5 Responses to “Inside an Airbus A380 superjumbo plane

  1. Dav says:

    In some weird coincidence, I was just riding home and when I got off of I-280 onto 18th Street in San Francisco I had to stop my motorcycle to watch in awe as this giant airplane with A380 painted on the side appeared overhead in an unusual flight path that made it seem as if it had just taken off from the Mission district. The plane was being escorted by a fighter jet, which was less surprising since it is Fleet Week here in SF and the sky has been full of Blue Angel jets for the past couple of days. I watched it do a low circle over the Bay and then out past downtown and out towards the Golden Gate.

    Then I get home and see this Boing Boing article. The weird coincidence is just this morning I noticed that Todd Lapin of Telstar Logisitcs, who posted the photos of the A380 in this BB article, commented on a Flickr photo I had also commented on that was taken in the very spot where I happened to stop my motorcycle this afternoon.

  2. schmod says:

    The dreamliner doesn’t even remotely compete with the A380.

    787 is a very nice general-purpose plane, whereas the A380 is intended to service a very small number of high-volume routes due to its absolutely massive size. I doubt there will be more than a handful of airports that actually generate enough traffic to warrant an A380. Think of how many routes are currently served by the 747….

  3. Jason says:

    Standard airport taxi-ways are too narrow for the A-380. How is it a remodel of major international airports will be cheaper than the Dreamliner?

  4. pepsi_max2k says:


    no wheel or joystick? they’ve not taken to using wasd for control have they?

  5. ckd says:

    Pepsi_Max2K (#1): Airbus has been using sidesticks since the A320, and that shot isn’t wide enough to show them. See these images from AVING, particularly the first and fifth photos.

    Note that whether you fly with your left or right hand depends on the seat you’re sitting in, so when you transition from a first officer slot to a captain’s position, you are going to also be switching hands.

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