New Pixelated Glass Window in Cologne Cathedral

BoingBoing reader Michael Shaughnessy says,

Greetings from Cologne, Germany. Yesterday the new Gerhard Richter glass window was unveiled at the Cologne Cathedral. It looks like a group of pixels and is stunning to look at. The line to get in was over an hour and even today, hundreds of passers by simply were staring at the window in amazement. It is great to see how a modern application of old technology can have a positive effect on people. The artist Gerhard Richter, designed the window for free as a gift to the city of Cologne and the over 1 million people who visit the cathedral each year. Here is one high res version and I am sure many other images will appear soon on Flickr.


  1. Wow he did that for free? Really? It’s a good thing, he’s so unbelievably talented it would have cost millions of dollars to pay him to do that. Or you know, he could have just used a Photoshop filter in like two seconds and called it done. It’s pretty sure, but not worth waiting in line for an hour to see.

    Wait a minute, people still put stained glass windows in churches? How tacky.

  2. Cologne is a superb city but the cathedral is NOT worth at all (specially climbing up). Maybe this will bring some extra value…

  3. Actually after having lived in Cologne for 5 years I have to disagree with the previous poster; the cathedral is superb but Cologne itself is NOT that interesting at all. I would go back to see this window though.

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