Nintendo controller pipe

 Archives L 78723385Afe9186Ad0A76B33C88A0C01 This fellow appears to be smoking, er, tobacco from a Nintendo 64 controller converted into a pipe.

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  1. Yes, put a flame very close to plastic. Great plan. Marijuana is about as non-toxic as you can get as long as you don’t smoke it. It amazes me that more people don’t vaporize.

  2. Vaporizers are expensive, finicky, and pretty obvious what you are doing with them.

    Whereas pipes are cheap, easy to use, and fairly small to hide them out of sight.

    Rolling a fatty is even cheaper, but they are finicky to get right, but they conceal well.

    I personally don’t smoke (believe it or not) but I have done the research on it. Personally, I won’t ever use the stuff (I don’t even like the idea of being knocked out for surgery) but I can see if some people wanted to do it that it would be better for everybody involved to legalize it, and tax the bejesus out of it like they do tobacco.

  3. Most of the American public will call that a crack pipe, and you will be jailed for possessing that on ‘probable cause’. I used to carry around

    Whereas a pipe is/can be simply for tobacco. There is no way any judge will believe that is just used for tobacco. Not to mention that you can’t pass this around very easily… it looks incredibly fragile.

  4. this isn’t surprising. every burnout seems to turn into macgyver when their isn’t a pipe around. they look around the room and wonder “what can i smoke out of?”

  5. So wait? This post is saying that Pot is cool yet Cory just the other day made sure to point out that a drunk idiot was a stoner (rather inflammatorily so no less). Can we at least get a smidgen of consistency here?
    It seems obvious that boingboing is a fair use, copyleft, liberal fight for your rights and the government sucks sort of blog. Except for pot. Or any other relatively harmless thing that goes against Cory’s belief system (the rest of you tend to stay fairly unbiased).

    So is Pot cool to boingers now or??

  6. Actually Chris, David posted this, not Corey.

    I think the point was that the bong itself was rather odd/neat/over the top/whatever…

  7. I actually mentioned that their are many different viewpoints, I just take issue with the “omg pot is evil!!!!” tone being replaced a few days later by “omg cool pipe!!!”. It’s inconsistent and I expect better of this site. I also expected better of Cory (who never even took the time to respond to the criticism of calling a drunk a stoner). As a columnist and author he definitely knows better.

    As for the bong.. it’s not a bong it’s a pipe.

  8. It’s pretty funny to be characterized as someone who thinks pot is evil — I’ve never said anything of the kind. I happen to be a strong supporter of peoples’ rights to use drugs that alter their consciousness.

  9. Chris (12): You know, if Cory actually wanted to say “omg pot is evil!!!!”, he’s perfectly capable of typing it out himself. He doesn’t need the cut-and-paste version — though it’s kind of you to offer it.

  10. re: vaporizers – yes, always, everyone should use them.

    Here is the wisest purchase you can make if you puff – The V-Tower high performance vaporizer. And here’s link to a demo video on youtube:

    I have no affiliation with the creator, distributors, or retailers in anyway – just a very satisfied customer and a stoner who spent too many years searing his lungs with low quality combustion devices.

  11. so this is one of my ex friends…and um I made that pipe and…ya. He isnt a stoner barely smokes and he is a fuckinn pussy….so ya….lol

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