Person ditches house on the Hollywood freeway


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  1. Jon Adair says:

    We had one like that stuck for a few days on the side of the Veteran’s Expressway in Tampa a couple years ago. After the first night, I noticed that someone tagged it with “If you lived here, you’d be home by now.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Patrick Richardson’s now immobile home was being moved Saturday from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita when several mishaps _ including a roof-shredding blow while attempting to pass beneath an overpass _ slowed its progress and it fell off its trailer.”

    Who was moving it, Laurel and Hardy?

  3. Keith says:

    The song from the Unheard Music is Nausea. The song is on youtube, but not from the movie. Great movie and iconic image of that house being moved through LA late at night.

    I feel bad for the dumb guy losing his house.

  4. butiwasthere says:

    the owner was given until midnight of last night (sept. 24th) to have it moved. The man never followed through and I guess the DoT went ahead and destroyed it and is now billing the owner for all of the costs, as well as a fine and a possibility of up to 6 months of jail time.

    i heard this from channel 7 last night…

  5. justin(pusha) says:

    Looks like a mobile luxury meth lab!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t super pertinent to the story, but Mark, do you ever listen to The Knitters? From what I know of your taste via BB, you’d dig ‘em. They’re a country band made up of 3/4 of X and a few other very talented folks. Good stuff, impeccable live performance, too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Something similar happened in Newcastle, Australia recently, although the house got stuck/wedged in a side street, not a dumped on a freeway.

    It too got tagged pretty quickly, including a fairly elaborate chrome one.

    I thought the tagging thing was very interesting actually because taggers don’t usually go past peoples fences and tag the walls of peoples homes, but here is a nice big white target, out of its normal context and nice and close to the footpath. Therefore, it is tagging time!

  8. Delicate says:

    Not pictured is the “For Rent” sign someone slapped on the thing a few days into its traffic clogging misery.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I heard last night that people had a party over the weekend in the house…can’t confirm it, but it sounds at least possible.

  10. norbert shieh says:

    Drove home down the 5 South tonight around 10:30′ish and saw an armada of helicopters hovering around Burbank’ish. The traffic up the 5 North was stopped and there was a convoy of police escorting the truck hauling the house away. Only in LA!

  11. bad home cook says:

    I sat in that traffic the day the house got caught under the bridge. Two hours to make a 40-minute drive to the Valley.
    This is a perfect example of someone with more money than sense. Also a good example of “Only in LA.”
    Most locals know that loads of over three tons aren’t even allowed on the 101. Whoops.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The song in the scene of “The Unheard Music” is the tripped-out, Bukowski-ish song of the same name.

    It was a house being delivered to Highland Park in LA. You can see it in the street signs.


  13. keith says:

    Is this selfish jerk being penalized for his actions?

    I think that he should have to spend every Saturday for the next year sitting in a car for six hours.

  14. Rick. says:

    My wife and I drove by this thing the other day. I didn’t see it, but I thought for a second that she was losing it when she said, “There’s a house on the freeway.”

  15. butiwasthere says:

    #15, it was probably a squatter’s party. there were definitely traces of squatting in there on sunday when the news people were showing footage of it inside and out.

    here’s a link to the latest bit from ABC channel 7′s website:

  16. Johnny Cat says:

    I just love that it’s already been tagged with graffiti!

  17. Anonymous says:

    check out this fine film of a church being moved


  18. JCK says:

    Call it a rest stop?

  19. Anonymous says:

    “The song from the Unheard Music is Nausea. The song is on youtube, but not from the movie. Great movie and iconic image of that house being moved through LA late at night.”

    Actually the song is called “The Unheard Music” and it at this point is not viewable on Youtube. It is however viewable in the Xcellent docu of the same name…

    “I started looking for the song in the documentary about X, The Unheard Music, that had shots of a house being towed through the streets of LA, but I couldn’t find it”

    The “House” that they are moving isnt a house at all…It was actually the ORIGINAL Whiskey a Go Go…..Surreal indeed!

  20. Anonymous says:

    i just watched that X documentary a few nights ago and that house-through-the-city scene is surreal and rad and beautiful and yesss.

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