Sigur Rós documentary film: Heima

Speaking of alt-music documentaries, check out the lush trailer for Heima, which follows the Icelandic hometown hijinx of Sigur Rós: Link. Ganked (like the other blogged today) from Souris Hong-Porretta, who says, most correctly: "You ain't human if SR don't make you weep."


  1. If ever a band was suited for a Koyaanisqatsi-esque documentary, oh-goodness it is Sigur Ros. I was riveted by the trailer — can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  2. Damn. I am human. They frigging kill me al the time. One of my favorite memories is drving back from Connecticut very early on a winter morning. Started off with dub reggae and then moved on to Sigur Ros for the rest of the ride. Sublime.

    I will stalk them when I get to Iceland. Make a note of it.

  3. My life was fully complete when I saw them live (May 2006). They are the most amazing group on the face of the planet, hands down.

  4. Ever since choosing SR as the music to play whilst getting married, I can’t hear them without a shiver… and a smile.


  5. I think that Heima represents an amazing progression for a band that is probably one of the most unique and powerful bands to be discovered.
    Apart from everything about the music, the video clips for their songs are some of the most remarkable clips I have ever seen….and dare I say it….even rival the UNKLE/Thom Yorke Rabbit in Your Headlights clip.
    There is another documentary from 2002 which Sigur Ros did the soundtrack for “hlemmur”

    “hlemmur is a film which revolves around the lives of some unfortunate destitute men who spend most of their time in and around reykjavík’s main bus station, hlemmur”

    the best thing about this band… how exciting their future is & the possibilities they are yet to bring the world.

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