Toy gun encourages kids to stick barrel in mouth

200709100634This unfortunate toy gun has a whistle on the end of the barrel. Here's a video and more photos of the Mystery Gun Suicide Whistle. (Thanks, Darryl!)


  1. as a child (1970s) i had a pez gun that shot pez-candy in your mouth … don’t know if they still make those though

  2. It’s pretty clear that there’s some giant factory in China with 30,000 red plastic toy handguns that needed to be put to some kind of use!

  3. There’s also the Kaba Kick, a more recent Japanese toy gun/russian roulette game for kids – with bullets in the shape of pink hippos.

  4. Thanks for posting this — the main reason I was sending it was because I couldn’t figure out what song the toy played, and thanks to BB, I now know (or was reminded) that it’s Lambada (“The Forbidden Dance!), by Kaoma, a hit back in 1989. But hey, now everybody knows that I let my son stick a gun/whistle in his mouth. It’s ok, I’m going to go recycle it now. Strange for a presumably Chinese toy, it has an international (?) recycling symbol on it as well as the “Do not throw this in the trash” symbol. I’ll put a photo of that up too soon.


  5. who cares? this is only a problem if you live in a society that is so blinkered about firearms and in an environment where familiarity has resulted in a such a blase attitude that they are able to be got at by children.

    Hell I have a catch on the kitchen cupboard that stops children getting to bleach how stupid must you be that you can let a child get hold of a real gun or be in an environment where kids and guns are left together unsupervised long enough for the former to put the latter in their mouth?

    maybe there should be a darwin award section for people who manage to erase themselves from the gene pool after they have procreated?

  6. Magnus, they don’t make that PEZ gun any more, but it’s really cool! My friend’s a collector and has one. What makes it really excellent is that not only does it teach children to play with real guns, it also can injure and choke kids all by itself.

    I don’t think they make bubblegum cigarettes any more either.

  7. A local ice-cream truck near me still sells bubblegum cigarettes, although they are made in Mexico and the packaging is entirely in Spanish.

  8. Oh for heaven’s sake! I was trying for extreme, over-the-top, no-one-would-ever-actually-do-THAT satire when
    I wrote about this just after the Reagan era. It’s like a kind of Moore’s Law of depravity: yesterday’s satire is tomorrow’s horrible headline.

  9. By chance, I was watching some classic episodes of the Office last night and Michael has this toy gun on his desk. Check out the basketball episode from season 1, 2:25 into the episode, sure enough, there’s the gun!

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