Getting high with Richard Branson: Virgin America's virgin flight


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  1. SarEb says:

    OK I am so happy for all of you in the San Fran Bay area but out here in the South in beautiful Sarasota (Southwest of Florida on the coast) we need Virgin Airline!!!! When will Richard B come to his senses and bring one of his jets down here and park it at the Sar-Bradenton airport…there are many of us that have been waiting…we thought that he was bringing Virgin Express…and I am not sure if our local airport gurus screwed that up but forget about them just come on down…there is a terrific business all year round…and many of us fly out west every year. As a matter I will making several trips to CA again this summer and again I will have to fly on some “cacaminia” airline from Tampa with 1 or 2 stop lets get one down here that flys direct!! $$$$$$ is no problem here in this part of Sar..Has anybody looked at what just went on this past week end here and the stars from yes Hollywood CA that were here…

  2. lina says:

    OMG. Look what I found! A Meet and Greet with Richard Branson and Elvis Costello”.How cool is this, I never thought I would ever have a chance like this. If you want a chance to bid on this visit this link. There is this item up for grabs and many others. I think the auction page says that new items go up ever week too.

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