Tag: the Ring meets zombies

Tag is a horror comic that tells the story of Mitch, an angry man whose loveless relationship with Izumi (his on-again, off-again girlfriend) has just ended, again. They're leaving the restaurant when a shambling horror runs up to him, touches him in the chest and shouts, "Tag, you're it!" Immediately, Mitch begins to die, his bodily functions shutting down, even though he remains able to walk and even talk (when he remembers to draw a breath). He and Izumi confront his death -- the rigor mortis, the rotting -- together, trying to figure out what happened to him. They find answers on a blog, where an earlier "tag" victim explains the rules by which this odd strain of zombiism is spread.

Tag comes from Boom Studios, written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Kody Chamberlain and Chee. It has many resonances with The Ring and other stories that revolve around understanding the "rules" governing the creeping awfulness at the heart of the story. Like The Ring, Tag uses its gimmick to tell a damned fine tale about love and betrayal, a story with many layers that are peeled back as the story moves to a moving climax. Link

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