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  1. No pirate list is complete without mentioning Captain Bogg & Salty, a pirate rock band “for all ages”. Their best album is “Pegleg Tango”. My 2 year old demands it, and I listen to it even when he’s asleep. It’s all the craze in Port Royal. I can’t wait for their self-produced pirate musical next year in their hometown of Portland.

    *Please note that this musical endorsement comes from a total music snob who owns at least 10 albums of traditional sea chanties, as well as some of the most strange & bizarre experimental stuff ever produced.

  2. Since when has anyone said “Jobby Roger” instead of “Jolly Roger”? (Apparently has been going on for a while as it manages a respectable 17k hits on google, although Jolly Roger wins hands down with 2.5 mil).

    Despite the fact this was a link on a pirate post I honestly couldn’t figure out what it was going to be about: Jobby being Scottish slang for something wholly unrealated. Roger is also British slang for something else, which two words together made a rather unfortunate image in my mind.

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