Scroogled: CC-licensed story about the day Google turned evil


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  1. archcvd says:

    That was fantastic. Thanks for the read Cory!

  2. Simon Greenwood says:

    Another great story, Cory. I do hope it’s not going to give you problems the next time you have to enter the US ;)

  3. 54N71460 says:

    Ok, stop the great CC reding, dude. I’m super weak, and I need to work!!!

  4. Michael says:

    Burz and Phasor3000 are, of course, free to submit their patches to spec.

    Cory, it was a damned chilling read. Excuse me while I go kill myself.

  5. Bill Bradford says:

    That was great – I’d love to see it expanded into a full-length book.

  6. MarthaRose says:

    That was brilliant. I’m halfway through “Down and Out…” via DailyLit and this was a great extra dose of Doctorow excellence.

    I really hope this doesn’t happen – but I have to admit that there’s a part of me that thinks “awesome” every time I realise how much information is avaliable about people now. Surely there’s a way to get the good without the evil and the scary?

  7. Philipp Lenssen says:

    Cool. I reposted this at Google Blogoscoped.

  8. Burz says:

    My, the digirati are getting nervous.

    Despite the dialog being totally unrealistic, it was still a decent read. The theme of surveillance through an advertising business model has a lot of merit.

    Now Cory, when are you writing a Verisign-NSA piece? But that’s old hat and not sci-fi enough for you, perhaps.

  9. Philipp Lenssen says:

    > Despite the dialog being totally
    > unrealistic, it was still a decent read.

    The license allows you to change all dialog :)

  10. phasor3000 says:

    “Of course,” the guy said, flashing a tight smile.


    “Yeah,” the guy said, flashing Greg a weak grin.

    I agree with Burz — it’s not very good writing, but it got the point across, and the point is important and scary.

  11. ruguevara says:

    I’v made Russian translation of Scroogled:

    Русский перевод “Scroogled” — называется «Выгуглен»:

  12. Ian Irving says:

    Or course it is already starting to happen, see

    about Vancouver psychotherapist Andrew Feldmar has been barred from entering the United States because during a random stop-and-search at a US/Canadian border crossing, a Google search of his name led to his article from the Spring 2001 ‘Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts.’ This turns out to have been enough to earn him a life-time ban under the grounds of ‘admitted drug use.’

  13. Leonard Low says:

    Terrific read Cory. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Anonymous says:

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