LOLcats: the musical

Art Fag City Editor Paddy Johnson says,

I just finished a slide show of collections of found and constructed LOLcats inspired by the musical Cats. I've written an introduction post explaining the phenomenon of LOLcats; that they begin with a found cat image file, are then doctored with bold text and LOLspeak to further cutify the animal and have provided a link to the Musical LOLcat slide show complete with click through images and a "memories" midifile.
Link (warning! sound!)


  1. Oh great… what’s next? Caturday Night Fever?

    I wonder what IT thinks about clicking on that domain name up there?


  2. “Oh great… what’s next? Caturday Night Fever?”

    Well, yes, now it is. And it’s YOUR idea to blame.

    U seez whut u did there?

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