StopTheSpying: Tell the Dems to keep AT&T on the hook for NSA wiretapping

EFF's Hugh D'Andrade sez,

Having caved to the President's outrageous demands for more spying powers in August, Congress is now considering extending this power grab and letting telco giants like AT&T off the hook for their role in the NSA's illegal, warrantless surveillance of ordinary Americans. Legislation could be considered within the next 6 weeks! To help ensure that congressional leaders hear from the public, EFF has launched a new site,

The site makes it easy to pick up the phone and make your voice heard, by contacting Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and your own representatives. Demand that they agree to the following pledge:

Stop warrantless surveillance of ordinary Americans. Congress must stop the NSA's domestic spying, repeal the "Protect America Act," and ensure that whenever a U.S. person is the intended or unintended subject of surveillance, the government must first get a warrant.

Don't legislate in the dark. Congress should oppose any expansion of spying authority until a full, thorough, and public investigation is complete.

Don't let the phone companies off the hook. Congress must allow the courts to rule on the president's program by rejecting efforts to give private entities immunity for illegally assisting the government's spying.

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  2. Does it even matter that American congress has a Dem majority? It seems to be the same conglomerate of nodding monkeys it used to be.

  3. The democrats just like the republicans have no interest in punishing at&t. To do so would encourage companies to question the requests of the government and not blindly follow any directive. It is not in the interest of any government to have their actions or their authority questioned. You can’t fight the inertia of human nature.

  4. The Democrats are the catamites of American politics at the present moment or maybe just the partially developed, heartless, anacephalic, parabiotic twin hanging limply, parasitcally, and grotesquely from the only real functioning political party in this country. We may all rightly despise the despots currently in power, but we may rightly despise even more their feckless deformed enablers.

    Profoundly disgustig, profoundly disturbing. Don’t elect such people any more.

  5. Regarding #1… The way you moderated the comment proves my point, thank you. I’ll be sure to get the word out.

  6. Regarding #1… The way you moderated the comment proves my point, thank you. Your warning says that comments will be held or “not be posted at all”. It doesn’t say anything about changing comments before posting. I’ll be sure to get the word out. Got screencaps for when you delete or put the original comment back correctly. Look for them soon. Thanks again.

  7. I couldn’t have said it better that Pyros. The truth is, while the Republicans are held sway by the Christian fundamentalists, the Democrats are even more dominated by AIPAC and the rest of the “Israel uber alles” lobby.

    In any event, regardless of party, all of them are committed to military empire on your dime.

  8. Anonymous #1, #5, #8: What’s been proved is that your subsequent comments weren’t any more thoughtful, interesting, or original than the first one. Your words are all still there. They’ve just had the vowels taken out of them. Go ahead and spread the word. Anyone who comes here can read that first message (disemvowelled text is hardly inscrutable) and judge for themselves.

    As for the rest of this thread:

    So tell me, how many of you are getting paid to post? Do you think no one notices how much astroturf is getting posted to Boing Boing?

    The Democrats are not worse, or more corrupt, or less responsive, than the Republicans. Not hardly. Not by a very long shot. The two big political coalitions I’ve seen spreading that meme have been Ralph Nader’s bunch (now largely quiescent), and the Republicans. And if I were the Republicans, I’d want to spread it too. Trouble is, it’s not true.

    (I’m massively cynical about the timing of this wave of posts. I can’t help it. I’m a New Yorker.)

    You know why Cory wants you to put pressure on Congress? Because he thinks there’s a chance it’ll do some good. The Dems just have to get over their collective case of PTSD.

    Shall we talk about the Republicans? Those wonderful folks who brought you the war in Iraq, the near-destruction of New Orleans, a “war on terror” that’s equal parts domestic repression and security theatre, Scooter Libby’s treason, perjury, and pardon, cuts in benefits for our serving military, a nearly unbroken string of Christmas-present legislative favors for big corporations and campaign donors, and a budget deficit that dwarfs anything previously seen in American history? Those guys?

    And you’re ragging on the Democrats?

    Give me a break. Better yet, don’t bother. Instead, get in touch with your legislators and tell them to hold AT&T responsible for its actions.

  9. Wanna scare a Republican into stopping this? Ask them to imagine what hillary will do when she gets int office……

  10. Ah, but a Democratically controlled congress might just nail AT&T’s ears to the wall. A Republican controlled congress did what? Nothing.

    The majority of Republicans in the House and Senate, through their actions the last seven years, and the eight before that, have proven themselves to be craven, venial, corrupt, autocratic, perverse and sadistic. In their repeated attempts to subvert the voting process, including the inane but destructive impeachment trials, they allied themselves with honest-to-God tyranny. In their collusion or subjugation by GWB’s administration, they have shown themselves to be little better than the People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China- a rubber stamp for despotisim, with special pleading included.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, are simply politicians- disappointing only to those who expect them to crap diamonds on command. Those who suggest they are “as bad” or “just like” the Republicans have confused “a little” with “a lot”. I invite these addled, strident people to take as many aspirin as they choose. What’s the difference between 2 and 200 anyway?

  11. Who can blame people for being disappointed with the Democrats? It’s completely understandable. However, in the absence of a third party, you bet your ass they’re our only hope in the near future.

    Most of the Republican candidates are against universal healthcare, the right to choose, increasing the minimum wage, same-sex marriage, and stem-cell research, as opposed to the Democratic candidates. So there is a difference, at least in their stated positions.

    Let’s remember that they are still fighting an uphill battle. There’s still a Republican president, and Congressional Republicans, as far as I remember, never agreed to roll over and play dead after they lost the mid-term elections.

    What the Democrats need is a little political Viagra to stiffen their resolve. Somehow, the American people need to send them the message that they are not going to get a free ride now that the Republicans have shown they cannot be trusted with power.

    It’s not enough to just not be the Republican party. They need to lead. Lead, or get out of the way for a third party.

  12. to 13:

    I call bullshit. The dems showed their true colours when they didn’t impeach, repeal, and rebuild on their first day of power. 100 hours of nothing. The sigh of relief felt when they took the house and senate was premature. Illegal wiretapping is now legal. It is still wrong but now it is legal. This is your party of change. Not exactly the changes everyone was looking for.

    You want to change things. Ask for cash from the vast readership of boing boing and lobby for it. You can’t fight money with whining. In the age of redistricting (done by both parties) elections are won by war-chests or more accurately people voting the way they have always voted motivated by divisive issues. Politicians spend their way into office. They don’t want your vote they want your money. Since you aren’t going to vote republican if they don’t punish at&t why should they care.

    It is not PTSD they are suffering from. It is PEP (Pre-election Posturing). It is exactly what they were suffering from when they voted for the war, and the patriot act and every other stupid thing they have gone along with. They are collaborators and they need to be treated as such. The enabler of my enemy is my enemy. You wouldn’t defend someone who stood by and watched a rape. Well they watched and are still watching as your country gets raped. More worried about their careers and being labeled soft on this or that than to say “get your fucking dick out of the constitution”.

    The dems don’t need your support. They need your contempt. Then maybe they will earn your support.

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