Boing Boing tv: now you can watch it on Virgin America.

Soon, when you fly on a Virgin America plane, you'll be able to watch Boing Boing tv episodes on the in-flight entertainment system if you are not too busy chatting up that hottie in row 11a, or ordering a martini by touchscreen.

Link, and related items: Valleywag, Information Week, NewTeeVee. (Thanks, Charles Ogilvie!)


  1. I can’t wait to find an excuse to fly on Virgin. Their corporate attitude (RIAA affiliation notwithstanding) is enlightened and very with it. My Virgin cellular service is such a breath of fresh air compared to the shackles of Fido and Rogers.

    As for BoingBoing TV, when is it coming to Miro? And when is Miro coming to Virgin Air? For that matter, how about some participatory culture aboard a Virgin airliner? Passengers could flightcast Wheels On The Bus in a round or something to other planes!

  2. I flew Virgin America roundtrip to NY a bit over a month ago. They never turned on the chat feature on their in-flight entertainment systems, on either flight.

    Has anyone actually used it yet? Did they disable for some reason?

  3. @Anonymous:

    I used chat on Virgin America. But even on a full flight during the day, I was the only person ever in any chat room, and I checked mulitple times.

    And just so everyone knows, you can’t hide your seat number when chatting.

  4. @Cowicide, that’s actually not why we blurred the x-rated bits. We want BBtv to not be *too* NSFW for much of our audience who view it at work, or in other shared environments. Nobody’s telling us where the boundaries are, and nobody’s “censoring” us. We’re just trying to sort out what makes sense for our audience/community/victims.


  5. I can’t wait to fly on Virgin America. I heard their planes are really nice on the inside and they offer inflight chat. I’m flying next week will let ya know how it goes…..

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