Human-like robotic arm, with familiar muscles and bones: video

Airic's arm is a robotic arm with artificial bones and muscles that look rather like the fleshy ones we have, from design company Festo:

The bone structure, consisting of the human bones such as ulna and radius, metacarpal bone and finger bone, shoulder joint and shoulder blade – joints that do not occur as such in the technical world – is moved via 30 muscles. The muscles are Festo products, which are already put to extensive use in industrial practice and known as Fluidic Muscle. Using this technology, in conjunction with Festo’s tiny, highly innovative piezo-proportional valves, it is possible to precisely regulate the forces and rigidity within the construction.
Link to product page, and this clip of the arm in action is breathtaking: Video Link. (via Core 77 blog, thanks Susannah)