Vintage telephone salesman sample case

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Up for auction on eBay is this fantastic salesman's sample case of miniature vintage telephones. It's an absolutely beautiful relic of telecom history. Each phone is 2" x 4" and the handsets lift! Current bid is $50. Link (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)

UPDATE: Thanks to BB reader Steve LaNasa who reminds me that phones of this vintage were usually rented from Ma Bell, not purchased, so the salesperson who carried this case was most likely selling contracts.


  1. Whew. You guys should get a cut on this. The price sextupled as soon as you posted it.

    It is truly cool, by the way.

  2. Phones of this VINTAGE??? We had the burgundy one “leased” from “ma bell” in the ’80’s…Took us forever to tell Mom you can buy a phone cheaper!!! Then it took technology to get her to part with it…after all it’s rotary!!

    I’m still struggling with “vintage 80’s” Lord help me!!!

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