Furries vs Klingons bowling tournament this Sat in Atlanta


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    It IS real: http://community.livejournal.com/atlanta_furs/14291.html

    They are local fur meet here who bowl once a month.

    (Please delete my last comment with the link, the link was not direct.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was there.

    There were only 3-4 Klingons and a couple of other Trekkie types in uniforms. About 8-10 furries in full suit, a few more with ears and tails and the like.

    There were also four motherfucking LUCHADORS in that piece, and they were amazing.

    There were at least three camera crews there – Fark TV, stringers from G4, and I never caught who the third crew was with, but the rumor was CNN(!!)

    Anyway, it didn’t break out into a fat sweaty version of West Side Story or anything, and it was generally a pretty mellow event.


  4. coaxial says:

    Damn. Where’s a terrorist nuke when you need one?

  5. dculberson says:

    #6, right on.

  6. Tom Whitmore says:

    I’ve been selling books at a local Furry convention through Other Change of Hobbit. In my experience, Furries have several very interesting positive aspects.

    A serious majority in the dealer’s room (80% or so is my not-counting guess) are selling artwork that they either created or published. Imagine that at any other sort of convention!

    The group there is very touch-oriented, and much more polymorphous-perverse (to use the old technical term) than society in general — and incredibly respectful of those who don’t want to join in.

    I’ve never been to a Klingon convention, though I’ve been to many Klingon parties at conventions. Most of the Klingons I know, I like; I find they’re much less friendly in persona than the Furries. They’re just as friendly when they drop persona.

    I think the main thing I want to say is — don’t confuse the persona with the person.

  7. Strato says:

    the Klingons do a LOT of charity work in Atlanta. previously they have challenged the 501st to Miniture Golf…forget who won that …

    I wouldn’t call Furversion a “healthy”… a stroll through any avenue in Second Life will dispell that myth pretty quickly.

    Go Klingons…

  8. Freddie Freelance says:

    I guess it’s good news that it’s the entire Star Trek fan group and not just the Klingons meeting the Furries since I really wanted to see someone dressed as Kirk grab his chest & bellow “Khaaaaaaaaaaannn!” whenever the other side got a strike.

  9. papamook says:

    GO FURRIES!!!1!!eleven

  10. GreenReaper says:

    The bit about charity is right. Over $50,000 in total, last year. It might not sound very impressive compared to other donations, but it’s not bad when you consider the size of most furry conventions. Midwest FurFest raised $13049 in 2006. That only comes out to about $10 per person, but it’s $10 more than most cons.

  11. NOT A FOX says:

    So yeah… I’m a furry.

    yeah yeah i’m a disgusting perv disgrace to humanity blah blah i know i know SUCK IT.

    At least hear me out first:

    *I’m A Gay Red Fox. This usually gives other furs the impression I’m kinky as could be and an outright bottom-of-the-barrel submissive of a nymphomaniac bottom.

    *I’m not.

    *I’m not at all into the fetishes particular to furries. Nor any other kinks.

    *Really, I consider myself the lovey-dovey romantic type of bottom. With standards. I don’t want anonymous sex. I want a relationship. Mutual respect. I want to trust somebody, depend on him, have him depend on me.

    *You know, like normal people.

    *I don’t think sex is the best thing ever or the main an acceptable underlining reason to be a furry. In truth, I honestly actually hate the kind of garbage that thinks otherwise.

    *I hate bestiality.

    *I usually prefer furry artwork to be clean, or tasteful. And Good. I’m like a connoisseur on this.




    There, done defending myself and good furries all around. Now I can get to posting about the topic:

    This made me lawl greatly.


    Everyone knows what the outcome is gonna be.

    Accept it.

    Klingons, you’re gonna get owned, pwned, clowned, burned and served in two hundred thousand ways like you deserve. :D

    Everyone everywhere of klingon heritage will feel the stingy stinging sensation of defeat.

  12. eliterrell says:

    I think it would be best for everyone if the furies lost. Honor satisfied, everyone goes home alive.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You know, the Klingons have had a problem with furry creatures for some time now. Ever since that trouble with Tribbles a few years back…

    I believe the Klingon slogan is now “If it’s cute–it dies!”.

    I have to give the edge to the Klingon team–bowling is a physical activity that is enhanced by the mass consumption of foamy alcoholic beverages accompanied by significant, high volume, oral gaseouss emissions, all of which is performed in odd clothing and extremely scary shoes–the Furries don’t stand a chance!

  14. Anonymous says:

    yiff in hell?

  15. Anonymous says:

    From an anonymous furry: I think the Klingons are too Qovpatlh. We will be there to bowl, with or without any Klingons to defend thier honor.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We’ve put up a little poll to examine who’s got more supporters – Klingons or Furries. vote here

  17. Strato says:

    I’ve been involved in fandom directly and indirectly for 26 years…
    and while in general, Tolerence of others interests is a byword …
    there are limits.

