Two soldiers who co-wrote NYT op-ed on war have died

Two young US soldiers who contributed to a collaborative New York Times op-ed about the war were killed in Iraq this week. Link to story in UK Guardian, Link to report in NYT, via themorningnews. Read their op-ed: The War as We See It, Link. (Thanks, Susannah)



  1. They died when the five-ton cargo truck in which they were riding overturned.

    Rove vanishes from public view, then this happens. Coincidence? I think not!

  2. We need to just set up a puppet government already, and get the heck out of there.

    That, or send in all of our super-max prisoners over there… Armed to the teeth, with whatever weapon they want (Machine gun? Machete? Flamethrower? Chainsaw?) and as much ammo/fuel as they can carry, with a neck collar with C4 explosives and a satellite-uplink, and a helmet-mounted camera and microphone with the instructions: “Go nuts, buddy.”

    They start killing other ‘soldiers’, they get exploded.

    They make any attempt to remove the collar, or help remove the collar of another ‘soldier’, they get exploded.

    Basically, unless they are killing the bad guys–they get exploded.

    They aren’t playing for money, or prizes. They aren’t even playing for their freedom. They are just killing to kill. It’s what they want, so that’s what they will get.

  3. I became profoundly sad at breakfast when reading this. It’s just a meat grinder over there, regardless of what General Betray Us tells Congress.

  4. I hope everyone feels equally sad when those soldiers who do support the war in Iraq are killed, because it’s just as tragic.

  5. “I hope everyone feels equally sad when those soldiers who do support the war in Iraq are killed, because it’s just as tragic.”

    [sarcasm]Yes, because people actually make the distinction between soldiers who support and those who don’t. And boy, you know how much people hate soldiers who support the war![/sarcasm]

    Your comment was supremely idiotic. I can’t stand when people try to take focus off of what is actually being discussed and totally miss the point of a post.

    We’re mourning the soldiers who died. They deserve some respect, not someone going “oh yeah, well what about these other guys instead?”

  6. You’re a moron DragonPhyre.

    America has been making enemies in the middle-east for decades, the War in the Gulf never really ended.

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