Opening chapters of Charlie Stross's "Halting State"


4 Responses to “Opening chapters of Charlie Stross's "Halting State"”

  1. risser says:

    So… The whole thing is written in second person? Very odd.

  2. Robert says:

    O gopod, a second person novel :(

  3. Michael says:

    I hear there aren’t even any ninjas in it.

  4. clacker says:

    I bought and read this book, based on the glowing reviews it’s gotten. I really didn’t like it at all and those reviews left a bad taste in my mouth. I should have waited for these pages to be released before plunking my money down. Sure reading in the third person is distracting but I was OK with it because I got the feeling he wanted it to read like an interactive fiction adventure. What killed the book for me were those crazy long sentences of techno babble. It isn’t that they’re not grammatically correct (I can’t tell), but on pages 204-205 when you read a 107 word sentence followed by a 73 words sentence, the 37 word sentence that comes next feels short. I also didn’t like the whale size red herrings and minor characters you can’t tell apart from one another.

    Not a horrible book, but Stross has written much better books than this. It’s been way over hyped. There were some interesting thoughts in it, some great lines, and I do like Stross as an author. I would recommend waiting for the paperback or the creative commons version to be sure first.

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