    Anthropromorphizing animals characters into porn or direct sexual activity, be it artwork, Second Life or actual direct participation is still just mock beastiality.
    it sets off alarm bells…especially when I see Furries gloming all over random kids at conventions.
    While I am certain that there are plenty of harmless Furries out there… with those costumes on its impossible to tell them apart from those that are engaging in mock beastiality… and for that reason I’d just assume they all stay clear of me.

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Scalzi says:

    Do furries take off their paws to bowl? Isn’t that breaking character?

  20. Anonymous says:





  21. WolfDemon says:

    to #18: Secondlife is hardly a comparison. Most of those people in SL aren’t even furries to begin with. They’re just perverts.

    The same can be said about “trekkies” in SL as well. .. Don’t judge a fandom based upon a virtual world.

  22. strider_mt2k says:

    That is so completely bizarre that I can’t help but be completely delighted by it!

    Go Klingons! KA-PLA!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Furries don’t rip your arms off when they lose…

  25. tehmoth says:

    “Bng prt f sbcltr cn ply n mprtnt prt n bng wll-blncd, psychlgclly hlthy prsn. Hbbs gnrlly mk ppl bttr ff fr hvng thm, prvdd th hbby dsn’t bcm n bsssn. Tkng tm fr yrslf llws y t wrk bttr nd t bttr hlp thrs s wll.”

    Y r f crs rfrrng t th Klngns, Frrs r thr gng nt thr ‘hbby’ nblncd r bcm nblncd lng th wy.

    nd s fr SL nt bng gd xmpl, prhps y mght wnt t chck t ny thr cmmnty whr frrs cngrgt. Dvntrt s gd xmpl.

  26. willradik says:

    I wept openly when I saw this. I was first overwhelmed with joy that such an event will take place. Sadness quickly overtook the elation when I realized I won’t be able to witness this in person. Oh well. Maybe next year.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Furries as a whole are harmless.
    More than that, they constantly hold charity auctions and events, though few people ever mention That in their criticizing.
    I’m a dealer at furry conventions, its what I do for a living, and have been told by people benefiting from the charity auctions and donations that the furs brought in more money than the rich folk as who held dinners for charities.
    That being said.. There are a few crazy furs, there are those in every fandom. Most furries are just artists writers and RPers who happen to like anthro-animals.. and the effort that goes into a -good- fursuit is awesome to behold. However you never hear about them, because sex and fetishes make good media.

  28. jrishel says:

    Leave it to Furries to make the people dressed up as Klingons seem really in touch with reality.

  29. NOT A FOX says:

    One last thing in my defense since I forgot it earlier:

    I don’t own / want a fursuit. And I don’t think most furs own / want a fursuit. They’re just creepy to me.


  30. mujadaddy says:


    there are people fighting and sacrificing themselves for freedom and democracy across the globe,
    That’s debateable.

    and this is what we do with ours.

    I’m not a fan of bowling, either, but that’s a little harsh.

  31. Anonymous says:

    To echo SCALZI, wouldn’t the furries have trouble getting their digits into a bowling ball?

  32. Marshall says:

    I’ve never wanted to be in Atlanta so much. If I don’t see some pictures of this on Flickr, I’m gonna cry.

    Go Furries!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is it wrong for me to be so thoroughly amused by what is obviously a sign of the Apocalypse?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Almost everyone makes fun of furries, but it seems to be one of the larger subculture phenomenons on the internet, so there have to be plenty of people who participate. Is there any good book or site that explains why? What causes presumably normal people to wear giant bunny/fox suits? I’m not trying to make fun, I’m just honestly curious. I can understand the Klingon thing; it’s from a famous and cult favorite TV show, they even have their own language. But it’s not like furries are trying to re-enact an episode of Bugs Bunny. What is their deal?

  35. Anonymous says:

    This was all over 4chan last night. I had no idea it was actually real.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I am one of the Klingons in the photo (tall one back row far right). This event was not presented to our Klingon (KAG) group as a challenge. The challenge was between the STAR TREK club, and not the Klingon club.

    The OP of the ad made this up. The challenge was never accepted because it was never offered.

    While this event WILL PROBABLY happen in the future, it will not happen this Saturday. No Klingons are available on such short notice, and many of our best bowlers are off-world (cough) doing, um, Klingon stuff.

    I admit I’m surprised how this is turning out to be so popular. Perhaps we can use this to benefit a sponsored charity.

    And yes, we will wax the floor with these…creatures who use tribbles for butt wipes.


    I’d say we are sorry for the confusion, but being Klingon means never having to say your sorry.

  37. Cory Doctorow says:

    @Christovir: That was incredibly well-said. Thank you.

  38. ted says:

    Who won last year? And as Scalzi says, did the furry lot de-paw for the occasion?!

  39. Christovir says:

    Hrmm, If I go as a
    targ, which group should I join?

  40. Jenonymous says:

    You know, I am a native New Yorker, and I live here now, and I always think that I live in the coolest city on the planet…

    …until I read something like this. Dang! We should do that here.

  41. outlanderssc says:

    >Hrmm, If I go as a targ, which group should I join?

