All hail the new transparent frog


8 Responses to “All hail the new transparent frog”

  1. Deus Ex Machinima says:

    Next up: Hypno-Toad.


  2. Ape Lad says:

    eeee–aaaawww! I have one very similar to this fellow visit me on my window each night. And, before anyone else says it: I for one welcome our transparent frog overlords.

  3. Dewi Morgan says:


  4. jenjen says:

    why is that frog filled with peas?

  5. cha0tic says:

    HANG ON. Follow the link. Scientists at HIROSHIMA University created a see through frog. They reckon they’ve got a glowing one as well.

    I reckon scientists at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos were probably responsible for it.

    Just like they were responsible for Godzilla :)

  6. Ape Lad says:

    Because they are delicious?
    I thought those were eggs, but I’m probably wrong.

  7. Flying Squid says:

    Do I have to hail it? Couldn’t I just give it a friendly nod?

  8. moplin says:

    Did you hear of the real cristal frogs in Ecuador: Centrolenella vireovittata.

    This frogs are a lot more beautiful.

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