Woman has 23 needles in body

Luo Cuifen, 29 of Beijing, China, consulted doctors after noticing blood in her urine. Turns out she has 23 inch-long needles in her gut. Surgeons will now carefully remove the needles that allegedly were inserted by her grandparents who were hoping to kill her. From the Associated Press:
20070910072909990005 Many of the needles have worked their way into Luo's vital organs including her lungs, liver, bladder and kidneys, making their removal difficult, said Qu Rui, a spokesman for the Richland International Hospital in Yunnan province's capital, Kunming...

Qu said doctors believe the woman's grandparents may have inserted the needles long ago, hoping she would die and her parents might have a boy in her place. China limits most families to just one child, although rural Chinese may be allowed to have a second if their first is a girl, subject to the payment of fines.

It wasn't clear whether further investigations into the case were planned, with media reports saying Luo's grandparents had already died.
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  1. And why is it we still do business with China? Killing off their girls because boys are favored, lead poisoning for our children, bad batches of pet food, restricting free speech to the point of imprisoning journalists… Oh yeah, we need to save a few dollars at Wal-mart. Some seriously messed up priorities in China, man.

  2. With any luck, the grandparents’ souls are somewhere having needles inserted into very painful places for eternity.

  3. One man’s needles inserted into a girl in the hopes she’d die is another man’s beauty pageant contestant who has trouble coming up with an educated answer about education.

    We all have our demons.

  4. you do business with China because of the income involved. Business is not directly assosciated to the act of killing off firstborn females. So why stop the cash flow?

  5. “23 inch-long needles” is properly hyphenated for its meaning. The hyphenation creates a single adjective–the needles are “inch-long”.

    Had it said “23-inch-long needles” then it would have meant needles that are 23 inches long.

    Having said that, the writer could have better worded it.

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