Drawings of preschoolers expressing their feelings


The kids in my daughter's preschool were asked to describe their current feelings and why they felt that way. I enjoyed their answers, so I took photos and uploaded them to Flickr. Link

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  1. Anyone else notice that the handwriting is the same on all of the pics? Same felt pen too, etc.

    Funny though :)

  2. Threepointone, these were drawn by preschoolers, so they can’t have lettered the captions themselves. Their teacher must have asked them what the pictures were about, and lettered the captions for them.

  3. I can attest to the oppressive melancholy that arises from having pretend blood on your arm. It is just no good at all. No good.

  4. I often feel like a pirate too. I need more of this stuff, my girlfriend and I laughed endlessly and want kids now. Or, later.
    Mark, you seem like a great dad.

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