Laura Levine fine art print, just $20!


3 Responses to “Laura Levine fine art print, just $20!”

  1. Steve Zembek says:

    I guess I don’t get art like this. I can’t figure out why I would want to spend $20 on any 8.5″ x 11″ print, let alone any of the ones pictured on that site. Nothing remarkable. I can get a poster of many famous paintings for $5. I would however pay a decent price for an actual canvas, I can see why that holds value.

  2. Ethan says:

    Hmm… I’d probably would call it a “mechanical reproduction” or a poster rather than a “fine art print.” A fine art print implies that the work originated as a print (e.g., a lithograph, silkscreen, woodcut, etching, etc.) rather than using a machine to reproduce something done in another medium (e.g., acrylic). That’s not to say that this isn’t an interesting attempt at art democratization and forging a new business model for a gallery… just that the blog article’s title is a little inaccurate.

  3. 5000! says:

    I suppose it wouldn’t be prudent to say this is a ripoff without knowing more, but Tiny Showcase has been doing basically this exact same thing since 2004.

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