Steampunk's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse

Magpie Killjoy sez, "We (SteamPunk Magazine and Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness) have just released 'A SteamPunk's Guide to the Apocalypse,' which is Creative Commons, of course, and freely downloadable from our website, as well as purchasable. It covers most of the essentials that a SteamPunk will need when they recreate their lives and societies in the shell of our soon-to-be-ruinous civilization."


Long now have we adapted our Bodies to a Life devoid of Contamination, and it is quite possible that we have grown soft therefrom. Dependant upon Antibiotics instead of Antibodies, Sanitation and Health will be of no small Importance in the Decades to come, are we to survive.

This Chapter is remarkably incomplete, and proper Care ought be taken by any concerned SteamPunk--you among them--to seek out further Instruction.

Link (Thanks, Magpie!)


  1. steampunk is so 150 years ago. the next big thing should be rock-punk. making everything look like it does on the flintstones.

    give your laptop a nice uncut granite look with a wooden hampster wheel on the side to power it.

  2. Rock-punk? Someone here is modernist-conformist loser. All the cool kids go Proto-punk. In protopunk all of your electronic gadgets are made of algae. Nothing but algae.

    I’ll be expecting protopunk posts soon.

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