Giant email leak from MediaDefender -- MAFIAA hitmen


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  1. Anonymous says:

    holy crap – that’s insane.

  2. none295 says:

    Hello, my name is %20 and I collect interdicting spoofing noise files created by entities like Overpeer and MediaDefender. They are important ‘art’ objects which are in dire need of preservation. I had thought the methods and products died out when Overpeer went kaputz, but there are several e-mails in this collection which revive my search and preservation of these outstanding works of questionable merit. So if you happen to get a file from these folks which seems a little off, read this blog: [] and we’ll host them for everyone to enjoy.

  3. none295 says:

    %20 & MediaDefender & New York Attorney General’s Office & Randy Saaf & Celine Dion – “Taking Chances” (thee Media Saaf-iee Way)

    Location :
    File Name : %20&MediaDefender&NYAG&RandySaaf&CelineDion-TakingChances.mp3
    Additional Info :

    Yours when downloaded,
    Consumer Whore
    Corporate Shill
    Wannabee Cultural Chimera
    Part time music fan

  4. John G Bell says:

    The beauty of that is in the irony. You see, they can’t possibly claim they didn’t positively intend to share that information with others by making it available accidently. Or, that someone else shared it without their knowledge or consent …

  5. Rob, Denmark says:

    @John G Bell

    Absolutely brilliantly put, sir!

  6. MitchSchaft says:

    I don’t get it :(

  7. Anonymous says:

    It looks like you are in a for a real treat. The leak details requests for ‘changing the quality’ of fake (seed) mp3s. Presumably they mean degrade by change, alas they didn’t really give enough time to allow creativity to shine, a mere to days. So expect the rubbishification of mainstream artistes to be as follows:

    - Add Static
    - Changing Bitrate
    - Modulated Bitrate
    - Re-encoding to a low bitrate then back to a high one
    - Adding random noise (FileF)
    - Lowering or raising the volume over the course of -a song
    - Applying a periodic volume wave
    - Switching from Stereo to Mono
    - Changing between Left and right channels
    - Looping chorus of song
    - Rearranging Verses
    - Cutting out Chorus
    - Adding Channels
    - Adding Audience Noise
    - Adding a laugh track
    - Adding Reverb/Echoing
    - Adding Voiceovers / advertisements
    - Blanking out random words
    - Censoring/beeping random words

    The problem is; none of these will actually affect the quality of the music they see to protect.

  8. chasie says:

    “I’m sure we’ll see all kinds of interesting things in the coming weeks” is the understatement of the year. Torrents don’t interest me all that much but Corporate Anti-Piracy Soap Operas? Somebody call Frank and Anne Hummert.

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