LOLcats: the musical


9 Responses to “LOLcats: the musical”

  1. Cnoocy says:

    Please provide warning when a link plays sound.

  2. Xeni Jardin says:

    I see what u sed dere. warning added.

  3. Fourthman says:

    Great concept, horrible execution.

  4. Cnoocy says:


  5. mscot says:

    Why won’t this stupid meme stop?

  6. gregger says:

    Oh great… what’s next? Caturday Night Fever?

    I wonder what IT thinks about clicking on that domain name up there?


  7. Æ’low says:

    That crap and not funny. or good. or even average.

    My dog has had better poops than that.

  8. Gilbert Wham says:

    “Oh great… what’s next? Caturday Night Fever?”

    Well, yes, now it is. And it’s YOUR idea to blame.

    U seez whut u did there?

  9. virgil says:

    Shouldn’t that be lol catz?

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