Hoodies with faces


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  1. Flying Squid says:

    $60 for a hoodie using unlicensed images? Think I’ll pass.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tacky. Like most of this grim decade.

  3. Sunyab says:

    Skull Skates in Vancouver has been selling much cooler ones for years (and no worries about tastelessness ’cause, well, it’s Skull Skates. And no stolen images, just pure grassroots art.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Huh…no “flash warning?” I always thought it was bb tradition to warn its users of impending Adobromedia doom.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s definitely a gorilla, not a monkey.

    I bet and Boingboing-reading gorillas will be pretty insulted by the slur.

  6. Flying Squid says:

    No stolen images, Sunyab? I clicked on their page and one of the first images I see is stolen from The Shining.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If the faces of printed on the hood are in full color, it ought to screw-up video cams for street surveillance using facial recognition program, MUHAHA!

    Taro news.3Yen.com, living in the land of Zombie Police video cams

  8. Anonymous says:

    Had to order one straight away. These guys are gonna be busy now.

  9. raptros-v76 says:

    I definitely read “hoodies with tacos”…
    fun idea though.

  10. Sunyab says:

    I dunno. Using a face to capture a certain aesthetic seems to be something Kubric would have done.

    From an interview
    “Did you have all those extras pose for the last shot?

    No, they were in a photograph taken in 1921 which we found in a picture library. I originally planned to use extras, but it proved impossible to make them look as good as the people in the photograph. So I very carefully photographed Jack, matching the angle and the lighting of the 1921 photograph, and shooting him from different distances too, so that his face would be larger and smaller on the negative. This allowed the choice of an image size which when enlarged would match the grain structure in the original photograph. The photograph of Jack’s face was then airbrushed in to the main photograph, and I think the result looked perfect. Every face around Jack is an archetype of the period.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks more like an ape. To be specific.

  12. Ludovic says:

    Great to confuse face recognition surveillance software linked to CCTV’s!
    Can’t wait to see the systems crashing, confused by 3 faced objects!

  13. Miss Cellania says:

    Combine the skull hoodie with the previously-posted skeleton socks, and you’re halfway to a Halloween costume!

  14. Tavie says:

    Not a monkey, an ape.

  15. shootmyblog says:

    I want one with Xeni’s head !


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