a Business
    • When the Church came to South America and Africa it became a Entertainment!
    ….and why?
    Because of “Man`s” love for power and fame, which derives from selfishness and over-ambition, of which the movie “Zeitgeist” is also a part, making fame by presenting false doctrines and deceiving the ignorant. The very ignorant ones “Zeitgeist” is accusing for not reading enough of the devilish things that are happening in this world, uses the Bible quotation like: “… and the truth will set you free.” (Jn.8:32- NIV). The Bible has even stronger words like: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) One of the viewers of the “Zeitgeist” movie has asked this question: “Which sect has given the contract of this movie?” The Bible says in 2 Tim. 4:3-4: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desire, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”
    Again 2 Tim.3:1-7 summarizes all that I have put right with these comments and I quote:
    “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
    Despite that Christianity has often gone astray, because of false and deceptive acts of institutional doctrines (Religion), it has proved that Christianity has been sustained, not like the Deities mentioned by “Zeitgeist” and groups them as equals to Christianity. The fact is; it is not the Word of God (the Bible) that needs to be reformed, but “Man”. Here are some evidences: In the 15th century Martin Luther http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther opened to Christianity the centuries hidden Word of God (The Bible) In the 19th century “The Azusa Street Revival” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azusa_Street_Revival reawakened Christianity from her orthodox institutionalized rules and behavior (Religion). God will always use “someone” to reform His church when “Man” goes astray. Jesus statement in Matthew 16:18 makes that clear, when He said: “… I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”
    Again, it is not Jesus Christ (His Word-the Bible) who is wrong, but the sinful nature (selfishness) of ALL of us. (Ref. human nature page 76-79, starting from last paragraph) Romans 3:23 says: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. We ALL are part (including “Zeitgeist”) of 9/11 and other shameful conflicts of this world, deriving from our sinful nature of which selfishness is the number one offence.
    The solution for “Man” is; to reconcile and be at peace with his Creator (Jn.3:3) When “Man” is at peace with his Creator, “Man” will also be at peace with his neighbor. The rider will then know his destiny and not as “Zeitgeist” ends its first movie, suggesting philosophically that:
    “Life is just a ride”
    My advice towards peace is:
    “If we see in every Man God`s Creation, the world will have peace!”
    Kurt Merki, Snr,
    (Gen.1:26) Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”

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