See-thru pinball machine


Greg says:

Michael Schiess - -proprietor of the legendary Lucky JuJu Pinball Arcade in Alameda, CA -- has with the help of a few friends transformed a 1976 "Surf Champ" Gottlieb pinball machine piece by piece into a completely transparent pinball machine. The machine will be part of a science center exhibit he's developing around the science of pinball machines. This thing is beautiful.

Read about the machine here and check out the Flickr gallery. The machine will be on public display for the first time at this year's Pacific Pinball Expo.



  1. Huh. No doubt it IS beautiful to look at, but I wonder how this affects its playability? Seems like it would be pretty disctracting. Then again, 20 years ago, I had alittle help from Mother Nature when would play Xenon for 3 hours on one quarter back in Oxford Ohio. Ah, the good ol’ days when I had nothing better to do for an entire afternoon. {8¬)

  2. It may be beautiful in person, but it takes away from the Mystery of Pinball.

    Pinball is representative of the Good Old Days, all right. Having squandered most of my misspent youth playing pinball in the 70s and 80s, I really miss it sometimes. It’s impossible to find a decently-maintained machine anymore.

  3. Now that’s awesome. Although doesn’t pinball lose something without the playfield art? Maybe if they made translucent decals of the original artwork….

  4. Hey, my parents have that pinball machine! Our favorite thing was to open it up, take off the glass and press all the bonus values by hand just to see how high of a score we could get. Or, better still, wait till your opponent was in the bathroom, hit a few buttons and close it fast.
    Great idea, making it transparent. Those things are fascinating.

  5. Darn! Now I have to take this off my list of things to invent when I get enough money.

    Crap… And it was such a good idea too.

  6. Neat-ohh.

    I would’ve especially loved this while waiting for my turn as a kid, back when I needed to stand on a milk crate to see anything. I remember putting my ear up to the sides thinking what? how? where?

    I wonder if there’s any potential for some 3d action looking downward with the transparent design – like an extra layer with flippers, springs, gravity mixing with magnets.

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