Halo costume on eBay - insanely detailed

This eBay seller is getting rid of an insanely detailed articulated full-size Halo Master Chief costume. It sounds like the seller didn't make the suit, which is a bit of a disappointment, but this is some kinda costume.

You are bidding on the best and most accurate Master Chief Costume on Ebay. This suit is my own personal suit that I am now giving up. The suit is so awesome, it has been featured on Spike TV, G4 TV, and in a Dell Commercial. This suit is FAMOUS!

Now it can be yours. The suit is made from a very hard Urethane Plastic. It isn't one of those cheaply casted vacuumformed suits. You could probably pound in a nail with your forearm if you wanted to. I'm 6"1' in the pictures, so you can figure out how well it might fit you from that.

Also included is an Assault Rifle Display. The reason I say display is because it's ONLY HALF OF A GUN - the other side is flat. See pictures for what I mean.

Link (via Gizmodo)


  1. It comes with A helmet, not THAT helmet. According to the auction he is “working” on getting a picture of the helmet that is included.

  2. No it doesn’t !

    [QUOTE]There is an issue with the helmet on here. There has been a big mistake and this helmet is not included in this auction . REPEAT. THIS HELMET IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE AUCTION. Another helmet will be though. Pictures of the new helmet to appear shortly.[/QUOTE]

  3. auction controversy aside … I know the guy who made the helmet in the picture. he lives in Dallas, we commisioned him to sculpt the molds for a Crimson Gaurd Helmet (COBRA….GI Joe) back in 2005.
    he does AMAZING work.

    his website is:


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