Play This Thing: games reviews from Greg Costikyan

Master game designer (and proprietor of the excellent Manifesto Games publisher) Greg Costikyan has just launched an excellent review-per-day game-review site called Play This Thing. Greg's one of the most interesting and shrewd games people I know, and I love the writing on this site. Link (Thanks, Ellie!)


  1. “Just launched?” The oldest post is early May! That said, this looks a lot more effective and worthwhile for a quick lunchtime game than using the Digg ‘Playable Webgames’ section.

  2. The reviews seem good, but I feel this is just like a site that’s copped a lot of games from, the only one on this site that is clearly lacking on jay is, was the columbine game, there were a few others as well, but not enough of them seemed of a good enough quality that I’d be interested in them.

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