Robot sex automaton art


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  1. bricology says:

    Call me Cranky McCrank, but I think we need to stop calling any old thing that’s vaguely anthropomorphic and animated a “robot”. For example, the “battle bots” on TV are not robots; they’re remote-controlled toys. A robot’s actions have to be autonomous, not controlled with a joystick. A welder in a car factory is a robot, because it needs no human interaction — even if it doesn’t look anthropomorphic.

    Likewise, a video like this — while somewhat entertaining — is pretty weak. Those aren’t anything like “robots”; they’re just animated human simulacra. Why would robots breast-feed their “babies”? Why would there even be robot babies? It’s not like their body structures are going to grow as they age. I’d like to see the subject of “robot sex” treated with a bit more imagination than just some artist’s posable wooden figures spray-painted silver, thrusting like humans. It’s not particularly clever, and it just perpetuates stupid myths about robots.

  2. Hex says:

    Is this the guy from ‘Baby Snakes’?

  3. Awemaker says:

    Bizarro. Just like real human sexuality.

  4. butiwasthere says:

    i am trying SO hard to remember where i have watched this or a short documentary of it nearly a year ago. this is going to bother me ALL day now…

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