Soviet watches

Ill Phil is a remarkable collector of Soviet watches, and has produced a lavish website to show off his collection, called Russian Times. Of especial note is the selection of Soviet space-program timepieces, like the one shown here. Link (via Watchismo)


  1. WOW – excellence in product design. EVERY piece is simple to use and easy to read, and beautiful to look at. Pure functionality need not be ugly. These are some of the most beautiful wristwatches i have ever seen. Likewise your website reflects your appreciation of good design principles.

    Sleek, elegant, easy, and serves its intended purpose with no visual or functional noise – the watches and your website. Qualities sadly lacking in modern wristwatches and websites.

    It would be nice to have some text along with the beautiful photos – you have piqued my curiosity about a subject i was not previously interested in or aware of.

    Kind of sad that wristwatches today are merely jewelry. Few life situations in which we need to know the exact time in which there is no clock to use – there are timepieces on almost every appliance in modern life – dashboards, laptops, radios, etc. most include a timepiece, so there is little need anymore to burden your body carrying one around…

  2. For some reason just the placement of the 24 on the bottom (versus top) makes my head hurt. Realizing that, I should get a watch like that to exercise my brain.

  3. Dear gods, that’s beautiful. I hate mechanical watches–the ticking keeps me awake at night–but I’d wear this in a heartbeat. Where do I get one?

  4. Cool! I have one of the watches in the Army section. I traded watches with a tank driver when I was in Russia in 1987. Alas, it died a few years ago.

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