IT Crowd, season 2, episode 5: the boob joke episode

I just finished watching the torrent of episode five of this season of The IT Crowd, the awesome geek sitcom from Graham Linehan, the creator of the uproariously funny Father Ted. On his blog Graham noted that this wasn't the best episode ever, but it still made me laugh out loud. There's a lot more transvestitism and boob-jokes in this episode than IT jokes, alas, but there's still plenty of funny stuff here. I ended up watching the torrent as usual -- though Channel 4 has a video-on-demand service, the (ineffective) DRM means that the easiest way to watch this on Linux is to get it via P2P. Torrent Link (Thanks, Dave!)

(Disclosure: I was an unpaid consultant on series one of The IT Crowd, and my fiancee works at Channel Four)

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  1. Cory – enough with the spoilers!

    Every week I’ve had at least one joke from The IT Crowd ruined by reading the posts on Boingboing about it. (I skip them when I see them now, but the pictures don’t help)

    Be more careful please?

  2. I don’t think “such and such is in this episode” is a spoiler, much. “Moss dies” would be a spoiler. Not that he does. Unless he actually does. I’m not saying anything either way.

    This was actually my favorite episode so far this season.

  3. Actually there really were some IT jokes – or at least references – in this one: more than normal I’d say. Firefox extensions were mentioned, for example. And RAM. They just make the boob jokes even sweeter.

  4. @Naturenet: There were no references to Firefox extension nor RAM in this episode. I think you might be thinking of Season 2, Episode 3. The URL for this page is munged because of the length, and looks like it’s referring to episode 3, but we’re actually talking about episode 5.

    The major geek references revolved around Google.

  5. While the first season was great, I think episode 1 of the second season might be the best episode I’ve seen so far. I love this show. Thanks dog for TV torrent sites.

  6. #3 posted by raybot , September 23, 2007 3:20 AM:

    you cant watch a torrent


    I had no trouble at all watching the episode Friday night here in Boston.

    I downloaded it, double clicked the icon, up came QuickTime player. I watched, I laughed (many times) and then moved the file to the IT Crowd second series folder to keep it.

  7. I’ve loved every episode of this season so far, including this one although, boo! no Richmond. It’s a shame each series is only six episodes.

  8. There’s a lot more transvestitism and boob-jokes in this episode than IT jokes, alas,

    Feeling a bit insecure are we? I suppose for some wearing a bit of lipstick is “transvestitism”. Heavens! Next you know men will be wearing earrings or a touch of eyeliner.

    Ok now… get up off the floor and go lie down for a bit in the other room…

  9. Oh dear, I found the boob jokes actually incredibly funny. I’ve laughed as hard – if not harder – to this episode than the past few.

    And i’m with Neon:
    a bit of lippy = ! Transvestite.

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