FreeCulture 101 -- back-to-school links for copyfighters

Fred sez, "To kick off the start of the academic year, Free Culture @ NYU has posted a Free Culture 101 guide with some helpful links to blogs and readings for those wishing to educate themselves about the movement to learn from. Check it out and suggest some sites of your own in the comments." : This is the "National Organization" as we refer to it. It's basically a good place to see who is doing what else in the Free Culture world. I'm on the board, but it's just a title -- local chapters are really where the action is at.
  • Free Culture Chapters Around the World : See all the other schools where chapters are located.
  • has a discussion e-mail list, and an announcements list.If you're looking to debate and talk about Free Culture and these issues on campus, the discussion list is probably the best place in the world for that. Sign up for the announcements list as it's a good place to learn about Free Culture news before it hits the media.
  • Creative Commons, EFF, The Free Software Foundation, and Public Knowledge are the big institutional players in our world, and many people working in the free culture movement either work with them, for them, or around them. Check out their sites for more information about what they do.
  • Link (Thanks, Fred!)