Hand knitted version of The Thing (Ben Grimm)

Picture 4-42
"It's knitterin' time!"

Knitty-cat made knitted a doll of The Fantastic Four's The Thing for a lucky fellow named Matt. Link (Thanks, Angela!)


  1. I wonder if you could modify that design to knit a Beast out of blue chenille or eyelash yarn?

  2. Is it possible that a pattern (or plan, or blueprint, or whatever knitters need to reproduce something) could be posted, so our aggregate lusts might be placated by the knitty ones in our respective lives?

  3. Thank you all so much for your kind interest in my knitted version of the Thing. (Yes, it is knitted, not crocheted. The textured body and limbs are done in seed stitch. But it would certainly look very rocky and Thing-like if done in crochet, and would be simpler to make.)

    For those interested in reproducing him, I am working on a pattern for his construction (not an exact duplicate, but as accurate as I can remember of what I did), and will publish it as soon as I can finish it to http://www.knittycat.vox.com – check in a week or so.

    Again, my thanks for your interest. :o)


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