Susie Ghahremani's tiny paintings

Last year, my wife and I went to the second annual Tree Show group show at San Fracnisco's Giant Robot boutique/gallery. We fell in love with Susie Ghahremani's tiny matchbox-size paintings of little forest creatures. We bought three, but I wish we could have collected them all! (At the first Tree Show, some jerk stole several of the pieces.) Susie Ghahremani has a solo show opening this Saturday at the Giant Robot in New York City. The GRNY blog has a preview of some of the pieces in the show, titled Teacher's Pets, and it looks to be a wonderful collection.
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From the invitation on Susie's own blog:
Themes of the show include patterns and fine detail, animals and nature, and interior spaces with domesticated wildlife. Ghahremani titled it “Teacher’s Pets” because she takes imaginary animals and teaches them how to do her favorite things: play the piano, make origami, ride a bike, swing in a hammock without falling out. Approximately 200 paintings, soft sculptures, unframed line drawings, framed work, wood pieces, and miniatures will be on display. A reception for Ghahremani will be held from 6:30 to 10:00 on Saturday, August 18.
Link to GRNY, Link to Susie Ghahremani's site (via Juxtapoz)