Grooveshark -- DRM-free P2P music -- pays uploaders

Steve sez,
I work for Grooveshark, a music service based out of Gainesville, Florida. The upshot is that we are offering free, unlimited streaming as well as DRM-Free tracks for download (at around .99 cents per track). Since we're doing this all over a peer to peer network a la Limewire, we have also decided to share a percentage of each sale with the people actually sharing the music. Thus, if you upload a song and someone downloads it from you part of the money goes to the copyright holder, part does to us and the rest is credited to your account.

We are really working to build grass roots support for this idea. we have gotten the interest of a ton of independent labels as well as some larger ones (Magnatunes/Naxos/Sheridan Square), and even though we're not out of California we have still managed to raise awareness with Angel Investors. We've released our BETA and the press release for it is going out later today, we want as many people to see the product as we possible can and your help would go a long way.

Link (Thanks, Steve!)