HOWTO make crystal clear ice

 Files Deriv F5X 63Qh F7Dwo1Sk F5X63Qhf7Dwo1Sk.Medium Over at Instructables, Isr_Raviv posted a neat simple HOWTO, with video, on making crystal clear ice.


  1. The Mythbusters could have used this when they tried to make an ice lens to magnify the sun to start a fire.

  2. Very interesting, but also very wasteful of the natural gas or electricity required to boil a pot of water twice.

  3. slow boingboing newsday?

    here’s the whole post in 5 seconds.

    boil the water twice. wait that was more like THREE seconds. was a video really necessary?

    someone wake me up when bboing has a post about shirt buttoning or shoe lace tying. i can’t wait.


  4. #5 may I interest you in a subscription to Esquire magazine? They once had an article about how to tuck in your shirt.
    I tried this ice experiment last night and even used a brain shaped jello mold. It was still cloudy for some reason. I think I’ll try distilled water next.

  5. I like how the author of this video has no clue what’s actually going on.

    “decomposes some of the minerals”?! Yikes.

  6. Yeah, that was pretty funny bit about decomposing the minerals. Concentrate more like. I imagine that boiling the water once to remove any dissolved gases would be sufficient so the recipe is more like, boil some water, wait a bit, freeze. To take advantage of the Mpemba effect freeze water while still warm. Google it.

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