Post-apocalyptic comedy play opening in Los Angeles

Canned Peaches In Syrup is a new post-apocalyptic comedy play about the survivors of a global environmental catastrophe who have divided into two, er, polarized groups: cannibals and vegetarians. This weekend, Los Angeles's award-winning Furious Theatre Company will bring the play, written by playwright Alex Jones, to the stage for the first time. Jones is part of the "in-yer-face theatre" movement, which according to Wikipedia involves the presentation of "vulgar, shocking, and confrontational material on the stage." Indeed, the last Furious Theatre Company production that I saw -- The God Botherers, about foreign aid workers -- was more entertaining, provocative, and intense than anything I've seen on TV in years, including HBO. And I'd say that even if my brother, Robert Pescovitz, was not in the cast. Bob is also starring in Canned Peaches and the only reason he's letting me post about the play on BB is because it's right up our alley: futuristic, dark, romantic, nihilistic, and funny. From the play description:
Cannedpeach Alex Jones' timely and hilarious post-apocalyptic comedy, CANNED PEACHES IN SYRUP places us in a seemingly absurd and inconvenient future, where water is scarce, the sun has gone crazy and love still survives. In a post-environmental apocalyptic future, the world is divided into two tribes of nomadic humans: Cannibals and Vegetarians. Can star-crossed lovers Rog (think Romeo as a cannibal) and Julie (think Juliet as a vegetarian) cross tribal lines?! Can Rog's taste for flesh be suppressed?! Can Julie deny her parents' "meat is murder" mantra?! And, who exactly is Blind Bastard? A lone can of peaches in syrup holds their fate...and the fate of all mankind...
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