Gallery: scan your face and contents of pockets

200709181041 Face Your Pockets! is a Russian website where people can upload images of their faces pressed against a scanner along with the stuff in their pockets. Link (Thanks, Bryanboy!)


  1. I only get a “suspended” message on that link. But I once bought a coffee table book as gift which had exactly this idea. People were photographed, had to fill out a form with their info & hobbies and stuff, and then dumped their bag’s containments for a photo…

  2. This reminds me of an exhibit I saw at the Andy Warhol in Pittsburgh – there was a photocopier placed in the room, and you were expected to dump your purse onto it and photocopy it, then tack the copy to the wall. I, and all my friends, did, and it produced some beautiful images, and a fabulous collage on the wall.

  3. Yeah, send a picture of yourself, along with the credit card that is in your pocket. Great idea. :-)

    Maybe it will pay for their suspended hosting.

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