Rug of faux leaves


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    If it’s not machine-washable, nobody better put their FEET on it!

  2. butiwasthere says:

    wow, i wish i had the time and determination to make one of these rugs for myself seeing as how i don’t have $6000.

    i love the design posts on here. boingboing, you make my internet world so much more pleasant.

  3. phasor3000 says:

    Shouldn’t that be Design Within Reach of the Rich?

    I’m puzzled how a company that sells a $6000 wool rug can claim “authenticity is something we’re proud to do; elitism however is not.” I guess that means that anyone with six grand can buy one.

  4. Ape Lad says:

    Cool. I know someone who would love that.
    Now to find 6 grand.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s quite a delightful litte piece. I am working on a die cut leather rug fourteen and a half woven feet wide, and ten and a half woven feet long. Should be a 14X10 when it comes off the loom. Shag pile. Someone here was correct…NO DYSON..these rugs are considered to be heirloom pieces, they are functional, but also decorative in nature, but also a reflection of the owners artistic bent. The hand knotting and weaving of the individual pieces is a work of art. It’s time consuming, and the attention to detail has to be unwavering.
    $6000? Whatever. Fair labor charge I’d say…..or make it yourself, you’ll see.

  6. fettler says:

    14×10 is me, I decided to sign up.

  7. mayer says:

    i found that carpet last year and thought it would be perfect for this stone-look-alike furniture from smarin design.
    Am i right or am i right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Design NOT IN REACH. How stupid – 6k. I bet it’s a bitch to hoover as well

  9. kaybird says:

    I love the possibilities of working with cut felt. It can be super cheap if you use thrift store sweaters and the like. And something about cutting and arranging felt makes me think of elementary school.

    I think this rug (and the rose rug the post refers to) are both beautiful but I wonder about function. How the heck do you vacuum one of these? First pass of the Dyson and it’s torn to shreds.

  10. frigoa says:

    The “within reach” part of DWR is not about within a certain price range. It is about being able to purchase designer items, which at one time was impossible for anyone outside the profession.

  11. Lythir says:

    Actually, $6000 isn’t elite, it takes into account a lot of hand labor by someone who is a professional at it. $60,000 would be a price tacked on because of “who designed it”.

    Not that I have the money for either. ;)

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