Operation style game delivers shock to loser

Shocking Autopsy is a Operation-style game that shocks you if your tweezers touch the edge of the metal lined cavity.
200710112103 Stay calm and remember your medical training as you remove the weapons from this poor soul. But operate with care -- one false move and you're in for a shock! Includes a shock-free setting for kids or anyone who doesn't like shocks.
Link (Thanks, Arp!)


  1. Nothing like a bit of electricity to steady the hand…

    As it’s an autopsy, the bloke’s already dead, I don’t see the necessity in being careful.

  2. This game sounds like a lot more fun than the original. Beats the little buzz and the drawing of another card by the next player…

  3. Or a coroner’s report. Shocking yourself with an unregulated piece of equipment sounds like a great way to trigger arrhythmia

  4. So basically this is just exactly the same game as Operation, but with the rubber protective coating removed from the tweezers, right?

  5. This game has been out for a long time. We have had it here at the house for about a year. Its fun when guests are over because there is an option for it to shock you or not. So we’ll play it in the “Scream” mode and then pass it over to the unsuspecting victim, hitting the “Shock” Button. Works every time. hahaha. Its not a bad game either. Its put together very well. I believe you can get it from Spencer’s.

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