Chicago's landmarks as papercraft postcards

The postcards from can be assembled into 3D papercraft "micromodels" of the great landmarks and transit vehicles of Chicago. The free samples on the site look very promising. Link (Thanks, Mike!)


  1. These are great! I got a paper Sears Tower postcard at Quimbys in Wicker Park earlier this year. It was a challenging build, but it looks fantastic (and is fantastically detailed). They’re very inexpensive in the store (I think they were less than 5 bucks) and a great 2-3 hour project.

    -Harry Smith

  2. I got a bunch of those for my fiancee last Christmas at the Chicago Architecture Foundation – the boxier builders apparently are easy to put together. Anything curvy such as the Lake Point Tower (the leftmost building in the photo above) is a pretty huge pain in the ass.

  3. Aww, you know you miss a town when looking at a picture of little paper models of it makes you feel all nostalgic-like. Those are very cool, I really like that they included some less “obvious” landmarks like the Corncobs right along with the Sears Tower and the Hancock Tower and what-not (though it does make me giggle to see that Picasso Status looming so hugely over so many of the other models, hee). And they’ve even got L tracks!! What fun!

    There goes -my- weekend …

  4. I bought a ton of these cards to give away in China and Japan on a trip I made last year and they were very well-received. You can also buy them at Quimby’s Queer Store!

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