Confessions of a College Callgirl


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to wonder. Do those girls who go out to expensive dinners and then put out feel the same way?

  2. cavalier says:

    Say no more, say no more! Thanks Xeni.

  3. pineapplecharm says:

    How long before an Onion article about a guy “disappointed to discover $200 hooker wasn’t erudite, eloquent yet softly tragic intellectual”?

  4. Abid says:

    Excellent post – - – its incredible what our lifestyle does to our psyche. How much of what we’ve seen and what we’ve done can really be erased from memory?

  5. wolf-cat9787 says:

    “I saw thee weep; the big bright tear came o’er that eye of blue
    And then me-thought it did appear a violet dropping dew.

    I saw thee smile; the sapphire blaze beside thee ceas’d to shine;
    It could not match the living rays that filled that glance of thine.

    As clouds from yonder sun receive a deep and mellow dye,
    Which scarce the shade of coming eve can banish fro the sky.

    Those smiles un-to the moodiest mind their own pure joy impart;
    Their sunshine leaves a glow be-hind That lightens o’er the heart.”

    -Lord Byron

  6. Anonymous says:

    Honest, Brave and Tragic…….This is life in its most Raw form.

    I will never Judge again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    All religions have something possitive for human life.

    I like the puritan idea of improving our every day life as a way of fighting against injustice. It is very similar, I guess, to the Japanese idea, but with a purpose towards society.

  8. cavalier says:

    Will we ever reach a point where Susannah is added to the masthead? I am not trying to be a troll here, just trying to recognize the major contribution Susannah makes to this site.

  9. Silva says:

    Out of curiosity, earlier this year there was a bit of an uproar about a blog-turned-to-book of an “escort” in Porto (Portugal), named “A Tua Amiga (“You Friend”).

  10. Xeni Jardin says:

    @cavalier: mmmmmmaybe! [winks knowingly]

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