Jim Leftwich's vision for SF skyscraper: Transbay Barad-dur and Mount Doomalpais

Jim Leftwich says:


You probably have seen the newly proposed Transbay Tower designs which were unveiled this week in San Francisco. The eventual chosen tower is set to be the tallest skyscraper on the West Coast.

The proposed towers have sparked a lot of discussion locally, both pro and con.

At first I liked the clean lines of the Pelli Clarke Pelli design, but then began to think that the Rogers Stirk Harbour entry showed much more promise.

I'd be swayed to that design, but it needs two crucial additions, one architectural/supernatural and one geological...

The tower is desperately wanting the flaming lidless Eye Of Sauron on top and they need to somehow get Mount Doomalpais (formerly Mount Tamalpais) ignited so that it spews lava nonstop and casts the proper orange glow of doom over the region.

I think everyone would agree that this is a compelling new vision for San Francisco: