Beautiful colored kaytdids


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  1. Ryan says:

    It looks like Pink Katydids also exist in adult form, and some of them can be quite vividly pink.

  2. Beastmouth says:

    Actually, those are mostly immature katydids. You can tell by the length of their wings. The one that is an adult is very lucky; bright pink is much worse camouflage than grass green!

  3. Stacyj says:

    Man, I love those. What a -delicious- universe we live in, when even our insects can be so bizarrely lovely …

  4. Anonymous says:

    it was found at a man’s yard, not a woman’s.

  5. SheMuses says:

    In a Butterfly Gardener’s backyard I once observed the most amazing dragonflies, one blue velvet, one red velvet, even one in an electric violet bodysuit! How do you encourage these eyezapping decor?

  6. JPW says:

    If misspellings bug you, check the article’s title. . . .

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