FreeCulture 101 -- back-to-school links for copyfighters


5 Responses to “FreeCulture 101 -- back-to-school links for copyfighters”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will miss free culture :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if we could stop calling it copyright and just start calling it copyprivilege, since it’s not really a right. It’s a monopoly privilege to oppress the anyone else who tries attempts to exercise their right to copy.

  3. Sir Pavlow says:

    there is nothing to say just look and see

  4. tvance says:

    I found free culture by using boing to search energy healing.

    Is there a connection? I could blog about it?

  5. Takuan says:

    is this true?:

    “Reiki is very popular among New Age spiritualists, who are very fond of “attunements,” “harmonies,” and “balances.” Reiki apprentice healers used to pay up to $10,000 to their masters to become masters themselves. The price has come down and, according to one correspondent, “prices for first level are around $100, second level $150-300 and master around $600-800.” The process involves going through several levels of attunement. One must learn which symbols to use, when to call up the universal life force, how to heal an emotional or spiritual illness, and how to heal someone who isn’t present.”

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