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Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley weighed 2 lbs, 8 ounces when she was born in February 2003. She was not expected to live more than a day, but she has survived.
Picture 5-36 She continued to defy doctors expectations and at the age of 8 months, Kenadie was finally diagnosed with primordial dwarfism, a genetic condition that is believed to affect only about 100 people in the world. She isn't expected to grow past about 30 inches or weigh more than 8 pounds.
Her special needs expenses are substantial. If you wish, you can help through a Paypal donation. Link (Via Neatorama)


  1. What the world would be like without the medical advances that allow such a variety of humans to exist…

    I wish her the best and if I can find the money in my budget I’ll probably send some money to her medical fund. Budget’s tight, but I can just imagine what her mother’s budget is like.

  2. As of this moment, the massive reader base of BoingBoing has killed the “littlest angel’s” website. Doh!

  3. There are more pictures at Gary Parker’s Photography website — at first I thought the photos looked rather unreal, since they were heavily photoshopped, but that seems to be the photographer’s style, he photoshops all the faces of his clients…

  4. Hi, I am Kenadie’s mother… I would just like to say thank you for posting this information about Kenadie in a positive light. There are many sites out there, where cruel people make fun of her… she is just a little girl.
    A couple of people sent me e-mails and messages via facebook about this site, and I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your kind words.
    There will be an update about Kenadie on her site in the next day or so… so if you are interested in how she is doing you can check it there. (she is doing fantastic by the way… such a joy and a gift.)

    Thank you again… sincerely,
    Brianne Jourdin

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  6. I just watched Kenadie’s story on Discovery Health. What an amazing little girl! She’s so beautiful. Brianne and Court, you are truely blessed with an angel.

  7. Whoever wrote that bullshit about money for our troops has got there head to far up thier ass to see the issue here! The problem is that people that think that way exist in our world. The Government takes care of the family’s of “our troops” and the truth of the matter is that no one was drafted they chose to put them selves in that situation!!! This little girl, nor her parents, had any choice in the matter! They are not begging for help, they are simply looking for comfort! Anyone with a small enough mind to think like that couldn’t wrap their minds around someone as unique and special as Kenadie anyway. The family deserves all the help they get!

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  9. I am sitting here trying to figure out just what is going on in the minds of people like Mr.John Thomas. The only thing that I can think of is that this person has never loved or felt the love of someone that through no fault of their own may have a disability, but it sounds like someone has an inability and that is far more scary. My son has autism and works at a sheltered workshop. His father has worked for almost 24 years paying taxes and I work as well and pay taxes. It does not bother me in the least that someone needs contributions for much needed help. These types of people create jobs for people who might have the “normal” life of which Mr. Thomas implies. Everyone should have a positive cause and I realize I’d rather know any number of people that have a physical or mental impairment than one John Thomas. Is anyone that “normal” or “perfect” anyway?

  10. Wow, some people are so incredibly hateful and cruel, it is stunning. I hope that Kenadie’s Mom and Dad know that not everyone feels that way!!! The rest of us see her for what she is…an innocent, adorable, and precious little girl. Those of you that choose to be mean, go do it somewhere else.

  11. I’ve just come across this site reading about something else and I am glad I did. I have never heard of primordial dwarfism until now. Wow.
    What a precious little girl Kenadie is and I give a huge thumb’s up to her parents for letting her be the little girl that she is.
    My warmest wishes to Kenadie for the happiest of childhoods.
    Bless you all!

  12. Dear Sweet Kenadie, I have watched you for so long on the tv,I just fell in love with you and your incredible zest for life! I watch all your reruns and you are Truly Special and an inspiration to all who have seen you!! God Truly has set you apart for something very Wonderful! I wish so badly that I had money to send to you but things are so very hard for us right now,but my wish is to be able to do so at a later date. God Bless You Sweetheart and Just Keep On Showing The World That You Are A Such A Blessing To Us All!! I Love You Kenadie as well as my entire family!! Glenda

  13. Why in the world would parents treat kenadie like she is a baby that needs a baaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Kids are going to treat her different because you do. No one is above anyone else. I feel sorry for her brother, he is the littlest angel right now.

  14. The moment I saw this little girl I fell in love. I can understand how tough some of the things in her life can be. When I was 8 I was diegnosed with a brian tumor in the corpes colosome. As much as I am an inspiration for some, she is an insperation to me. God Bless her.

  15. What a beautiful child and the love and courage that her family has for her shines thru. We pray for her every nite. God Bless You Little Kenadie.

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