    You’re automatically made mascot, the winners get to keep you as a pet until next year -

  42. Stacyj says:

    Heh, in the comments on the page linked here some of the furries are talking about making special fingerless gloves for the event; ya can’t say they haven’t thought this thing through! Um.

    Ooh, and there’s a poll there, too, where you can vote for the side you’re rooting for – atm the furries are winning by a slight bit. What’s a Klingon gotta do to get a little love??

  43. Anonymous says:

    Scalz: They keep their paws on, rolling the ball on the floor double-pawed if necessary. Willradik: You can see the results on YouTube.

    Anon: Wearing costumes is fun – almost all types of costumes – I’ve put on a Halloween rabbit costume & it was just as fun as any other costume, so there you have it :) As for why isn’t it based on a specific TV show, I think human beings are creative enough to develop subcultures without copying anything super-specific.

    Kayin: Should we fear for you because you’re surfing the internet when others are out fighting around the globe? Each person follows their own path…

    Strato: A few trekkies are into it from a sex angle, and a few furries are into it from a sex angle, but there are tons of hobbies that have a sexual subculture… you can’t generalize the whole hobby based on a smaller portion of the group.

    Thanks To All For Commenting!


  44. Christovir says:

    Wow, there’s just something about furries that gets people really riled up. Honestly, I’ve never seen or met a furry. But what’s the big deal? Ok, some make it into a fetish, but certainly not all, and for those that do sexualize it – who cares? Most people have some kind of non-normative sexual interest. I mean, there’s Cardassian porn out there too (which would just be, a bit, um, scaly.) Live and let live.

    With my psychologist hat on, I can say most psych professionals only consider a behaviour unhealthy if 1)it disturbs the individual doing it 2)the individual cannot control it and/or 3)it interferes with their work/relationships/well-being. Simply being unusual qualifies that person as diverse, not unhealthy.

    I would also add that there is a general positive correlation between feeling threatened by a sexual behaviour and finding some aspect of it appealing. For example, there’s lots of lab research (and real life examples) that homophobic people very often have same-sex tendencies. It’s a very easy study to do: 1) Ask people what they think of sexual behaviour X. 2) Show them porn of behaviour X. 3) Measure arousal with something called a penile plethysmograph. 4) Calculate the regression.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I hope a large number of curious people turn out for this. This could be a good thing for both Sci-Fi fans and Furries. I hope nobody cares about any kind of serious competition and just have a good time.

    Most of the furries I have met are NOT into any kind of sexual kinks and just love anthropomorphic art, animation and stories.

    If MTV or a major TV network did a story on the Goreans or Kaotians (look it up) and it was seen by millions, Sci-Fans would have the same stereotypes Furries do.

  46. Xeni Jardin says:

    Anonymous Klingon, I hope you’ll let us know here at BoingBoing when the event does happen. It sounds unmissable.

    (yay for eccentric humans doing their own thing no matter what fun-crushers may say)


  47. Xydexx says:

    Xeni has the right attitude about all this. (i.e., “yay for eccentric humans doing their own thing no matter what fun-crushers may say.”) Rock on.

  48. Kayin says:

    there are people fighting and sacrificing themselves for freedom and democracy across the globe,
    and this is what we do with ours.
    maybe i’m in a bad mood right now, but i fear for future generations.

  49. Teresa Nielsen Hayden/Moderator says:

    Way cool. Furry bowling has been around for years. It makes for strange photos that look like unaccountably high-res cartoons.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think there are enough drugs in the world for something like this…

  51. RingMod76 says:

    I don’t think there has been a time that I have more regretted moving out of Atlanta and into the suburbs…I mean, owning a house and living with my wife is nice and all, but the only competitive bowling action out our way is the hyper-competitive rednecks (usually on their way to getting hyper drunk).

    Go Klingons!

  52. Christovir says:


    Being a part of a subculture can play an important part in being a well-balanced, psychologically healthy person. Hobbies generally make people better off for having them, provided the hobby doesn’t become an obsession. Taking time for yourself allows you to work better and to better help others as well.

  53. Anonymous says:

    To the guy (or gal) who had the gall to deride people for using their freedom to do things like this – what do you think freedom is for? Soldiers, those committed to the real ideal, and not blind nationalism, fight so that people can do and say things /far more potentially offensive and controversial/ than liking cartoon animals or aliens and dressing up in costumes.

    By sneering with an elitist attitude that people shouldn’t be wasting their time expressing their freedom in a creative and yes, even silly manner, one insults the people who got shot to protect the right of others to be free to do anything from the serious to the absurd in peace.

    People fight for the freedom /from/ terrible conditions that prevent citizens from having the safe and secure environment in which they can engage in things as “stupid” as furry vs klingon bowling, as well as things more “serious”. Besides, it’s an even more elitist judgment to presume that the people who are furry or star trek fans /do nothing/ in American society aside from what – ONE WEEKEND a year where they have this event?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Those seeking more information on the “furry” subculture could try what looks to be a wiki project: http://www.wikifur.com

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