Post-apocalyptic comedy play opening in Los Angeles


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  1. gregger says:

    This is an awesome post apocalyptic VERSE play!

    I saw it in San Francisco when it got rewritten. It’s really a funny look at mega corporation’s plans for Moab Utah!

    The full script is available online now!

  2. Mindbleach says:

    Alex Jones (British playwright), not to be confused with Alex Jones (raving anarcho-libertarian filmmaker-radio host-agitator).

  3. clacker says:

    This sounds a lot like Comac McCarthys On The Road. There was an apocalypse and there were cannibals. The father and son even ate peaches from a can.

    NOTE: apostrophes and quotation marks removed from this post because McCarthy didn’t see fit to use them either (whats up with that?).

  4. phasor3000 says:

    Disaster vegetarianism? Didn’t Naomi Klein write a book about this?

  5. Derek Lane says:

    I remember reading some SciFi short story in 7th grade about a guy who built his special Rocket but the fuel was some sort of special stuff that would chain react and kill everything on the planet.

    I remember a part in the story the pilot was the only guy left in the world and he had one can of peaches left to eat…

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