Make a camera flash "snoot" for dramatic lighting effects

200709011133 Here's a short article on how to make a simple "snoot" -- a lightproof tube that tightly directs the light from your camera flash. It produces a nice effect, as shown here. Link


  1. Incredible! That’s such a BRILLIANT idea!

    BTW… what’s the problem about using aluminium foil and a rubber band, like almost everyone does?

  2. #1: I posted this mainly because liked the word snoot. It doesn’t matter to me what the snoot is made from.

  3. For a more systematic approach to *why* you want a snoot, and how to equip yourself to be an on-the-go, super-hot-shot photojournalist, you want to read

  4. “Snoot” has become a word that I utter almost tourrettically. That and “Hot shoe”. A few alternative snoots I have used are a Pringles can and a number of different paper coffee cups with the bottoms removed. Once I become a good, and subsequently famous, photographer I intend to use my coffee cup snoots as paid ad space.

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